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Auto Parts - How To Find Good Seat Covers by toriola1


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                                                        Finding Cool Seat Covers
                                                             By Brenda Williams

   Having great seat covers is a simple way to customize the look and feel of one's vehicle. It allows
individuals to show off their creativity, and their sense of style. Some people, especially those who love
cars, would rather not keep the factory manufactured seat covers in their car. This is because,
generally, they are pretty bland and are made so that everyone will like them. Getting new seat covers
can be an inexpensive or expensive way, depending on what fabric you want, to spruce up a car. It
really gives an owner an opportunity to show their personality within the confines of their car.

 For individuals who want to find great seat covers, there are many places to look. They can check at
auto shops. However, they will probably come across pretty bland seat covers or wild and cheap ones.
They also can go to specialty auto shops that may specialize in creating accessories that are bold, loud
and different. They should also check online. There are many great stores that allow individuals the
opportunity to purchase seat covers from just about any place in the world. This allows them to find
exactly what they are looking for and not have to settle on a company that is near were they live.
Another advantage to purchasing seat covers online, is that it allows you to do comparison shopping
very fast. If you dedicate a few hours you can probably find exactly what you need.

 Another good place to look is eBay. These seat covers may be used or they may be new. It depends
on the seller. When purchasing them in this manner, be sure that you are able to see a picture of the
car seats so you can be sure that you dig the design. You will also want to ask what make and model
the seat covers are for, because you want to make sure that they fit. It would make very little sense to
spend a lot of money or any amount of money, on seat covers that don't fit your car.

 You also can have seat covers custom-made. Many stores will have available patterns for you to
choose from. However, if you can not find one that you're pleased with, then you may want to have
them made from scratch. You can find stores that custom-make car seat covers online or locally. They
will probably be more expensive if you go this route. However, if you are an individual that loves cars
and has no problem investing in them, than this is a very good option.

 Seat covers come in all types of fabrics, including leather, OEM, velour, microfiber, neoprene and
leatherette. So there are a lot of really great options. You can find all types of fabrics and colors that
will go well with your car. When looking for seat covers, the most important information that you will
need right off the bat, is the make and model of your car. This will ensure that the seat covers will fit
properly. You also want to have some idea of what kind of colors that you want. Then you simply need

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                                       Uses Of Auto Seat Covers
                                          By Stefan Rockhaus

 It is an irony that auto seat covers are the most neglected thing in a car, while so much importance is
given to its looks. Auto seat covers are as important for your car as any other part of your car. These
covers will keep your seats free from dirt and other harmful elements. They will also maintain their

There are several companies which offer designed seat covers. There are some companies which
make baby seat covers made of cotton and silk, so as not to harm the baby's skin. The most important
feature of an infant seat cover is the security it provides to the baby while the car is moving. Also, it
provides security to parents against the mess created by children. You just need to detach the seat
cover, toss it in the washing machine and refit it again to give the seat its usual look.

Auto Seat Cover Materials

Soft Touch: Poly-cotton is the most widely used material for auto seat covers. It is very soft to touch,
and also renders protection against harmful elements simultaneously.

Sheepskin: The usage of sheepskin is common next to poly-cotton for seat covers. It is considered to
be thermostatic in nature, as it is warm during cold conditions and cool during warm conditions.

UV Protected Sheets: Another good choice of seat covers that you can consider having are Velour
seat covers. They are also very soft to touch like poly-cotton. However they are different, as they
possess an additional ultraviolet coating. So they will protect the color of your car seats from fading.

Types of Auto Seat Covers

Universal Auto Seat Covers: These kinds of seat covers are a universal fit. This means that they can
be fitted to almost every kind of car seat, whether they are low-back or high-back bucket seats. It is
very convenient to fit and remove them. But they cannot be used for car seats with side-impact

Custom Auto Seat Covers: These auto seat covers are tailor made. They can be made as per the
measured size of specified car seats. While making custom covers, every minor detail of the car seat is
taken notice of and pondered over. This fitting is considered perfect, as it is specifically made to fulfill
the particular requirements of the car.

Hybrid Semi-Custom Auto Seat Covers: These kinds of seat covers are best if you cannot afford
custom covers. They may not provide you with all the features which are rendered by the latter, but
they are able to protect your car seat against any harmful elements.

Maintained car seats give a beautiful look to the interior of your car. So it is always recommended to
use auto seat covers to provide your car seats with protection against any harmful elements. This will
increase the durability of the interior of your car.

Stefan Rockhaus writes about automotive accessories at - Visit

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