equipment-tracking by marmar2001


									           Equipment Tracking Excel Template                            

This workbook is designed as a very basic way to inventory and track equipment.

At the moment, this template is just a start at setting up tables in Excel for
listing equipment and associated details. If you have suggestions for what else
to include in the template, please share them.

For example, would you like to have a spreadsheet that has various depreciation
calculators? Or, do you have suggestions for other important information to include
in the tables?

If you want a more automated system, you might
want to consider custom equipment tracking software.
ITEM DESCRIPTION                                                                   LOCATION
Name        Code             Description                  Category                 Department/Area
Example        V42EX879      Some fancy equipment         Computer Hardware        ME Dept.

          Equipment / Fixed-Asset Inventory
          This is the basic worksheet for listing your equipment or assets. If you would like to
          include more details, you can add columns to this spreadsheet, or you could set up
          another table and link the records using the item Code. For example, the Details
          worksheet in this workbook allows you to include serial numbers, model numbers,
          manufacturer info, etc.
                   QUANTITY          DATE                     VALUE
Storage Location   Avail.   In Use   Purchased    Wrrnty Exp   Purchase
Room 87B              1                10/11/2004   10/11/2006 $ 2,000.00
Name      Item Code          Manufacturer              Model No.            Serial No.   SKU
Example   V42EX879

          Inventory Details
          You can use a spreadsheet such as this to provide additional information
          for specific items in the inventory. To add an entry, copy the formula in
          column A down, and add the item code for the tool, asset, or hardware
          that you want to provide more information on. Column A uses a basic
          lookup function to grab the name of the item from the Inventory

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