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                              Muscle Cars: How To Rebuild And Modify Your Muscle Car
                                                            By Alex Baumm

   After the World War II, muscle cars became an instant hit, as motorists and car buyers aimed to
acquire vehicles that would showcase and show great power and speed. The term was basically a
name description of what the car was to the industry.

Muscle cars were considered the instruments to bring back the glory and profitability of the global car
industry. Muscle autos were hugely popular in the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia.

With the emergence of many other car brands and more superior car models, muscle cars are now
nowhere in the map of global cars. However, there are still some of those vehicles that are in
circulation within the market.

Those muscle autos are now considered novelty and collectors' items. If you happen to own one, it
surely would be your interest to improve and revitalize the look and performance of your old car. Thus,
you would certainly find ways on how you can rebuild and modify your muscle auto.

Here are some suggested procedures on how you can rebuild and revitalize the look and feel of your
muscle autos. Take note that some auto detailing techniques may already be familiar to you, especially
if you are into regular auto detailing.

1. Plan the restoration process ahead of time. Muscle cars are important and are sensitive cars. Any
error or mistake on the rebuilding and auto detailing procedure could greatly harm and alter the overall
appearance of the exterior of the car.

Thus, it would be advisable if you would do a research and ask experts on what to do right about your
muscle auto. Make a simple list of things to do and do a checklist to serve as a guide as you do the
rebuilding and modifying process.

2. Spend time and more effort rebuilding the body of the muscle cars. Pay particular attention to
details. The overall body of the car should be given more care and proper treatment. Do you need to
modify and do little changes at the engine and the overall system?

If you are not too familiar with it, just leave it to the experts. Just tell them what you want, what you aim

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                                             Presented by Daniel Toriola

and what you intend to do and let them do the rest.

3. Settle to do a major auto detailing. When the insides of the muscle autos are modified and improved,
take time to do a major auto detailing process.

When you auto detail muscle cars, you aim to revamp and overhaul the total exterior and physical
package of the vehicles. Repaint. Spend to repair damaged parts. Check the wheels. In no time, the
muscle autos would look as awesome as new again.

4. To wrap things up, check the overall electrical system of the muscle autos. Pay attention to the
electrical wirings responsible for the proper functioning of lights and horns. Make sure the battery is
functioning well.

5. There is no need to change the overall physical appearance or the assembly of the body packaging,
not unless you want to remodel your muscle autos. If you do so, your muscle cars would cease to be
muscle cars and should be called through other names.

As your muscle cars take a new rejuvenation and look, always remember that muscle cars would not
ever function like the modern powerful cars. During their time, muscle autos were the most powerful
vehicles on the road.

Alex Baumm. Find more tips at our car forum

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                                                           The Muscle Car Craze
                                                                By Jason Tarasi

 Somebody once asked me why I was so fascinated with muscle cars. You know, it’s hard for an
outsider looking in to understand why we muscle car lovers are so fanatical about our cars. Until
they’ve been behind the wheel of a newly restored ’66 Pontiac GTO, they just haven’t a clue.

Why is it that we can browse through muscle car advertisements for hours on end? Why do we have to
go to every muscle car show that comes near our town? Why do we drive out of our way to see some
of the hottest muscle cars around? Why do we seemingly pour all of our extra money into our muscle

Some people think a passion for muscle cars comes from peer pressure – a need to impress other
people per se. As a muscle car enthusiast I can honestly say that’s not it, at least not for me. My
interest in muscle cars dates way back to before I was ever concerned about what anybody thought. I
have always found muscle cars to be fascinating and exciting.

First, muscle cars are original. Those who collect or restore muscle cars put their heart and soul into
their hobby which makes every muscle car truly unique. Second, muscle cars are powerful. There’s
nothing that gets the adrenaline pumping quite like sitting behind the wheel of a classic,
high-performance muscle car. Third, when you take a classic car, restore it and muscle it up, you really
have something to be proud of. It’s a lot like an artistic ability for me – like taking a blank canvas and
creating an incredible piece of art out of it.

One thing is for certain, regardless of the reason a muscle car devotee is interested in muscle cars, we
all seem to talk the same talk and walk the same walk. Dealing with muscle cars is an incredible social
outlet. Whether we collect, restore, show, or race our muscle cars, it doesn’t matter. We’re all on the
same wavelength and we truly enjoy looking at and chatting about muscle cars.

Some enthusiasts have specific lines of muscle cars that they are interested in, while others are just
crazy about muscle cars in general. Some like imports, others like exports, and most all muscle car
enthusiasts have a strong interest in classics. We can look at them, talk about them, drive them, or just
work on them. Muscle cars give us something to look forward to, something fun to invest our time and
money into, and the muscle car hobby keeps us out of trouble – for the most part.

Jason Tarasi is a muscle car enthusiast who runs the Muscle Car Monster Website, where members
can buy and sell muscle cars for free through the site's online classifieds.

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