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									                                          Five Moves To Lean Legs

Looking to get lean legs? If so, you aren't alone. One of the top goals of many women who are entering
the gym is to get a lean set of legs that they can feel proud to sport in a pair of shorts or a skirt for the

If you want to make sure that you're on the right track to get lean legs, it's going to be vital that you're
taking the time to learn the best leg slimming exercises out there and then taking the time to add them
to your fitness plan.

Let's have a quick look over the top moves that you should consider so that you can achieve this goal in
record time.


The first move that's great for helping to lengthen the legs and add a more defined appearance is
lunges. Lunges are fantastic since not only will they work the glutes, hamstrings, and quads, but they'll
also target your core as it contracts to help you maintain balance.

Perform these walking all the way across a room and back, doing two sets each workout.


Squats are the next movement that will really help you get lean legs in a hurry. Squats are also a
compound movement so will target every single muscle in the lower body and in addition to that,
they're also one of the best strength developers.

By adding a bit more lean muscle mass to your frame, you'll increase your total daily calorie burn and
therefore have a much easier time shedding the fat.

Rear Leg Raises

Moving over to rear leg raises, these are perfect for any woman who wants to firm up her backside as
they'll target the muscles specifically surrounding the bum region.

Since you aren't lifting any weights when doing rear leg raises either, you'll get toning benefits without
any increase in size.

Uphill Walking

Uphill walking is another great exercise that you should include in your workout program when doing
your cardio training.

Not only will uphill walking burn off as many calories as fast paced running would, but it's really going to
challenge your lower body muscles as well.
For anyone who suffers from back pain these are also a perfect alternative since they'll be much lower
impact than running would be.


Finally, last but not least, don't overlook deadlifts. Deadlifts are great for firming your rear side and will
also help to strengthen the lower back and core muscles as well.

When performing your deadlifts you really want to think of squeezing up from the glutes only, ensuring
that you are using the bum muscles to perform the movement rather than using the lower back instead.

Also be sure when executing the rising phase of this movement that you do maintain that flat back
position as this is what will ensure that you aren't at risk for developing lower back pain.

So there you have five great movements that you should consider adding to your lower body workout
program. If you can do these three days per week, you are going to be one step closer to that set of lean
legs you're looking for.

Don't forget to also pair these exercises with a good diet plan as well as a proper appetite suppressant
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