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									                    Plaza Oaks Piranha Swimathon
                    “Swimming for the Neighborhood”

Why a Piranha Swimathon?
   Attempt to make pool improvements.
   Support a terrific 52 year old community asset that benefits all of its
    surrounding neighborhoods.
   Involve any member 18 and younger.
   Solicit pledges from non-member neighbors, family, or friends.
   Swim laps on Saturday, June 16, 2012.

What do the children do for the Piranha Swim?
     Have a TON of FUN!
     Use their pledge form to collect pledges and money for the pool.
     Swim laps for 30 minutes on Piranha Swimathon Day.

What do the children get from the Swim A Thon?
     Chance to win a fabulous itouch, an ipod, and more!
     Appreciation of teamwork towards a common goal within the Plaza Oaks

What About Pledges?
      Sponsors can pledge per lap or a flat amount. For per lap pledges, the
      number of laps used for calculations will be capped at 60.
      Please accompany your children as they solicit pledges from your friends
      and neighbors.
      Accumulated pledges of $100 per family will achieve our fundraising goal.
      If your family prefers not to solicit pledges for this fundraiser, please
      consider making a donation.
      We REALLY hope to include non-member sponsors in this event so that
      they can do their part to help support our neighborhood community asset.
      Please report your pledges on June 8th and 13th. A form will be placed at the
      pool for you to report your numbers. Turn in your completed form and
      money by June 20.
       For every $50 raised, your child’s name, or family’s name if raising funds as
       a family, will be entered in a drawing for an iPod. For every $100 raised,
       the name will be entered in the drawing for an iTouch. If your child/family
       raises $100, your name will be entered into both “hats” for the drawing.
       Raffle prizes: for all participants who solicit pledges, your name will be
       entered into a raffle drawing for several prizes yet to be determined!

What Happens During the Event?
    Matt Pyle and his crew will have the barbeque fired up. See attached flyer
     for details.
    There will be a lap counter for each swimmer.

What Happens After the Event?
    Each child will receive an envelope with his or her name on it and the
     number of laps completed.
    Swimmers collect their pledges. Make checks payable to Plaza Oaks Pool.

What happens with the money raised?
The 3 year goals for the pool are as follows:
      1) To light the park, outdoor kitchen, and court areas so that those facilities
can be used year-round and after dark;

       2) To purchase and install an additional shade structure over the pavers on
the northeast corner of the pool. The structure will be similar to the one covering
the baby pool. That will allow members to reserve a covered area next to the pool
for parties;

      3) To create a maintenance reserve fund for Plaza Oaks so that necessary
maintenance can be conducted and improvements can be made. Basically, create a
financially healthy entity rather than an entity operating at a deficit, which has
been the case for the last 3 years.

If you have any questions about the Plaza Oaks Piranha Swim A Thon, please call
or email chairpersons:
 Amy Huggins
( / 713-598-7086)
Helen Ann Brasher
( / 713-826-6658)

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