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					Sr   Category Name          Subcategory 1 Subcategory 2 Subcategory 3 Subcategory 4
 1   Clothing & Accessories Formal Wear      Casual Wear      Sports Wear       Night Wear
 2   Mobile & Tablets       GSM Mobile       CDMA Mobile      Dual Sim Mobile Android Mobile
 3   Sun Glasses                             Aviator
                            Fasttrack Sun Glasses Sun Glasses                   Popular Sun Glasses
                                                              Reading Sun Glasses
 4   Fragrances             For Women        For Men          Adidas            Playboy
 5   Personal Care          Trimmers         Shavers          Hair Dryers       Hair Trimmers
 6   Gaming                 PS2 Games        PS3 Games        PSP               PS Vita
 7   Antivirus                                                Quick Heal Antivirus Security
                            McAfee Antivirus Kaspersky Antivirus                PC
 8   Gifts & Handicrafts    MP3              Books            Valentines Gifts Fragrances
 9   Camera & Accessories Digital Camera Digital Photo Frames Binoculars        Below 3000
10   Imported Products      All Imported Products
11   Books                                   New
                            Award Winning Books Releases All Times Bestsellers  Fiction
Subcategory 5 Subcategory 6        Subcategory 7 Subcategory 8      Subcategory 9 Subcategory 10
Ethenics         Bra & Panty       Lingries        Tie              Belts         Wallets
Tablets          Nokia             Samsung         Micromax         Blackberry    HTC
Deal of the Week Most Sold         Computer Sun Glasses
Denim            Nike              Best Sellers
Hair Stylers     Massagers         Heating Pads    Featured Deals   Best Sellers
Action Games     Racing Games      Cricket Games Sports Games       Kids Games
                 Panda Antivirus
Symantac Antivirus                 Cheap Antivirus
God Idols        Handicrafts       Toys            For Men          For Women
Above 3000       Canon             Sony            Nikon            Kodak          Fujifilm

Literature      Biographies        Memories       Kids Book
Subcategory 11 Subcategory 12 Subcategory 13
Shoes          Chappals         Sandals
All Brands                      Headphones
               Bluetooth Headsets

Samsung       Olympus

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