Technology Stops 90% of MLMers Before They Even Start by DineshKudache


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									As entrepreneurs we tend to prioritize activities that are simply not the most profitable for our business.
We tend to get caught up in things like... technology.

I know exactly what you're thinking.

With technology, sometimes hours can be spent trying to figure out how to correctly place an opt-in
form or how to embed a video.

I've personally spent hours trying to simply correctly upload anything online through that whole FTP
thing and I still don't know how to do it well.

I've tried WordPress too but it's also tough to get the hang of for somebody like me who's not very good
at the whole programming thing.

And graphics... don't even get me started. I don't know the first thing about any of that stuff. I
remember I tried just formatting for my website once and it literally looked like those ugly sites back in
the 90′s with lines, words, and those dull backgrounds. That's how outdated my graphic skills are. And
I'm sure, if you're like me, that you've also struggled or, more likely, are still struggling with this stuff.

The truth is there's only one solution for all this stuff and it's outsourcing. Websites like Elance, oDesk,
Freelancer, or 99designs.

Tell them what you want, pay them, and get it over with. If you don't know how to set up websites or
design stuff, just pay the money to get it done right and fast so you can focus on more important stuff
that actually makes you money.

Otherwise, 1.) You'll spend a bunch of time stressed out and frustrated working on it and 2.) the designs
and website won't come out nearly as well as they would have had you outsourced it. It you don't
outsource, in the end you'll end up with your time wasted to go along with a less than average design.
You do not want that.
Remember, focus on the activities that make you money. Activities such as prospecting, marketing, and
training your downline. These things directly provide you income and keep your business growing.

Technophobia stops 90% of people in this industry because it's so daunting.

Delegate all that stuff to a professional who does it better, faster, and saves you some grey hairs in the

Do this and watch your productivity and income skyrocket. You'll find that you have more time and
money too.

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