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                                          Picking the Best Auto School
                                                   By Tom Tessin

  If you have an ambition of making it big in the automotive industry, you have to plan yourself for
success and hard work. However, if you have ambitions more than just been a lube mechanic or a tire
mechanic, get education from a good automotive repair or automobile training school.

A degree from a good automobile repair school helps to know the trade, makes you more comfortable
with the norms and technicalities in the automobile field. It also gives higher-level openings such as
master mechanic or mechanic positions depending on your experience.

Ways to choose a Good Automotive School:

Mentioned below are some ways that may help you in choosing a good automobile repair school:

 1. School Reputation: You need to find out the reputation of a school. This factor is important, as it will
have a good impression on your curriculum vitae (CV). There may be several reasons for a good
reputation of an automobile school. Generally the most common reason for having a good reputation is
graduates from that particular school have performed exceptionally well in the automobile field. You
may even cut short your list of schools whose reputation is not known or questionable.

 2. Degree Program: Mostly all schools offer an associate's degree to help you start in the auto
industry. These degrees are short time courses, which on completion allow you to join the respective
field as soon as possible. Many schools also provide a master's degree to help ambitious people to
attain positions that are more respectful. Do a good research on the degree program you want to join
and check that the program teaches all the skills and techniques required in the field. You also need to
ensure if the school provides an ASE (Automotive Standards of Excellence) certification or not. It is
extremely important as it allows the company to know your skills in a particular area. Also, see if the
school is offering internship or employment opportunities.

 3. Resources Offered: You need to check for what resources the students get from the school.
Generally, all automobile schools offer various resources to their students. Please check if the school
is offering job placement assistance. Make sure that the school has a good program for graduates or
students who are searching for a job. The school also needs to have programs like creating good CV,
providing job listings and teaching interview skills.

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 4. Cost of the program: This is also an important factor while choosing an automobile school. A good
school needs to be affordable too. You need to carry out a research on the cost of the program and
need to know what all features are included in the cost. For instance, some schools provide everything
in the listed price, while some schools may provide only the course for the listed amount leaving the
books, tools and other necessary things required for the program. These need to be bought separately.

 These are some ways to choose a good automotive repair school. Do thorough research and choose
an automobile training school, which will give a boost to your auto career.

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                                            Cheap Auto Insurance For Teenagers
                                                       By Elizabeth Newberry

 Prom dresses. Football camps. School clothes. Cell phone bills. Teenagers come with hefty price
tags! But we love them, and we want the best for them; that’s why when it comes to auto insurance,
not only do we want to shop for cheap auto insurance for teenagers, but we want to shop for the best
auto insurance for teenagers, as well. Since teenager drivers are considered “at risk” drivers because
of their lack of experience, is it even possible to find an auto insurance policy for teenagers that is both
cheap and reliable? Yes.

First thing’s first – the quality of the auto insurance policy. You don’t want to choose an auto insurance
policy for teenagers based solely on cost, because as cliché as it sounds, you usually get what you pay
for. Begin your search for an auto insurance policy for your teenager by looking into reputable auto
insurance companies. Perhaps you’ll want to add your teenager to your own policy, or perhaps you’ll
want to look for an auto insurance company that offers special auto insurance policies for teenagers.
The route you take doesn’t matter; what matters is that the auto insurance policy for your teenager
offers excellent coverage.

Now you want to start looking at the cost of the auto insurance policy for your teenager. Parents can
usually save a few bucks by adding their teenager drivers to their own auto insurance policies.
Regardless of whether you add your teenager driver to your own auto insurance policy, or purchase
your teenage driver his own auto insurance policy, there are a few universal ways you can get cheaper
auto insurance for your teenager.

For example, many insurance companies offer discounts for teenagers who successfully complete
driver education courses. Some offer discounts if the teenager makes good grades in school. When
shopping for cheap auto insurance for teenagers, ask your agent about the discounts your teenager
may be eligible for.

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