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                                                            Benefits Of Leasing
                                                            By Gregory Ashton

    Despite aggressive low-interest financing, cash-back offers and other purchasing incentives offered
by leading auto-makers to buyers, leasing numbers keep increasing steadily over the years. Leasing is
not only an attractive financial proposition to most auto-consumers, but also a lifestyle and preference

Benefit Number 1: Keeping up with the latest trends

Leasing is sometimes more of a personal and lifestyle choice than a financial one. Many people are not
comfortable with the idea of owning a vehicle over a long period of time. They'd rather keep up with the
latest trends of the industry and drive the latest models every two to three years.

Leasing a car gives you the convenience of having the latest technology and safety innovation, such as
an electronic stability system, DVD entertainment systems and advanced stereo equipment. If you are
willing to forego ownership for the latest set of wheels, than leasing is your best option.

Benefit Number 2: Purchasing Flexibility

Leasing also offers purchasing flexibility: it allows you to defer the purchasing decision while using the
car. You don't have to haggle with your mechanic over repair expenses, deal with hefty maintenance
bills or worry about a depreciating asset. Provided you can keep the vehicle in good condition and stay
within the contracted mileage allowance, you're effectively getting a test drive for the length of your
lease. At the end of your lease, you can purchase the vehicle or simply turn in the keys and walk away.
No questions asked.

Benefit Number 3: Cash Flow

Leasing offers many short-term benefits. It reduces your initial cash outlay as you do not have to pay
the large down payment required for car ownership. You only pay for the depreciation on the car - only
the part you will use during your lease, not the entire vehicle. This results in lower monthly payments
and frees even more cash. This cash can be put to use more intelligently elsewhere than the
questionable investment of owning a depreciating asset. If you are self-employed or use your car for
your job, then you can write off your leasing payment as a business expense.

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Benefit Number 4: Negotiating Leverage

Although it may seem a little unorthodox in this industry, almost everything about leasing is negotiable.
If you know all the fees involved, you can lower your monthly payments, negotiate the purchase price
of the vehicle at the end of the lease and contract additional miles on top of your mileage limit. You can
also do some shopping around and compare deals from different auto-insurers to get the cheapest
GAP insurance for your lease.

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                                Top Benefits of Leasing Equipment For Your Business
                                                            By Bryan Halverson

Starting a business can require a large sum of capital just to get the ball rolling. The benefits of leasing
equipment for your business can help build a stronger foundation for continued growth. The overall
benefits vary from business to business, but the core value of leasing business equipment over buying
is narrowed down to five main points.

Preserve Start-Up Cash Flow

 Depending on what your company needs, leasing equipment can free up thousands of dollars in the
initial stages of building a lasting and successful business. Leasing equipment for your business can
allow for all necessities through a smaller initial investment without negatively affecting the overall cash
flow. Leasing can actually increase initial cash flow over buying business equipment.

Build and Maintain Credit

 The benefits of leasing equipment for your business go beyond preserving cash flow through smaller
initial investments. Building a strong business takes a great deal of work from many different sectors,
especially by building credit strength. Leasing business equipment will allow the business to build a
strong credit history. When the time comes to expand, working capital is not an issue.

Tax Deductions

 Leasing equipment for your business also allows for tax deductions. Leasing business equipment,
offers the financial benefit deduction as a primary business expense, and then the net cost of the
leased equipment is reduced. According to Kiplinger financial magazine Congress is aware that the
statement of business is it takes money to make money is tried and true. To help businesses recoup
money spent on regular necessary expenses tax laws have been adjusted to increase tax deductions
and credits.

Terms of Lease offer Flexibility

 If an initial loan is taken out to buy office equipment, often the terms are solid. One of the primary
benefits of leasing equipment is the flexibility of the terms. Leases also allow a business owner to fit
the needs of business to the budget allotted. Many companies are willing to be more flexible to those
with less than perfect credit or those interested in longer leases enabling lower monthly payments.

Adjusting Leases & Upgrades

 Leasing agents are always willing to keep their customers happy. Offering upgrades keeps a leaser
contracted to the leasing company longer. It is not uncommon for a top of the line copier becomes too
much to handle or the last one from five years ago can not hold up to its necessary workload. Leasing
agents are willing to work around these issues.

 The benefits of leasing equipment for your business can free up a great deal of initial investment
capital. Leasing can be beneficial, but like every business decision research is the key to success.

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There are various different types of leases you can choose from, financial and operating. You would
need to decide on what is best for your business.

 Following these five main points to the benefits of leasing business equipment and a new business
can be at an advantage with more working capital and at a better business disposition.

For more information about equipment leasing, visit today. They carry
several equipment lease and financing options for your business.

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