Letter or e-mail to top and tail by sxlNJ1d


									Letter or e-mail to top and tail

I am a registered childminder [or nanny – delete as applicable] living and
working in the constituency where you are standing as a parliamentary
candidate at the next general election.

I provide home-based childcare for families living and working in your
constituency and am a member of the National Childminding
Association (NCMA), the professional association for childminders and

I wanted to send you a copy of the manifesto which has been launched by
NCMA for the general election. It has my full support and calls on the next UK
Government to support home-based childcare and ensure that families in
every community have access to high-quality, home-based childcare, play,
learning and family support so they can help children reach their full potential.

I believe ensuring access to good quality childcare for children and families
must be a top priority for the next UK Government.

Every day childminders and nannies provide childcare places for children of
working and student parents, including disabled children, children with
additional requirements, babies, pre-school and school-age children. In order
to deliver this it is vital that childminders and nannies are supported.

I hope you will get in touch with NCMA to learn more about home-based
childcare in your area and discover the passion childminders have for their
work and the children and families for whom they provide care.

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