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Simple Ways To Save on Gasoline


									                                        Presented by Daniel Toriola

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                                        12 Simple Ways to Save on Gasoline
                                                   By Tom Tessin

    With the gas prices gone up, people need to find ways to keep away from excess fuel consumption.
It is vital to save on fuel, especially when you travel long distances. Most of your hard-earned money
goes on refueling the car tank.

 Hence, you need to look for ways for restricting your car's fuel consumption. For this, you may seek
help from different web sites on the Internet providing information on how to save on fuel.

 As a first step toward saving on gas, use quality oil to improve the engine's performance. This reduces
friction and the car consumes less fuel. Certain branded auto oils bring down the fuel costs from 5 % to
20 %. Next, you as a car owner, have to decide on how to improve your car's overall performance.

Useful Tips:

 1.Use the engine oil recommended only for your vehicle. Do not use under-grade oil, as it reduces the
life of engine. Check the octane mark before you buy the fuel.

2.Do not leave the engine on for lengthy periods. Pre-warming the engine for one minuet is enough.

 3.Fuel the engine when it is cool, because each gallon will contain more gas, as the liquid expands in

 4.Keep gas cap airtight after the engine tank is full. You may accidentally lose on gas, if the cap is not
fitted properly.

 5.Check the car tires properly before driving for your long trip. Fill the tires according to
recommendations of the manufacturer. Do not leave the tires under-filled. Always carry an extra tire.

 6.Limit the car's speed while driving on expressways. Make sure to activate the cruise control at
regular intervals.

7.Do not drive on bald tires, since they are not only unsafe, but also lead to much fuel consumption.

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                                             Presented by Daniel Toriola

8.Avoid starting and stopping the engine continually. The car consumes much fuel this way.

9.Do not apply hard brakes. Accelerate the car gently. Ensure you apply brakes at the minimum.

 10.Do not load the car with heavy items. This leads to more fuel consumption and the tires tend to
deflate soon.

11.Minimize the usage of air condition in your car, since it increases the fuel consumption.

 12.Treat the car through proper maintenance and tune-ups. By servicing the car frequently, the
engine runs smooth and you save on unforeseen servicing as well as fuel costs. Tell the maintenance
team to add the fuel injector cleaner every time they change the engine oil.

Online Help:

 You may seek help from different web sites on the Internet devoted to auto users for providing round
the clock information to save on fuel. Many web sites post the fuel prices that fuel pumps normally

 Hence, locate a nearby fuel station, where you can get fuel for your car at the cheapest rate. Next, it is
good to walk the moment you reach the target destination. Avoid taking the vehicle in reverse gear
unless needed. There are tons of ways to save on gas, it's your job to find the options and take
advantage of it.

Save on gas and find more of Tom's work at

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                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

                                                       Quick Tips to Save on Gas
                                                                By Tom Tessin

The time is right now when it comes to saving on the amount of gasoline that your vehicle consumes.
There are many things that you can do that will cut down on how much your vehicle will use when it
comes burning gasoline fruitlessly. You should make sure that your vehicle gets regular tune-ups, the
spark plugs are kept clean and replaced when need; also make sure that you check your transmission
fluid periodically. The motor to your vehicle will burn less gasoline if the above steps are kept up on a
continuous basis. Your vehicle is just like a family member that needs constant care and consideration.
Other things that can help you with your vehicle in saving on the gasoline are not expensive but a bit
time consuming.

 You need to make sure that the pressure in your tires is at the right amount by checking them monthly
with a proper tire gage. The lack of enough air can cause you to have an accident that could be fatal as
well as causing you to burn more gasoline. You should not set in long lines such as drive-ins for food
or at banks as this causes your engine to use more gasoline. You should watch when you are in traffic
back-ups to turn off the engine and restart it again when the traffic is flowing. It is not necessary to
keep your motor idling as this burns more gasoline than when you start up your vehicle. Do not use an
expensive gasoline this will not help you save on your gasoline expense. There are some very good
fuel additives that will help you save on gas giving you better mileage and performance for your

 Many times people tend to speed up their vehicle on a major highway thinking that this will help save
on gasoline it actually burns more gas. You need to keep your vehicle going at an even speed when
doing highway driving. It is very wise to use your cruise control if your vehicle is equipped with one.
You should also consider using a GPS as this will help you not to take longer alternative routes or get
stuck on your regular route with traffic back-ups. The GPS tracker is great to prevent you from getting
caught on a highway that has construction back-ups, resent accidents, or closed due to bad storms.
You need to be aware of what is happening around you before you decide to take an alternate route
and that is what a GPS tracker enables you to do. Take a few tips and you will find that you can save a
lot on your gasoline consumption.

 When it comes down to saving on gas, you have to remember that 99% of the time it’s based on the
user. If you drive wreck less and don’t care about your gas consumption, your wallet is going to show
it. There are many ways to save on gas. Do your research online and find some great ways to cut your
gas bills by 25%.

Save on gas with a gas credit card at, where you can find even more of
Tom's work.

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                                                  Presented by Daniel Toriola

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