To My Doctor by yX8bo4nG


									Dear Doctor

You are my doctor and I need your help.

Until now, the majority of doctors have been silent and unengaged regarding the
Federal government health care expansion - “The Patient Protection and Affordable
Care Act” (PPACA) “reform” bill.

The PPACA legislation creates over 150 new boards and agencies that will control
virtually every aspect of health care. Government bureaucrats will determine “essential”
health care benefits, and doctors and hospitals will have to comply with hundreds of new
reporting rules to demonstrate government defined “quality”. The Obama administration
nominated Dr. Donald Berwick, described by the Department of Health and Human
Services as a man fighting to ration care and socialize medicine, to head the Centers for
Medicare and Medicaid Services.

This law has put you on the road to becoming a Government employee, having to
answer to bureaucrats, and will take away our individual health care freedom. Beginning
in 2015, a “qualified health plan” is allowed to contract with physicians and other medical
providers “only if such provider implements such mechanisms to improve health care
quality as the Secretary (currently a lawyer and politician) may by regulation require.”

I am writing to urge you to join Docs4patientcare, a non-partisan physician society
founded in response to the AMA’s endorsement of PPACA. At that time only 17% of
American physicians belonged to the AMA. That percentage has since dropped to 11%.
The AMA does not represent the best interests of American healthcare, physicians or
patients. Having the exclusive publishing rights for the CPT codes, a $100 million
business, the AMA’s primary concern is protecting the status quo CPT apparatus.

D4PC is committed to repeal of PPACA and replacement with market based reform that
will lower costs and promote quality healthcare, patient freedom of choice, and
affordable access. I know doctors avoid expressing political views in their practice to
be politically neutral, not wanting to undermine the sanctity of the doctor-patient
relationship; however, the political class now threatens the medical profession, and our
health care and health care freedom.

American health care undoubtedly faces significant challenges including the uncontrolled
cost growth that threatens the financial wellbeing of individuals and families, small and
large businesses, and the fiscal soundness of our local, state, and Federal governments.
PPACA completes the bureaucratic nightmare, erosion of physician and patient freedom
of choice, and violation of the physician-patient relationship that has been progressively
imposed by the 3rd party payer system.

I urge you take a stand on behalf of your patients. Please voice our concerns to our
members of Congress and let them know our displeasure with their takeover of our
health care. Become a member of D4PC (, and join their
campaign to repeal and replace government health care. The physicians of D4PC can
only succeed with the involvement of many similarly concerned doctors.

Your patients are counting on you and will support you in this effort.

Thank you.

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