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Critical thinking is a process for questioning.
When we find a different something, exactly,
    our mind have maquestions about that.
  Directly, our minds will try to find out the
  answer we ask. It is mean critical thinking.

 Belief
 Hypotheses and Theory
 Facts
A belief about something becomes knowledge
   about something when there is proof or
    certainty that the “something” is true.
 When we belief that something is true, it is
  become knowledge for us, but if we don’t
     believe that, so it can’t be spoken as
knowledge, because it is actually based from a

At the last time, many scientist told us
 that sport was healthy. We believed it.
 And until this time we still believe that
              sport is healthy.
      B. Hypoheses and theory
A hypothesis is a more tentative, less critical
assumption and is a theory. A theory is usually
  the product of more evidence and greater
   deliberation. You can call a hypotheses a
    “hunch” whereas a theory is more an
               informed guess.
  Hypotheses are tentative conclusion and
         theories are final conclusion.
As a hypotheses, cat run to catch the mouse.
 After we make experiment with look that
 directly, and then we find a conclusion as a
            theory, cat has four legs.
 When we make a hypotheses that sport is
    healthy, we have to test that with an
experiment such as we do one of sport kinds,
running maybe. At that activity we don’t feel
 healthy, but in the following day litle by litle
      we will begin healthy than before.
• Critical thinking is a process looking for an answer of
  the questions. We think very hard as an effort finding a
  good solution.
• The dimension of critical thinking are belief,
  hypotheses and theory, and facts.
• Three of them are related in every problem or case.
• Something are being knowledges if we believe it. Then,
  we can fact it through make an experiment and make
  the hypotheses of it based of the right theory. Finally
  we may find a verifiable facts after we do a test about

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