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Full Disclosure Spring 2012

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									                                                                                                                Spring 2012, No. 22

New York City
Campaign Finance Board               CFB Adopts Independent Expenditure Disclosure Rules for City Elections
Father Joseph P. Parkes, S.J.        The 2012 federal campaign year has been defined           • Clearly label certain communications as
Chairman                             by a flood of spending by outside groups hoping             “paid for by” the organization or individual.
Art Chang                            to influence elections. So far, these groups have         • Disclose all contributions from other
Richard J. Davis                     spent more than $120 million on races across                organizations and contributions $1,000
Courtney C. Hall                     the country. At the same point in 2008, outside
Mark S. Piazza                                                                                   or more from individuals, once cumula-
                                     spending totaled only $50 million. More than 80             tive spending reaches $5,000.
Board Members                        percent of the spending this year was by super
Amy M. Loprest                       PACs that can raise and spend unlimited sums of        The rules implement a City Charter amendment
Executive Director                   money, often without disclosing their source.          that was overwhelmingly approved by voters in
                                                                                            November 2010. After a year-long public rule-making
Elizabeth Bauer                      But things will be different when it comes to the
Chief of Administrative Services                                                            process, the final rules were adopted in March.
                                     citywide elections in 2013. New rules adopted by
Daniel Cho                           the CFB will require anyone making independent         With the rules in place, New York City voters will
Director of Candidate Services       expenditures of $1,000 or more to a candidate or       know more than they ever have about who is
Shauna Tarshis Denkensohn            ballot initiative to:                                  trying to influence their vote before they go to
Director of Operations & Budget
                                        • Report all expenditures of $100 or more           the polls in 2013. Visit the CFB website for more
Sue Ellen Dodell                          to the CFB and the public.                        information about the independent expenditure
General Counsel                                                                             disclosure rules.
Eric Friedman
Director of External Affairs
Peri Horowitz
Director of Campaign Finance         Matching Funds Program Encourages Residents to Participate in Elections
Onida Coward Mayers
                                     As campaign finance reformers have set their           New Yorkers made three times as many low-dollar
Director of Voter Assistance         sights on Albany, many commentators and advo-          contributions to City Council candidates, roughly
                                     cates have pointed to the city’s Campaign Finance      54,000, compared to just 17,000 to candidates for
Kenneth O’Brien
                                     Program as a model for increasing participation in     state legislative office. These results echo findings
Director of Systems Administration
                                     the electoral process. Various reports have shown      published recently by the Brennan Center and the
Julius Peele                         how the generous matching funds program,               Campaign Finance Institute.

Director of Auditing & Accounting
                                     which provides a $6-to-$1 match for each contri-
Jesse Schaffer                       bution up to $175 from New York City residents,        The emphasis on low-dollar, local contributions
Director of Special Compliance       encourages candidates to seek funds from actual        through the matching funds program clearly results
Elizabeth A. Upp                     voters, rather than well-financed special interests.   in more participation in City Council elections.
Director of Communications
                                                            news from the                   Residents contribute to City Council candidates

Peggy A. Willens
Director of Management
Analysis & Records Administration
                                     A review of campaign finance data suggests that
                                                            nyc campaign finance board
                                     the Program succeeds at increasing participation
                                     in City elections — especially when compared to
                                                                                            in far higher numbers across the city, including
                                                                                            neighborhoods where residents barely give to
                                                                                            state legislative candidates at all. While some of
                                     elections for state office. We compared small in-      the disparities may be driven by competition for
Matt Sollars                         dividual contributions (of $250 or less) throughout    specific seats, the differences are sufficiently stark
Press Secretary                      the city during the full year prior to the November    and widespread to suggest that more competitive
Bonny Tsang                          2009 elections for City Council, and the November      races are only a part of the explanation.
Press Aide                           2010 elections for state legislative seats.
                                                                                            The disparity does not indicate, however, that
                                     The data show that in neighborhood after neigh-        state legislative candidates are raising less money
FULL DISCLOSURE                      borhood, candidates for the City Council were far      overall compared with their counterparts running
Spring 2012, No. 22
                                     more likely to receive small contributions from        for City Council. To the contrary, state legisla-
40 Rector Street, 7th Fl.            individual constituents than were state Senate         tive candidates actually raised $12 million more
New York, NY 10006                   and Assembly candidates.                               from New York City sources than did City Coun-
                                                                                                                            (continued on page 2)
                                      Number of Small Contributions ($250 or less)
                                              by New York City Borough
             Funds Program Encourages Residents to Participate in Elections (from page 1)
    cil candidates — when you include high-dollar individual, corporate, and PAC contributions.                                          Brooklyn
    Candidates for City Council are seeking out more contributions from their neighbors, so they
                                                                                                                                         Residents of East New York were very active
    are less beholden to big-money interests and more accountable to their constituents.                                                 in City Council elections, yet the contribution
    A breakdown of contributions by zip code provides evidence that City candidates are en-
                                                                  4,939                                                                  level to state legislative candidates is among
                     3,260                                                    2,782
    gaging New Yorkers who are regularly overlooked by candidates for state office. Below are                                            the lowest in the city. Borough-wide, Brooklyn
                                    1,446                                           1,223
    some examples of neighborhoods where the difference in contribution levels is most striking.                                         residents made nearly five times more contri-
                        Brooklyn                   Bronx              Manhattan            Queens               Staten Island
                                                                                                                                         butions to City Council candidates than state
                                                                                                                                         legislative candidates.

                                                                                                                                         Staten Island
                          of Small Small Contributions ($250 or less)
                   Number Number of Contributions ($250 or less)                                                                         Residents of Staten Island’s Rossville section
                               New York City Borough
                           by in selected New York City Zip Codes                                                                        made nearly three times as many contributions
                        582                                                                                                              to City Council candidates in 2009 than to As-
                                                                                                                                         sembly and state Senate candidates in 2010.
                   Number of Small Contributions ($250 or less)                                                                          Borough-wide, Staten Islanders made more
                           by New York City Borough
                                    10,310                                                                                               than twice as many contributions to City Coun-
                                                                                                                                         cil candidates than to state legislature candi-
     15,087                                                                                                                              dates, and contributed nearly twice as much by
                                  5,227                               5,692             13,364                  196                      amount.
                                             166                                             4,939
             3,260                                                       116
                                                                10,310                                                2,782
                                 33       1,446
                                                                                                                                         The Bronx
                                                    24                                        21
                                                                                                                                         The East Tremont neighborhood saw one of the
                          11207 Number of Small Contributions ($250 or less)
                                         10460           10032               11419            10309
      Brooklyn        East New YorkBronx                   5,692
                                                    Manhattan                Queens
                                5,227 East Tremont Washington Heights South Richmond Hill       Staten
                                                                                             Rossville                          Island   more competitive primary races for the state
                                               by New(Manhattan) Borough 4,939
                                                       York City
                        (Brooklyn)       (Bronx)                           (Queens)       (Staten Island)                                legislature in 2010, between Gustavo Rivera
                                                                                                                                         and Pedro Espada, Jr. Still, residents contribut-
                                                                                         13,364                                 1,223
                                             NYC Council (2009)                    NYS Assembly/Senate (2010)                            ed in far greater numbers to candidates running
                                                                     10,310                                                              for City Council in the previous year. Borough-
       Brooklyn             Bronx       Manhattan     Queens
                      Number of Small Contributions ($250 or less) Staten Island                                                         wide, Bronx residents made three times more
                         in selected New York City Zip Codes
                                  5,227         5,692
                                                                                                                                         contributions to City Council candidates as they
                                3,260                                                                           2,782
                                                                                                                                         did to candidates for the state legislature.
      582                                               1,446                                                           1,223
                                                           535                                                                           Queens
                      Number of Small Contributions ($250 or less) Island
                       Brooklyn       Bronx   Manhattan   Queens Staten
                             in selected New York City Zip Codes                                                                         Residents in the South Richmond Hill neigh-
                                                                                                                                         borhood contributed ten times as often to City
      582                                                                                                                                Council candidates than to state legislative can-
                                                           535                                                                           didates. Borough-wide, City Council candidates
                                        Number of Small Contributions ($250 or less)
                                           in selected New York City Zip Codes
                                                                    225                                                                  collected twice as many contributions from
                                                                                                                      196                Queens residents as state legislative candidates.
                        582   166
              33                        24                                                    21                                         The difference between contributions to
                                                                                                                    196                  candidates for City Council and the state legis-
        11207               166
                             10460             10032                                     11419                       10309               lature is less significant in many Manhattan zip
    East New York         East Tremont   Washington 116
                                                    Heights                       South Richmond Hill
                                                                                        225                         Rossville
      (Brooklyn)             (Bronx) 166    (Manhattan)                                (Queens)                 196
                                                                                                                 (Staten Island)         codes compared to the other boroughs. Still,
             33                         24                               116                  21
                                                                                                                                         the number of low-dollar contributions to City
                                                                                                                        67               Council candidates was nearly twice the number
                                 33                 24                                        21
        11207           NYC Council (2009) 10032
                          10460                                NYS Assembly/Senate (2010) 10309
                                                                       11419                                                             of contributions to state legislative candidates.
    East New York    11207 Tremont 10460
                      East               Washington Heights South Richmond Hill
                                                      10032             11419               Rossville
                                                                                        10309                                            Much of this section of Washington Heights is
      (Brooklyn) East New(Bronx) East Tremont(Manhattan) Heights South Richmond Hill
                          York                  Washington                               (Staten
                                                                                       Rossville Island)
                                                                                                                                         within Senate district 31, which was an open
                        (Brooklyn)            (Bronx)             (Manhattan)           (Queens)            (Staten Island)
                                                                                                                                         seat in the 2010 election that attracted three
                                                                                                                                         candidates in the Democratic primary; yet the
                                NYC Council (2009) (2009)
                                        NYC Council                             NYS Assembly/Senate (2010)
                                                                                  NYS Assembly/Senate (2010)
                                                                                                                                         City Council candidates received nearly four
                                                                                                                                         times as many contributions.

Report Showcases CFB’s Voter Assistance Work
2012 is a significant election year for New York, as voters head to the         We also emphasized using technological tools to engage more New
polls four times for four different elections, particularly for the impor-      Yorkers. Voter Assistance Advisory Committee Chair Art Chang has
tant presidential election in November. As we look ahead to this year           launched the Digital Action Working Group, composed of leading
and to the citywide election in 2013, we want to energize New Yorkers           members of the city’s tech community, to leverage technology to
to get out to the polls and ensure that their voices are heard. In April,       increase voter participation in civic life. Our NYC Votes! Facebook
we released the 2011 – 2012 Voter Assistance Annual Report, detailing           (www.facebook.com/nycvotes) and Twitter (@NYCVotes) accounts
the agency’s efforts to increase voter engagement in New York City              deliver the most up-to-date voting information to all New Yorkers.
during the past year and what we hope to accomplish in the future.
                                                                                The report also recommends several legislative changes to modern-
The report highlights partnerships that expand the agency’s outreach            ize the administration of elections and improve the voting experience.
to New Yorkers, especially to groups that work with underrepresented            We strongly recommend implementation of online voter registration to
communities. The agency partnered with the New York City Commis-                make it easier for citizens to register and update their voting informa-
sion on Women’s Issues to increase voting among women and with the              tion. Additionally, changing the design of the ballot should be a top
Department of Homeland Security to register new citizens.                       priority for the State Legislature; improved ballot design could save
                                                                                thousands of votes in New York that are lost due to confusing direc-
 Our NYC Votes! team, including 2012 Youth Poet Laureate Ishmael                tions and format. Implementation of early or no-excuse absentee vot-
“Ish” Islam, continued to reach out to the city’s youth by attending the        ing would also increase the number of voters in New York by allowing
“Poem in Your Pocket Day” and the Voto Latino conference. “Poem in              more people to vote at a time convenient for them.
 Your Pocket Day” is an annual event that encourages New Yorkers to
 embrace literacy and poetry by inviting the city’s schoolchildren to           The Annual Report is mandated by the Charter. To read the full report,
 write and perform their own poetry. Ish performed his poem about               please visit our website at www.nyccfb.info.
 voting, “Daydreaming at the Voting Booth,” at the event at Bryant Park
 on April 26. At the Voto Latino Youth Power Summit, the New York City
 team participated in panels and workshops dedicated to empowering
 youth to engage in civic life in their community.

                                                                                The NYC Votes! Youth Team with Voto Latino Co-Founder Rosario Dawson.
                                                                                From left: Kristian Brown, Rosario Dawson, Chyann Sapp, Ish Islam and
 2012 Youth Poet Laureate Ishmael “Ish” Islam performs before schoolchildren.   Christopher Walker.

       The VAAC will hold a public hearing on
       Monday, June 11 at 6 p.m. at 40 Rector                                           Check out the Candidate Services
       Street, 6th Floor, Conference Room E.                                            Unit Tip of the Month: “How to
       A live video stream will be available at
       www.nyccfb.info/live.                                                            Avoid Prohibited Contributions”

    Ruslan Gendelman Receives Outstanding Employee Award
                                  Ruslan Gendelman may not have invent-          For his work, Ruslan was named the Outstanding Employee for this quar-
                                  ed the Internet, but he is bringing the        ter. Executive Director Amy Loprest said, “Ruslan has worked on many of
                                  CFB’s financial disclosure system into the     our biggest Systems projects, whether internal ones, like the improved
                                  next digital age. An analyst programmer,       payment processing, or external, like the new web-based C-SMART. 
                                  Ruslan’s current project is the develop-       He has done so quietly, but with determination and good humor.”
                                  ment of C-SMART-Web, the CFB’s next-
                                  generation program for filing campaign         The best part of working at the CFB is getting “a chance to work with
                                  financial disclosures. The web-based           great people and for a great cause,” says Ruslan.

        Ruslan Gendelman          platform will increase accessibility and       Before joining the CFB in September 1999, Ruslan studied at Long Island
                                  ease the filing process for campaigns.         University and did programming at a consulting firm. He has lived in
    Ruslan is also part of the team that developed and maintains our con-        Staten Island for ten years with his wife and two children. When he’s
    tact records and payment systems, and our financial summary reports.         not working, he loves to travel and play soccer and hockey with friends.

    A Community Workshop on Complying with CFB Rules
    The CFB’s landmark Campaign Finance Program allows small contri-             Participants learned about how private citizens can ensure that their
    butions to have a big impact, encouraging more New Yorkers to get            potential contributions comply with campaign finance rules.
    involved in city elections. As more city residents contribute to support
    their candidates of choice, more people are interested in having a clear     Highlights from the presentation included:
    understanding of the rules governing campaign finance. Campaigns                • Who are acceptable contributors and what are the contribu-
    are legally responsible for complying with the city’s campaign finance            tion limits;
    law, but all New Yorkers can help keep the Program going strong.                • The importance of filling out contribution cards completely; and
     In March, the CFB’s Director of Candidate Services, Daniel Cho, con-           • How house parties and other fundraisers must be reported
     ducted a workshop with the Asian American Federation (AAF) on the                to the CFB.
    “dos” and “don’ts” of campaign finance. More than twenty people
     attended the two-hour workshop, which was requested by the AAF.             More information about campaign finance rules is available on the CFB
                                                                                 website at www.nyccfb.info.

             2012 Election Dates and Deadlines
             June 26 – Congressional Primary Election (United States House and Senate)
             August 17 – Last day to register to vote in the New York State and local Primary Election
             September 13 – New York State and local Primary Election
             October 12 – Last day to register to vote in the General Election
             November 6 – General Election

             To receive email updates from the CFB, including press releases, voter assistance news, and
             campaign finance news and analysis, sign up here.
             For Campaign Finance Board news and updates, follow us on Twitter: @NYCCFB.
                                                      For information about the CFB’s voter outreach and education efforts,
                                                      follow @NYCVotes! on Twitter and Facebook.
                Voter Assistance Advisory Committee

RECENT BOARD ACTIONS (March 2012 – May 2012)

Penalty Determinations

           Candidate                            Election                        Office Sought                 Penalties

     Tracy L. Boyland                             2009                               CD #41                     $8,410

     William A. Carrington                        2009                               CD #36                      $900

     Luis A. Facundo                              2009                               CD #10                      $1,612

     Peter J. Gleason                             2009                               CD #01                      $1,150

     Andy L. King                                 2009                               CD #12                     $3,786

     Helen M. Marshall                            2009                    Borough President (Queens)            $1,730*

     Donald R. Pagano                        February 2009                           CD #49                     $3,489

     Jerome L. Rice                               2009                               CD #12                      $1,150

     Robert J. Rodriguez                          2009                               CD #08                     $8,349

     Adrian M. Straker                            2009                               CD #36                      $363

     Bob Zuckerman                                2009                               CD #39                     $3,878
     * Candidate paid penalties in full.

Public Funds Repayments

           Candidate                            Election                        Office Sought               Repayments

     Tracy L. Boyland                             2009                               CD #41                     $21,869

     William A. Carrington                        2009                               CD #36                     $15,515
     Andy L. King                                 2009                               CD #12                     $27,541

     Adrian M. Straker                            2009                               CD #36                     $21,926

2009 candidates Peter J. Gleason and Helen M. Marshall repaid the balance remaining in the campaigns’ bank accounts. 2009 candidate
Bob Zuckerman is required to repay the balance remaining in the campaign’s bank account.

Post-Election Public Funds Payments

           Candidate                            Election                        Office Sought                 Payments

     Donald R. Pagano                        February 2009                           CD #49                     $1,417*
     * Penalties assessed by the Board were deducted from the candidate’s campaign payment.


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