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									Great Horror Books
Books in the horror genre are well known for being spine chilling and scary. Many readers don't know
too many of the classic and recent terrific books of the terrifying horror genre. Some of the readers
may only be familiar with Stephen King, and while his books are good there are tons of other
awesome authors. These are a few great horror books that readers may not yet be familiar with.
One of the greatest modern horror writers is Richard Matheson. He wrote classics like Hell House, I
am Legend and What Dreams May Come. Hell House is one of the original haunted house stories
and it is a scary story that will make the hairs on the back of any neck stand up straight. The book I
Am Legend is not done justice in the movies and it is a truly thought provoking horror stories. It is
amazingly well written and the story is very unique and clever. What Dreams May Come is a very
beautiful horror story almost in the poetic way of Edgar Allen Poe. The poetic way that this book flows
is gorgeous and the story invokes tears in several places.
The Exorcist is a name that brings an old horror movie from the seventies to mind. The classic movie
is inspired by a truly horrific book that is supposedly inspired by a true event. The book is authored by
William Peter Blatty and details the story of the priest who attempts for a long time to exorcise a
demon from a young child. These Catholic priests spend a very long time working in many different
ways to cure the child. The story is chilling and very well written.
Another classic horror author is H.P. Lovecraft. Stephen King originally wanted his works to be similar
to this author. His works are often found in the form of anthologies of shorter stories as well as some
longer novels. This author is considered by some to be the best horror author of all time. Those
interested in beginning reading horror can take a look at these to get a sense of the classic horror.
One more classic author is Edgar Allen Poe. Many people are familiar with him and he has many
classic stories. The Tell Tale Heart and The Cask Of Amontillado are classic horror stories that don't
take long to read but really get readers thinking. Poe also writes great horror poetry that those enjoy
horror novels may enjoy as well. Reading Edgar Allen Poe is also a great way to get started on the
horror genre by starting at the beginning.
These are some great horror books as well as the great authors who wrote them. The horror genre is
a beautiful genre as well as a suspenseful and chilling genre.

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