05_-_Charity_Xmas_Cards by kellyzhu007


									                                                                                                    Charity Xmas Cards
I 5: Charity Xmas Cards
                  Jane Sanders is a Breast Cancer Care volunteer.
                  Each year, in the run up to Xmas she delivers
                  catalogues of charity Christmas cards to families
                  in and around the village of Twerton.
                  She bases some of her deliveries on a mailing list
                  of families registered with Breast Cancer Care
                  and individual requests from local volunteer
                  groups who help promote the charity.
                  She keeps a record of her deliveries and details of collection times so she can
                  pick up unwanted catalogues and/or orders.
                  Customers requiring cards are invited to complete an order form enclosed in the
                  catalogue and return it to Jane.
                  Jane compiles her orders on a spreadsheet grid as shown below.

Customer   Address            Cat No      Description       Quantity        Price       Date
Wenn       21 Heathway        A456        Snowmen           2               3.99        11/11/08
                              C387        Xmas Trees        3               2.75
Pedley     37 Station Rd      A233        Assorted           5              4.99        13/11/08
                              C546        Snow Scenes       2               3.75
                              A463        Baubles           1               2.75

                  Jane wishes to enter her orders on to her PC and organise her collection and
                  She would like the system to:
                  I help her build up a committed customer mailing list

                  I track unwanted catalogues

                  I keep details of orders and requests

                  I monitor money raised for return to the charity.


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