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									         Minutes of a meeting of Calderdale and Kirklees LPC held on Monday 2nd June 2008
                      In the Meeting Room, Spring Hall Medical Centre, Halifax.

Mr A Boyle (AB)           Mrs A Cawdron (AC)          Mr C Dickinson (CD)         Mr A Dobson (AD)
Mrs S Hicks (SueH)        Mr A Hirst (AH)             Mr S Hewitt (SH)            Mrs R Ingham (RI)
Mrs K Mistry (KM)         Mr I Marsland (IM)          Mrs E Solomon (ES)

Guest Ruth Buchan

1. Apologies for absence were received from Gill Hawksworth and David Wilkinson.

2. Minutes of the last meeting held on 14th April 2008 having been circulated were proposed as correct by
IM. They were seconded by SueH and were signed by the Chairman AH. All present were in favour.

3. Stuart Marrett, Thornton and Ross
Stuart is the NHS Development Manager for Thornton and Ross and attended the meeting to give
the LPC facts about head lice treatments and the use of Hedrin. Stuart gave some useful
information about head lice, their life cycle and how different treatment methods work. A
document is available from the Public Health Medicine Environmental Group on
www.phmeg.org that gives a lot of useful help for pharmacists, school nurses and parents. The
document stresses that treatments should only be carried out on heads where a live louse has been
found. Two treatments should always be carried out as lice emerge from an egg within 7 days of
being laid. This document suggests that alcoholic lotions should not be used on children under
five years of age. Malathion is an agrochemical and Pyrethroid an insecticides evolved from
sheep dips. They should therefore only be used where a live louse has been proved. Much
resistance has been found to these products partially caused by the louse surviving because the
application has not been left on the hair long enough. This usually occurs because it is washed off
early because of the pungent smell. Hedrin works in a totally different way and has proved to be
more effective than the insecticides especially in areas where there is resistance to the commonly
used product. It has no smell and is poured onto all the hair and combed through to wet the hair.
The carrier agent evaporates leaving the simeticone on the hair overnight. The lice cannot excrete
and therefore die. They will have fallen off the hair by the morning. The hair may be washed but
this may not be necessary. Plastic fine toothcombs are the best for combing through the hair that
should be done weekly to detect any lice early.
Stuart is keen to sponsor any further meetings to help with training for pharmacists and pharmacy
staff and a range of leaflets are available free from Thornton and Ross.

                                                                                    Action            Who
4. Matters Arising from the Minutes – it was noted that all the action points
from the last minutes had been or were in the process of being dealt with.

   i)      MUR adverts – AD did not have a lot of success following a
           telephone conversation with a journalist at the Halifax Evening
           Courier. AD was trying to promote MUR’s but the printed article did
           not make sense. AC had sent in a letter to the Editor of the Evening
           Courier signing as Secretary of the Local Branch RPSGB and this
           supported the waste medication campaign, MUR’s and Repeat
           Dispensing. In her letter Anne encouraged patients to ask at their
           local pharmacy for more information. A decision has to be made on
           the way forward for Kirklees advertisements and also for Calderdale.
           It was agreed to wait for the result of AD’s meeting with
           Huddersfield LMC.
                                                                                    Action          Who

   ii)    SOP’s – AD has had only one SOP sent which is now on the website.
          Contractors are urged to send any SOP’s that they have written so
          that they might be shared.

   iii)   Takeda meeting – Lester Evans from New Light was not able to
          attend this meeting to discuss a way forward with the LPC Strategy.
          He can attend the next meeting on 15th July when he will have a
          preliminary meeting with the LPC.
   iv)    Enhanced Service Bids – Gill Bell appears to favour a MAS bid for
          Kirklees and is currently considering this as a bid
   v)     Vascular checks – AD sent out a questionnaire for CP’s to establish
          what screening services they are carrying out. Only 9 replied which
          does not give a true picture.
   vi)    Huddersfield University Pharmacy degree – members were invited to
          find out how the new pharmacy degree course is developing & LPC
          members attended. The evening was interesting but it did not include
          a tour of the new facilities. They are considering whether the course
          should be 5 years to include several periods in different pharmacies to
          make up the ‘pre-reg’ year.

5. Correspondence (1)
Open session

          i)      PSNC
                a) PCL(S) 29/08 – LPC Support Seminar – LPC finance.
                   Meeting on 2nd June in Leeds. As this coincided with the
                   LPC meeting no one could attend.
                b) PCL(S) 30/08 – LPC Support Training – Negotiating skills         To book place   AD
                   – nearest meeting is at Brighouse on July 1st. AC expressed
                   willingness to attend.
                c) PCL(S) 31/08 – Draft Enhanced Service Specifications –
                   link to website.
                d) PCL(S) 32/08 – LPC Briefing – May PSNC meeting report.
                e) PCL(S) 33/08 – Heatwave plan for England 2008 – details
                   of the DoH guidance.
                f) PSNC Community Pharmacy News – May issue.
                g) PCL(S) 34/08 - Basic IT skills for Community Pharmacy
                   staff – with weblink to access the service available to all
                   contractors who use the NPfIT systems.
                h) PCL(S) 35/08 – Tobacco control, 10 High impact changes –
                   examples of how pharmacy can be involved with the

          ii)     WYCSA and PCT’s
                a) Calderdale – request for help arranging a photo shoot for
                b) Calderdale – Netzone – several copies
                c) Calderdale – Equitable access – advert for expressions of
                   interest from healthcare providers
                d) Calderdale – new contact for matters concerning medicines
                                                                             Action             Who
           e) Calderdale – offering a new banner stand for a waste
              campaign – available on a “first come” basis to CP’s
           f) Calderdale – agenda for LPC/PCT meeting.
           g) Calderdale – Community strategy engagement – series of 3
              meetings around the area.
           h) Calderdale – MUR programme application form – not going
              ahead as RB was not in time to complete the paperwork.
           i) Calderdale – Not Dispensed scheme – not very keen on the
              scheme, and prefer to keep EIS.
           j) Calderdale – data collection questionnaire for waste
           k) Calderdale – copy of the DoH consultation on registration of
              health and adult social care providers for comment. Some
              feedback was given by the PCT.
           l) Calderdale – flyer for a MSc in clinical pharmacy from
              Bradford. This would have to be self-funded ~£750
           m) Calderdale – Proposed MUR letter that will be sent to all
              CP’s, regarding the quality of MURs.
           n) Kirklees – minutes from the LPC/PCT meeting held 14/4
           o) Kirklees – Contacts for parties who may be interested in
              MAS in Kirklees.
           p) Kirklees – Proposal to supply MRSA decolonisation kits via     Express interest   AD
              pharmacy. It was agreed to move forward with this.             to Neil Mc
           q) Kirklees – May bank holiday rota
           r) Kirklees – copy of the March panel booklet
           s) Kirklees – request for involvement in Diabetes awareness
              week – June 8th to 14th – AD had given a press release and
              there was a possibility of a Radio interview. It was agreed
              that this would be worthwhile taking up if it was offered.
           t) Kirklees – Headlice admin queries – problems arising due to    To consider        AD
              VAT for headlice supply and NRT.                               further - take
           u) Kirklees – Strategy meeting, small group to discuss how the    advice
              White paper fits in with Kirklees strategy – arranged for
              June 6th at 10am. To discuss M.A.S., sexual health,            Attend             AD
              chlamydia testing, MUR’s, repeat dispensing.
           v) Kirklees – Talkabout – a copy of the May edition.
           w) WYCSA – various notices re lost Rx

    iii)     Miscellaneous
           a) Statistical data for Rx dispensed in Feb 08
           b) Report from the Regional meeting at Wetherby
           c) Information on quality indicators survey (GH)
           d) Kirklees Nex form (ES)
           e) Notes from the Calderdale Clinical Treatment Monitoring
              Group meeting (AC)
           f) Draft letter to Courier re waste, MUR’s and repeat
              dispensing (AC) – brought issues to patients successfully
              and correctly at no cost.
           g) Yorkshire & Humber NHS – copies of “Healthy
               Ambitions” – the outcome of the NHS review
                                                                                          Action   Who

6. PCT Reports

Calderdale – AB reported that there would be a meeting tomorrow regarding
Equitable Access which he hopes to attend. The Darzi report states that many of
the poorest communities experience the worst health outcomes with major health
inequalities. There will be new government investment of around £3m in the
area as it is recognised that Calderdale is ‘underdoctored’. It is proposed that 9
FTE GP’s will be sought and new GP practices established to improve provision.

Kirklees – Medicines management – Scissett branch will not be getting weekly
scripts for dosette boxes anymore. Patients would need to be assessed under the
DDA arrangement.

7. Meeting reports

MAS – Kirklees – There was opposition to MAS on a Kirklees basis, but now
exploring providing it on a local basis, and if this works roll it out. Finding funding
may be difficult. Gill Bell is to look at other MAS to see how they are set up. They
have had info from Ruth Buchan on the Calderdale scheme. AD to look at schemes
in other LPC areas.

Calderdale Clinical Treatment Monitoring Group – Shared care forums –
proposals to have 2 levels of forums – one for shared care GP’s and the other for
support staff. It is hoped that CP’s are invited to the GP forum that will be more
appropriate. Prescribing of Benzo’s should be done by SMS – there was an
incident where GP’s were prescribing for a client too. A new alcohol service is
to be set up hopefully by summer. Pharmacy SLA is to be sent out shortly.
Hopefully CP’s who will be worse off under new payment arrangements will
have written to Martin McGroaty. AC to look at producing a claim sheet where
each supervision is recorded against day of month. Post-dated Rx are valid for 28
days from date on script. However if a start date is written on Rx different from
the date at the bottom of the Rx the Rx will be valid from the date specified as
the start date. A newsletter will follow clarifying this.

Local Care Direct meeting – core OOH inventory of stock. Performance reviews
with GP’s. Occasionally GP’s prescribe out of formulary and cause problems.
CP involvement in providing drug packs to on call GP’s. 100-hour pharmacies
were represented. Looking ahead to White paper decision where 28 days supply
may be given. NHS funded 28 day supply discussed – link with MAS. It may be
that a pharmacist may be available on LCD team. Telephoned or faxed Rx
should be sent out 1st class post.
Regional Secretaries Meeting – the meeting was useful. Contract funding was
discussed – report circulated. Pharmacy White Paper – PSNC executive working
on proposals with much to do. Important for LPC’s and contractors to engage
with LMC and other GP leaders in their own area. PSNC are pressing the PPD to
resolve outstanding issues with implementation of CIP. LPC model constitution
– requests to allow non-pharmacists to be members of LPC’s – it would be
recommended that the majority would have to be pharmacists. Pharmacy IT –
good progress being made with EPS Release 1. Bradford LPC are having a
succession planning meeting, to which other LPCs will probably be invited –
probable date is 7th August.
                                                                                    Action   Who
Calderdale Medicines Management Group - wound formulary going to print.
PGD’s to be reviewed by June. Omeprazole now to be prescribed as cheaper
than Lansoprazole. Warfarin and Methotrexate booklets should be filled in by
CP’s, who check whether INR’s have been done. Homecare medication policy –
untrained workers are transferring records of patient’s medication from a 28 day
MAR style sheet onto another sheet for 30/31 days with a risk of errors. Going to
have a trial to use the 28 days sheets instead.

Optometrist Dinner – AH and GH attended the informal dinner and found the
evening worthwhile.

8. M.U.R. Strategy
It was discussed whether patients could be asked to have an MUR before a
planned hospital admission to avoid history taking. A patient may have
previously had an MUR during that year although the CP could be asked to
update it if meds have changed.
A customer satisfaction survey would be a useful tool that the patient fills in
after their consultation. This could be presented to the LMC.
A flyer could be printed and sent out via a free newspaper of via the GPO. The
cost of this would have to be investigated.
It was agreed that if AD’s presentation to the Kirklees LMC was successful that
this could be repeated with Calderdale LMC.
9. A.O.B. - None

End of open session
Closed Session

13. Date, time and venue for next meetings
The next meetings were confirmed to be :
Tuesday 15th July at St Luke’s House, Huddersfield
Tuesday 2nd September at Dean Clough, Halifax
Tuesday 7th October at St Luke’s House, Huddersfield
Monday 17th November at St John’s Medical Centre, Halifax.

As there was no other business the Chairman closed the meeting at 4.40 pm.

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