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					               “ALL ABOUT ME” PROJECT
                             My 8th Grade Journey
This is one of your last projects for this school year. You need to be very creative (see
below). It will be about your 8th grade Journey!
 You have to provide an overview of who you are, how you changed over the school year &
    what you learned.
 You should create a “booklet jacket”/cover page in which you stick pictures or strips of
    pictures that represent you, your hobbies, interests, and achievements.
 You need to answer most of (if not all) the questions written below.

    M8N1. Students will understand different representations of numbers including square
        roots, exponents, and scientific notation.
    M8G1. Students will understand and apply the properties of parallel and perpendicular
        lines and understand the meaning of congruence.
    M8G2. Students will understand and use the Pythagorean Theorem.
    M8A1. Students will use algebra to represent, analyze, and solve problems.
    M8A2. Students will understand and graph inequalities in one variable.
    M8A3. Students will understand relations and linear functions.
    M8A4. Students will graph and analyze graphs of linear equations and inequalities.
    M8A5. Students will understand systems of linear equations and inequalities and use
        them to solve problems.
    M8D1. Students will apply basic concepts of set theory.
    M8D2. Students will determine the number of outcomes related to a given event.
    M8D3. Students will use the basic laws of probability.
    M8D4. Students will organize, interpret, and make inferences from statistical data
    M8P3. Students will communicate mathematically.
    M8P4. Students will make connections among mathematical ideas and to other
Project Deadlines and Due Dates:
 May 3, 2010 – Rubric signed by parent or guardian.
 May 10, 2010 – Rough draft of “All about Me”
 May 18, 2010 – Final Draft of “All about Me”

Outlined Grade Distribution:

_________ Project Grade (Rough Draft – 50pts)
_________ Class Work Grade (20-day Participation – 50pts)
_________ Homework Grade (Rubric-signed – 50 pts)
_________ Project Grade (Final Draft)
_________ Test Grade (Summary of Understanding)
_________ Project Extra Credit (Bonus Problems – 20 pts)

I have read the requirements for this project, and I have discussed them with my child. I
understand that this is an ‘in-class’ project, and that the project and test grades are based on
their accurate use of the Rubric. I also understand that the class work and homework grades
are based on my child’s honest effort toward completing the assignment.

Parent Signature: ___________________________________ Date: ______________
                                                                                  Modified by E. Guyton

                               PROJECT GUIDELINES

1. Title Page with Illustrations: Your name, grade level, subject, teacher, date.

2. Table of Contents: Page Numbers

3. Introduction: (at least 150 words): Be Creative. Invite people to read about you. Tell them
   why they should take a step, open the booklet, and read. Hook them, attract their attention.
   “Sell your work!” Write a thesis statement that tells your reader what this booklet will cover.

4. Information about You! (at least 300 words - answer at least ten questions)
    Who are you?
    When did you come to Cedar Grove Middle School?
    What is so special about you? What are your qualities in general?
    What do you consider your greatest achievement in the 8th grade?
    What were your expectations entering the 8th grade?
    What do you like/dislike about 8th grade? What would you change, if anything?
    What would you like to improve about your experience in 8th grade?
    How has your friends helped you this year (with your studies, adjusting, preparing for 9th
    What is your greatest fear?
    What are your goals at school? In life?
    If you had a million dollars to spend, how would you spend it?
    Describe a dream you've had more than once; embellish on details.
    How would you change your life? How would your dream life be? What is the
       importance of our dreams?
    What is the best advice you have ever received?
    What is something that really makes you angry?
    What are your strengths and weaknesses? Describe them and how they affect your life.
    What do you expect to be like when you are in your thirties, forties or fifties?
    Who do you look up to or admire? Why and what impact have they made in your life?

5. Your Math Class: (200 words) - What is it like? How is it different from last year? What do
    you like about it? What would you change? What are your feelings about math? How did it
    change over the year (embellish on details)? How does Math relate to your other subjects,
    provide examples? What are your strengths/weaknesses in math? How does math relate to
    your career goals? What are your expectations for 9th grade math class? What are two
    concepts you learned this year in math, provide examples?

6. Our Math Standards: (200 words) - What are three different standards we covered this
    year? What information can you give us about each one? Provide the written & numerical
    standard, give examples of the concepts covered by the standard, and provide steps for
    solving problems related to each standard. What other standards relate to your chosen
    standard and how do they help you to understand your concept. One standard must be
    M8A3.h – Identify relations and functions as linear or nonlinear.

7. New Math Concept (binomials): There are three specific methods for multiplying All
polynomials. Define polynomials and binomials. Research the three methods for multiplying all
polynomials and the one method that is used for binomials ONLY! Take specific notes on how to
do it. Be very detailed about each processes you will be demonstrating your understanding during
the summary of understanding section.
(Website: http://regentsprep.org/Regents/math/ALGEBRA/AV3/Smul_bin.htm)

8. Conclusion: (150 words) - Make it compelling and unique… worth remembering! Start by
summing up / restating your thesis, then answer the question “Who are you?” End your
conclusion with the message you want your reader to leave with and some food for thought /
question / quotation / recommendations.

9. Summary of Understanding: Solve the following problems showing a step-by-step process.
Clearly identify the answer. If you can not solve the problem, explain, in detail, how you think
you should solve it, how you would begin and any steps that you do know. (^ - means exponent)
        a. Graph the inequality x < 8                             l. (x2 + 3)(x2 + 3)
        b. Add (- 4) + 9                                          m. (x − y)(3x − 2y)
        c. Subtract: – 2 – ( - 8)                                 n. (4 − y)(y + 4)
        d. Distribute: – (4x – 3y + 8)                            p. 2/3 w = 8
        e. Divide: – 24/ - 3                                      q. 4 – 5z = 1 – 6z
        f. (-5x - 3)(-3x - 4)                                     r. 5(x + 2) = x + 6
        g. (- 9x - 3)(- 3x - 2)                                   s. 3(x + 5) = 3x + 13 – x
        h. Write in scientific notation: .0000000001635           t. 2x – 3 = 12
        i. Change to standard form: 9.2 x 10^11                          8
        j. Simplify: (5.2 x 10^ -6) ÷ (4 x 10^-10)                u. Solve for r in A = Prt
        k. Solve for C in P = A + B + 2C
    Bonus Problems (5 pts each):

    1. Solve for y in y + 1 = y + 1              2. Solve for z in z – 1 + 3z + 1 = z + z + 1
                     6 2       4                                   100      20     50 10

    3. (4x2 – 4x – 7)(x + 3)                     4. (3x2 – 9x + 5)(2x2 + 4x – 7)
                 My 8th Grade Year PROJECT RUBRIC

Student Name: ______________________________Final Grade:               __________/400

Booklet Cover/Title Page/Index                                            _______ __/100
 Is it Creative, Innovative, Original, Unusual?
 Does it represent your “8th Grade Journey?”
 Do the strips of pictures represent you, your hobbies, interests, and/or achievements?
 Illustrations
 Creative Title
 Name, grade level, subject, teacher
 Date
 All sections mentioned
 Order followed
 Correct page numbers

Introduction                                                           _______ __/50
 At least 150 words?
 Good Hook / Motivator?
 Lead in?
 Thesis? Is it representative of your project?

Essays                                                                 _______ __/100
1.    Information about You (300 words):               _________
2.    Math Class (200 words):                          _________
3.    Standards (200 words):                           _________
4.    Quotes (five with explanation):                  _________

Conclusion                                                             _______ __/50
 At least 150 words?
 Worth remembering?
 Summing up / restating your thesis?
 Did you answer the question “Who are you?”
 Message you want your reader to leave with?
 Food for thought / question / quotation / recommendations?

Summary of Understanding (Assessment Grade)                            _______ __/100
 All problems solved, completely!
 Step-by-step process provided
 Neat and Organized
 Answers clearly identified

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