The Rich Gets Richer by Ika.Puspitasari


									                                The Rich Gets Richer

We all heard the saying.

"Is it true? Do the rich actually get richer?"

Yes, of course! I'm here to confirm that it's true. What you have long heard and believed
is indeed true - the rich gets richer.

And if you don't believe it, I have this to say - some things are true whether you believe it
or not!

And deep down inside, a lot of people resent the fact. They resent it because they
believed that the rich are hoarding all the wealth. They believed that the rich are taking it
all and grabbing everything in sight, leaving peanuts for the rest.

Wrong track! The rich are not hoarding the wealth. Even if they wanted to (which they
are certainly not), they could not. This is because new wealth is being created every day.
Furthermore, there's plenty for everyone. Money is one commodity that this world will
never run short of. So you can take as much as you want because there's plenty left for
other people.

As to why the rich gets richer, the answers are obvious. Firstly, they know what to do to
become rich. They know what actions to take, what words to say, who to hire, etc., etc. In
other words, they have the formula of becoming rich. This helps tremendously. If you
know the recipe for anything, then your job immediately become a lot easier!

Next, they spend their time and effort to work the rich formula. They just concentrate on
the formula and don't waste time doing other things. This makes sense of course. If you
want to become rich, why waste time doing things that does not build wealth or make you

Thirdly, the rich believe in themselves. They know they are good money managers. They
have proven themselves worthy to manage money, even lots of money. So they have no
problems to take on the challenge of handling even more money. And although they may
not have all the answers, they know that they have what it takes to overcome any
problems that arise.

Next, they pay people for their time and effort. Whenever they require a service, they hire
experts; often time the best in the field. This means that the rich gets quality work, which
promotes more money to come in their front door.

Lastly but certainly not least, the rich are paid for the result and not for their time. As
time is limited, the rich hates to be paid for their time. So they changed the rule - they get
paid for the result that they bring. Because they are good at what they do, they bring great
results which translate into lots and lots of money into their bank account!
Poor people on the other hand are missing practically all of the above.

Firstly, they do not have the rich formula. They don't know what to do to build wealth.
As a result, they run around in circles trying to discover the formula. While a few
eventually discover the formula, most will remain in the rat race for the rest of their lives.

Next, and related to the above, the poor spend too much time and effort on unproductive
things. They want to become rich but they are doing things that will not make them rich.
For example, watching too much TV has never made anyone rich.

The poor also concentrate on the negatives. Every time there is an opportunity to make
money, the poor will first look at the negatives. "Too risky." "I do not have enough
capital." "It's too difficult." "It takes too long."

Finally, the poor wants to be paid based on their time and effort. An honest day pay for
an honest day work kind-of-thing. The problem with getting paid for your time is that
your income will be limited as your time is limited. There is a cap or a ceiling to your
income. And that gets in the way of becoming rich.

So yes, the rich gets richer. That much is true. However, the sentence is not complete.
The poor can also become rich - if they are willing to do what it takes to become rich.
There's plenty for everyone. All they need to do reach out and take their share.

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