Tests are Open Book using PMI CPM training materials by pSBU4Vf


                                         AT A GLANCE

Is there a COST to take course tests?

      No, it is included in the conference fee!

How and where do I register?

      Get PEP Handout form is on page five of this section or at the registration desk!
      Turn-in completed form at the scheduled testing session; or
    FAX to the Executive Administrator at 703-370-1757
How many tests are there?

             There are six core courses, CPM 100 through CPM 600.

Where, when and how do I take tests?

             Testing Session time & location is in the conference schedule!
             A three and a half hour test period is scheduled
             You may take up to three tests at this conference
             You may take the tests in any order
             One hour time limit per individual test
             Tests are “Open Book” using PMI-CPM training materials
             Each test contains 25 questions
             Passing is 70 %
             You may attend any professional education training sessions that you desire!

How do I get results?

      The test Director will call or e-mail results to individuals who request that service!
      EVM CoP office will send individual test certificates, for each test passed.

How do I get the overall PEP Graduate Certificate?

      Successfully pass all six core tests
      Complete the CPM 700 Form - verifying attendance at eight (8) Practice Symposia;
       and Fax to the Executive Administrator at 703-370-1757; or
      Prepare and submit a CPM related paper suitable for conference presentation; and
      Request that the ExecAdmin@mycpm.org confirm your eligibility; prepare and have
       the PEP Graduate Certificate signed.
           o Mailed to your address

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