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					Note Taking Strategies

It is really important for everyone to know the note taking strategies in order to have good annotations that
are readable. Note taking strategies are not only applied by students in class but also applicable in our day to
day activities. It is important to be an organized person in life in order to be successful and note taking is an
area that needs much of system. Good notes are the ones that are well organized. In schoolteacher love
organized notes and even, in which publishing tests it is important to write in an organised way in order to
allow sitting duck.

Note taking strategies are taught in schools. You will also find banknotes on line explaining the note taking
strategies. There are two different rather exams. We have the essay exams and the multiple choice exams. If
you want to improve your grades in school, it is really essential learn proper note taking strategies. These
strategies are also very important when you are recording public speaking. You can also use the strategies
when recording from written sources.

Stages of Note taking strategies.
The foremost stage of note taking strategies is preparation. The preparation involves improving ones
listening skills and attention. In order to write properly especially when you are writing your notes from a
presentation, you have to get the points in time clearly that is why you need to be keen and listen properly.
You have to be in good health and at a comfortable position if you want to master the note taking strategies.
You need adequate sleep, good diet, you need to be suited, be in good physiological state and have the
mental health.

You need to be motivated for them to master the strategy of note taking. You need to be focused and set
specific goals. Also, concentrate on the positive aspects of a particular course. You have to picture yourself
being successful and as you write, ensure that the information you are putting down is relevant to you and
makes sense.

An crucial point one is necessary to note is to write down what is necessary. Dont write everything.
Differentiate between important information and information that is not important or necessary. Note taking
strategies in summary involves knowing the main ideas, identifying the relevant information to ones task,
coming up with a system that works, reducing the information into notes, placing the information into your
special words and lastly recording the information.


Note Taking Strategies.
Being taxonomic and selective is very authoritative regarding note taking strategies. Not all information is
relevant. There are some that you can do away with. You need to skim the text before taking any notes that
is if you are droping a line from a book or any other written source. Second, you need to know the objective
of the notes that you are taking. This will help you to decide whether you need to take write the notes
altogether text or a part of it. Look at the potential useful information.

note taking strategies

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