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                         Important Things to Know Before Signing Off For Your Rental Car
                                                             By Amy Nutt

   Before you sign the contract and drive away with your rental car, you need to make sure you really
know what you have agreed to by signing that agreement. If something were to go wrong while you
had the rental car, who would be responsible? How much are you really going to be charged when you
return it? What happens if the car gets scratched while you are driving it? You need to consider each of
these questions before signing a rental car agreement.

Rental Cars and Insurance

 One of the first things you will be asked when you head to the check out counter to pick up your rental
car keys is whether or not you want to purchase the rental agency’s insurance policy. Do not say no
without thinking first. If something were to happen to your rental car, would you be responsible for the
damages? Without insurance, you would.

 However, this does not mean that you need the rental car company’s insurance policy. Do you have
car insurance on your own vehicle? If so, find out what your current car insurance company covers on
rental cars. You may have full coverage on rental cars with your current insurance provider.

 Are you paying via credit card? If so, check with your credit card company. Many of them
automatically put rental car insurance on the cars that are rented using their cards.

 If you do not have insurance with either of these sources, then you need to consider buying it. Also,
keep in mind that you will not only pay for the damages to the rental car if you are in an accident. You
will also have to pay for the lost time on that car. If it takes three days to fix the car, you will pay for
three days of rental on that car, since the rental car company cannot make money during that time

 Keep in mind that the damage to a rental car does not have to occur in an accident. If the car is
scratched, you could be charged. Be sure to inspect the car thoroughly before driving it off of the rental
car lot. Have any damages that you notice noted on your contract.

Hidden Fees and Charges

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 You may think that you know how much the rental car will cost when all is said and done, but you
likely will be surprised when you get your final bill due to additional fees and charges. Of course, you
will have to pay taxes on your rental car. Be sure you plan for this when budgeting for a rental car.

 You may also be charged for gas. Some rental car companies charge a flat fee for gas and instruct
their renters to return the car close to empty. Others will not charge the gas fee if the car is returned
full. If you can fill the car up yourself, do so, because the rate the rental car company is going to charge
for gas will be more than the gas station down the street.

 If a driver on the contract is under 25 years old, expect to pay an additional fee, if the rental car
company will even allow this driver to drive the car. Also, adding additional drivers to the agreement
will cost extra. Finally, be sure to inquire about late fees, and turn the car in on time unless you
absolutely cannot do so.

 Renting a car seems like it should be an easy task, but there are many considerations that you need
to make before signing the contract. Make sure that you know exactly what you are agreeing to do, and
follow through with your end of the contract. This will protect you from unexpected and expensive fees
when you return the car.

Renting a Car in Canada is made easier with a car rental Canada service provider. Contact your local
car rental branch to find out about the different car rental options available.

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                                   Do you need Rental car Insurance Coverage?
                                                      By Mark G. Derek

Every person that drivers a car must have auto insurance, but if you want to rent a car you must also
have insurance or you will big in a big trouble if an accident happens. There are different ways to get
rental car insurance coverage, you must be correctly informed before making a decision.

When you rent a car you are responsible to any damage that happens to the car while you are driving,
so having auto insurance is very important. There are 3 main ways to get rental car insurance
coverage, you can use your own car insurance if you have, you can use your credit car auto insurance
or you can use the rental car company insurance.

Should you include Rental car Insurance in your own car policy?

Well that is a decision that you have to make and consult with your insurance agent, however even
though it will be an additional cost, it is very helpful, but you need to keep some things in mind.

The company will only reimburse your for the rental car if it is a similar model, that means that if you
have a VW and you rent a corvette, you wont get a reimbursement.

Now, taking a step back, it is better to use your own car insurance coverage when you rent a car, but if
you dont have it, then it recommended to get the rental company insurance.

Of course, if you use the rental company coverage, you will end up paying a lot more for renting a car,
that is why is better to use your own car insurance, is important that you call your insurance agent and
ask him, if you policy covers rental car.

Now, if you want to get insurance for your own car you need to compare rates from different
companies and that can be easily done online, you just fill a form and get a quote. Follow the link
below to get quotes from the leading companies in the industry.

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