PRESIDENTIAL ADDRESS

       Hon’ble Chief Guest Lt Gen A K Nanda, AVSM, Engineer-In-Chief and Guest of
Honour Maj Gen Brajesh Kumar,VSM, DGW, Shri RA Dubey, Director General (Pers.)
MES, distinguished guests and dear Associates. It is my proud privilege to welcome our
Chief Guest and Guest of Honour at the open-session of All India Conference. Sir, we
are indeed highly grateful to you for having so graciously consented to attend this open

       At the outset, I would like to say few words about our Association. This
Association was formed in the year 1978 and was recognized by the Govt of India, Min
of Def on 30 Sep 1981. It has a National Character and a very wide organizational set
up through out the MES formations in the country. We represent departmentally
promoted EEs/AEs & JEs. Association has THREE TIER system ie. AHQ, Area
Headquarter at CWE/Chief Engineer level, RHQ, Regional Headquarter at Command
level & Central Headquarter at E-in-C level. All India MES Civilian Engineers
Association is an association working for the improvement of carrier prospects and
better service conditions of its members. Association organizes Technical Seminars
and Lectures for enhancement of knowledge of its members. Our Association has
contributed generously at the time of national crises and natural calamities. Our
Association believes in the principle of peaceful settlement of problems through
meaningful dialogue and discussions

        Sir, I would like to discuss the situation which was prevailing at the time of taking
over of charge by worthy Lt Gen Gautam Dutt as E-in-C and Shri BM Mittal , IDSE as
DG(Pers) MES in Sept 2008 and Nov 2008 respectively. The promotions in Q S & C
Cadre was pending due to a court case since 2003,and Grant of 2 nd ACP to AEs/JEs
was also pending since Mar 2007. Myself & Er. S K Mann met with both the dignitaries
and apprised about the problems of JEs and AEs in detail with a request to sort out long
outstanding issues. Their tenure was only 13 and 11 months respectively but they had
assured us that the genuine problems which relate to the masses will be addressed
sympathetically and solutions will be worked out. It was our request that out of the
outstanding problems every month one problem may be resolved. I have the pleasure to
announce from this dais that the request has been honoured. DPCs for promotion and
ACP for JEs and AEs have been conducted by the Department and more then 11
problems have been resolved. Such a positive approach is rare and commendable. We
will remember their tenure as golden era in the history of our Association, very seldom
such officers are available as a team. This has been possible due to the best leadership
qualities and team effort of dedicated officers like Brig. V. G. Gole, Sri S K Tripathi, Sri
Rakesh Verma,Sri A K Rajvanshi , Sri KK Gupta and their staff members. Our
Association will always remain indebted to all of them. Their cheerful and encouraging
attitude will be a guiding factor through out my life. I wish that the present Engr-in-Chief
and DG (Pers.) will continue to resolve the pending issues during their tenure and the
best standards of Employer – Employee relationship will be established.


       Delegates from all over the country from the distant places like Agartala,
Kupwara, Kochin, Jamnagar, Chennai, Vishakhapatnam, Mumbai, Chilka, Goa etc.
representing various establishments of MES in Army, Air Force, Navy, DRDO, OFys,
Coast guard etc have assembled here and deliberated on the very important issues
concerning to the career prospects and service conditions of the JEs. Grievances which
are common to the masses and have the approval of our AIC are being projected for
early settlement to your esteemed authority. I am obliged that I have the honour to
submit their grievances to your good self.

       Association has made all out efforts to reflect the outstanding problems of its
members before the authorities from time to time, but it has been experienced during
last few years that some of the problems highlighted by the association were not
redressed. As CHQ President, I am addressing this House on 5th occasion but most of
the problems highlighted by us still exist. Out of the 11 pending issues being presented
now, three are as old as 16 yrs, 07 yrs & 05 yrs. This is not a healthy sign. I pray to God
and request my senior officers that the important issues should be taken care of, to
avoid such inordinate delays.

       Association has adopted an agenda to pursue three promotions to JEs in their
service career i.e. at 12 years, 20 years and 26 years. We have been extending all
cooperation to the department to achieve this goal.

       On attaining the appointment of Hon,ble DG (Pers) by Shri RA Dubey, this
Association once again looks forward with an aim to resolve the pending problems in his
tenure of 1 ½ year. We are thankful that our problems have been heard by the Hon’ble
Chief Guest & Guest of honour patiently with keen interest in the last periodical meeting
held on 22nd Feb 2010. Accordingly, delegates attending this meet have been
apprised.. We are seeing a ray of hope during the tenure of worthy E-in-C and DG
(Pers). An early settlement of issues which are adversely affecting the career prospects
of our members will find priority during their tenure. Time bound settlement of all the
genuine grievances is the need of hour. I am submitting these issues one by one.

1.    Seniority Dispute of JE’s.

       On account of certain administrative lapses between 1996-99 the seniority lists of
JE (Civil) and JE (E&M) became effective, thus the matter went to Court. The
judgement of Hon’ble High Court of Punjab & Haryana has been pronounced on 09 Sep
2009. Consequent upon this, seniority lists of JEs’(Civ) & JE(E/M) are under revision.
(Pers) Dte has forwarded the case to MOD and order to implement the judgement was
issued by the MOD in Jan 2010. MOD has raised some observations in the last week of
Jan 2010 again and these observations have since been replied by the (Pers) Dte. The
clearance from LA Defence is awaited. The Association requests, worthy E-in-C to
depute a senior officer to LA Defence for briefing the case so that the judgment is
implemented on priority. On implementation of this judgement, 6 Nos pending
court cases will come to an end and process of promotion from JE to AE will take
place with a lawful seniority list.

2.    Cadre Review.

      2nd cadre review to upgrade 461 posts of JE to AE was initiated in 2002 and
cadre review proposals were taken up with MOD in 2004. We have been regularly
persuading the issue with CSCC Section of E-in-C’s Branch. Though the proposal has
been approved by Hon’ble RM before announcement of the 6th CPC in 2005 but it
remains pending due to the announcement of 6th CPC. The case has been taken up
again with higher authorities in 2009. The cadre review has been planned for
improvement in the functional efficiency of the Department. It is requested that a
senior officer may please be deputed to liaise with Min of Finance for early

3.    Up gradation of Grade pay of JEs from Rs 4200/- to Rs 4600/-
       On implementation of 6th CPC, the status of posts is reckoned with grade pay.
Higher the grade pay, higher is the post. The grade pay granted to MCM is Rs 4200/-,
since MCM is a subordinate employee working under JEs, the grade pay of JEs be
raised to Rs 4600/-. The issue has been represented by the Association and the case
has been taken up by the E-in-Cs branch with MoD.It is further mentioned that the post
of Asstt in the CSS cadre is the equivalent post to JE since last 30 yrs and their grade
pay has been revised to Rs 4600/- on entry level .Therefore a similar provision for JEs
may please be implemented at the earliest please. Association requests that a senior
officer along with rep of Association be deputed to pursue the matter in MOD and
Min of Finance for early settlement.

      (a)    Govt of India adopted the ACP Scheme in 1999 according to which next
      two financial up gradations as per post hierarchy were to be granted to all
      employees. DSCs for this purpose is to be conducted in advance i.e. on half
      yearly basis in Jan and July months. Sir, it is a matter of concern that half yearly
      DPCs were never conducted in the MES and no advance DSC has been
      conducted for JEs/AEs. 2nd ACP pertaining to AEs/JEs as per 5th CPC is
      applicable up to 31 Aug 2008. Approximately 800 Nos AEs/JEs are yet to be
      granted ACP.. Due to this delay our members are not getting their salaries as
      recommended by 6th CPC. Most of the affected members are regularly
      underpaid. Therefore, we request to conduct the all pending DSCs by 30 Jun
      (b)     On the recommendations of 6th CPC, the new MACP Scheme has been
      implemented by the Govt of India in May 2009. The very purpose of ACP scheme
      is to relive financial hardships because of non promotion, by granting them higher
      hierarchical pay on 10 yrs/20 yrs/30 yrs service in the cadre, as and when it
      becomes due. The procedure stipulate advance DSCs, but the first DSC is yet to
      be conducted. Thus AEs/JEs are not being paid salaries as per their
      entitlements. It is suggested that for speedy clearance, 1st & 2 nd ACP after 10
      and 20 yrs should be conducted by concerned command and concurred at
      E-in-C level. 3rd ACP to the and after effected AEs is pending at DG (Pers) Dte.
      Details had been called for by the DPC section in Jan 2010 and the same has
      been forwarded by the lower formations. May the DSC be conducted at the
      earliest please.
5.    Career Prospects of Junior Engineer/Assistant Engineer
         Promotional avenues for the JEs of the MES are bleak. A Junior Engineer
remains a Junior Engineer even after 25 to 28 years of service. It is not healthy
situation. The motivation level of JEs is almost nil. This Association has been raising
this issue since last 15 years regularly, but the necessary action has not been taken so
far. I request worthy E-in-C’s to consider our submissions with regards to amendment of
Recruitment Rules for the post of Executive Engineer and Executive Engr QS&C so that
AEs of MES may get better promotion avenues as are available in CPWD/ Central
Water Commission/Ordnance Fys/DRDO etc. Pers. Dte. may please be directed to
take appropriate action on priority.
      (a)    Amendment to SRO-95, (RR’s for the Post of Executive Engineer)
                     Our Association has been pursuing this issue since 2001 and it has
      been acknowledged by the then worthy E-in-C, Hon’ble DG (Pers) MES and
      IDSE Association in 2004. It was decided to provide 50% quota for promotion
      from AEs. The sanctioned strength of AEs and AEEs is 1200 and 200 Nos
      respectively. The promotional quota to the next promotional post of EE is not
      proportionate to their feeder strength. This is unnatural and irrational. Association
      is raising this issue since last 9 years and also in the last periodical meeting of
      22nd Feb 2010. We have requested to Worthy E-in-C and Hon’ble DG (Pers)
      to issue necessary directions in this regards.

      (b) Amendment to SRO-18 (RR’s for the Post of Executive Engineer
             It is brought to the knowledge of this August House that Recruitment
      Rules for the post of Gp ‘A’ AEEs QS&C post were having 50% posts for its
      feeder category i.e. AE QS&C by promotion. These RRs were amended on 18 th
      Feb 2005 and quota for promotion to the next promotion post from AE has been
      reduced to nil without any logical reasons. Promotion from AE to EE was
      introduced for the first time and quota provided is only 33.33% This has resulted
      into huge stagnation in QS&C cadre, it has reached up to 29 yrs. The reason of
      reduction of promotional quota from 50% to 33.33% was a direct loss in the
      promotional avenues to JEs/AEs. This Association has submitted a
      representation in 2005 itself for removing this injustice by restoring the 50%
      quota. But no action has yet been initiated. Number of posts of AEE QS&C be
      reduced to half i.e. 63 Nos only and balance 63 numbers be downgraded to AEs
      posts to maintain the promotion avenues of JEs on the same level. This will
      ensure total promotional posts as 183 numbers at AE level This Association
      requests that amendment to RR for the post of EE QS&C be taken up on
      priority please.
6.     Fixation of Pay on Grant of 1st ACP/2nd ACP and payment of Arrears.
       Large numbers of pay fixation cases in respect of AEs & JEs are pending at CRO
level as well as command level. This has resulted into reduced payments of salaries to
the affected AEs/JEs. In order to clear the back log, this Association requests
posting/attachment of sufficient man power and creation of separate pay fixation cell for
the purpose at CRO office and command HQs. A monitoring mechanism be
introduced to look into the matter, and payment must be ensured within three
months please.
7.    Promotions Junior Enigneer to Assistant Engineer.
      Promotions from the three cadres of JEs ie (Civ), (E&M) & (QS&C) to AEs are
not being conducted regularly. These are pending due to litigations on seniority lists.
The disputes have been decided by the Hon’ble High Court of Kerela in case of
surveyor cadre and Hon’ble High court of Punjab & Haryana in case of (Civ) & (E&M)
cadres. On implementation of these judgements, the way to promotions will be cleared.
Association requests that pending matters at MOD be pursued and Ministry’s
order be obtained on priority. So that seniority list of JE (Civ), JE (E/M) and AEE
QS & C may be published within next 30 days. The cadre wise situation is
submitted here in brief.
      (a)   JE QS&C to AE QS&C.
            Promotions from JE QS & C to AE QS&C are pending since 2002-03 to
      2010-2011 due to non working out of chain vacancies. Association requests that
      chain vacancies be worked out. The promotion quota to AEE QS&C has been
      stopped since 2005, therefore the 50% of existing 126 AEEs post should be
      down graded to AEs post. The establishment sanction of 120 Nos AEs post and
      126 AEEs post had already existed. The DPC from JE QS&C to AE QS&S be
      conducted on the cadre strength of 183 AEs with effect from 2005-06 to till
      date on priority basis.

      (b)     JE (Civ) & JE (E&M).
              Promotion from JE (Civ) to AE (Civ) & JE (E&M) to AE (E&M) have not
      been conducted since 2008-09 to 2010-11; it is pending due to litigation on
      seniority. JEs have suffered the loss of seniority and promotion because of no
      fault of theirs. Now the dispute stands resolved. Necessary corrective action to
      the previous DPCs and which have been conducted based on old seniority
      list is a technical requirement and should be conducted on priority basis in
      order to streamline the cadre and subsequent pending DPCs be conducted
      on priority.

8.     Promotion from AEE/AE (QS&C) to EE (QS&C)
       Promotions from AEE(QS&C) & AE(QS&C) to EE(QS&C) consequent upon
implementation of Hon’ble High Court of Kerala and other connected DPCs from 1996-
1997 till 2010-2011 are pending. This has resulted into huge deficiency in EE (QS&C)
cadre. The sanctioned strength is 140 Nos and only 40 officers are held in the cadre.
We request worthy E-in-C to direct the officers of Pers Dte to liaise with MOD &
DOP&T for early settlement of seniority dispute of AEEs so that promotions from
AEEs to EEs can be taken up on priority.
9.    Promotions from AEs to EEs Engr Cadre.
       Promotions from AEs to EEs for the year 2009-2010 & 2010-2011 have not been
conducted as yet. Presently 1/3 of the posts in EEs cadre as per RRs of 2004 had not
been filled up from AEs feeder category. Only 344 officers are held in EEs cadre against
the sanctioned strength of 530 Nos. The one third quota works out to be 178 posts but
only 60 officers from AE cadre are existing. We request worthy E-in-C to kindly
direct, the Pers Dte to take up case for relaxation of qualifying service from 8/10
yrs to 5 yrs with MOD & DOP & T. so that the vacant posts may be filled and
senior officers in AE cadre may be promoted to EEs post.

10.   Planning & Design allowance

       It was accepted by the then Engr-in-Chief in one of the periodical meeting during
1992 to grant the said allowance to the MES JEs and AEs at par with CPWD but it could
not be implemented even after pursuing the matter in last 16 years. Ultimately as a last
resort this Association has approached to Hon’ble CAT PB, and a direction was issued
in 2007 to implement the decision. The case has come back from the Min of Finance by
taking a very tricky observation “issue was not submitted before VI CPC”. The matter is
pending since 1992 and this is a disparity between MES and CPWD. The matter is at
present pending at MOD. May the necessary efforts be made to implement the
orders at the earliest please.

11.   Manning of Pers (Dte) by Promotee Cadre Officers.

       The Association has submitted in May 2006 a representation on the subject
matter, to post sufficient number of promotee EE/AE in various sections of DG (Pers.)
Dte, viz E1C, CSCC, E1(B) and E1R DPC etc. Keeping in view our numerical strength
and experience in the department Association requests that the pers Dte at E-in-C
and Command level be restructured and adequate number of officers from the
Departmental Cadre AEs, EEs & EEs QS& C be considered for posting.

       Govt of India, DOP&T have taken proactive approach in 2000 and issued a
memorandum No. 2201/9/98-Estt (D) dt. 14th Dec. 2000 for maintaining model calendar
which ensure that DPCs should be finalized in advance (latest by end of February) for
the ensuing year. But in case of JEs and AEs no such action has been taken by MES.
High stagnation in JEs cadre warrants strong proactive approach. Sir, all these 11
issues mentioned here in before are within the capacity of your good self and DG
(Pers.). These are genuine grievances and can be settled with few additional efforts. I
am confident that needful will be done. We request your esteemed authority will be
kind enough to issue directives in this regards.

       Finally on behalf of all the members of our Association, I pay our sincere thanks
to Hon’ble Chief Guest Lt Gen A K Nanda, AVSM & Guest of Honour, Maj Gen Brajesh
Kumar,VSM, DGW, Shri R A Dubey, DG (Pers) MES having spared their valuable time
to attend this conference. We look forward for the kind sympathetic and favourable
action in near future.

                         LONG LIVE AIMCEA

                                   JAI HIND
AIMCEA/CHQ/          /AIC 2010                                           Apr 2010

E-in-C’s Branch
Integrated HQ of MoD
Kashmir house, Rajaji Marg
New Delhi-110011

                AIMCEA HELD ON 12TH & 13TH April 2010 NEW DELHI

Respected Sir,

1.     All India Conference of our Association was held on 12th & 13th April 2010 at
Delhi. The under mentioned resolutions have been adopted with unanimity:-


      (i)      A new position of “Sr Joint Secretary” will be created at Central HQ for
               smooth functioning of our Association. Constitution is deemed to be
               amended accordingly.

      (ii)     Consequent upon forming of HQ South West Command, new Regional
               HQ of the association of “South West Command” at Jaipur will be
               deemed to be established at Jaipur.

                                    ACTION PLAN

      (i)    Issues raised by various delegates and Regional Office bearers had been
      included in the Presidential Address and all these issues will be highlighted
      through the representation to Hon’ble RRM,RM and Hon,ble PM for
      implementation at the earliest.(All points from sl Noi 1 to 11 of Presidential
      Address). Copy enclosed please.
      (ii)  To approach the Hon’ble Court to ensure payment of pending 2 nd ACP
      cases at the earliest and four senior members and Association as party to take
      up matter to CAT.

      (iii)  A fund for monetary help to the families of deceased JEs/AEs while in
      service will be raised. Fund will be managed by a committee elected at AIC of
      AIMCEA. A one time collection of minimum Rs 1000/- shall be collected and
      deposited in a separate Bank Account.

2.     The Two Day All India Conference concluded with a         deliberation by
Hon’ble DG(Pers) MES Sri R A Dubey, IDSE and valedictory address to the House
by Worthy Lt Gen A K Nanda AVSM Engr – in – Chief in presence of august
gathering comprising of DGW, DDG(Pers), Chief Engineer Delhi Zone other dignitaries
and all members of association present on this occasion.

      Thanking you Sir.
                                                          Yours faithfully,

                                                           sd/- xxxx
                                                          (S K Sharma)

Copy to :-

1.    Director (CP)

      Min of Defence

2.    DG(Pers) MES

3.    Gen Secy CDRA

4.    All Chief Engineers Command

5.    All Regional HQs of AIMCEA : for information to all members.

                               LONG LIVE AIMCEA

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