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									MCP                RESOURCE LIBRARY                                       Updated: 4/9/07
                                      Title                                        Author(s)          # Pages
Book   The Guerrilla Marketing Handbook                           Jay Levinson & Seth Godin               379
Book   Retail Tips for Shopping Center Retailers                  ICSC                                    100
Book   301 Ways to have Fun at Work                               Dave Hemsath & Leslie Yerkes            245
Book   Marketing Myths that are killing business                  Kevin Clancy & Robert Shulman           290
Book   The Sales Advantage                                        Dale Carnegie                           272
Book   Now Hiring!                                                Steve Lauer & B. Jack Gebhart           173
Book   Shopping Center Marketing                                  ICSC                                    310
Book   Operating Shopping Centers The Smart Way                   ICSC                                    181
Book   How Successful People Keep Their Lives Out of the Toilet   Sandra Pillips & Don Aslett             117
Book   How to be successful at Sponsorship Sales                  Sylvia Allen & C. Scott Amann           222
Book   Lifetime Encyclopedia of Letters                           Harold Meyer                            467
Book   Creativity Games For Trainers                              Dr. Robert Epstein                      271
Book   1001 Ways to Energize Employees                            Bob Nelson                              206
Book   Don't Worry, Make Money                                    Richard Carlson                         220
Book   75 Cage-rattling Questions                                 Dick Whitney & Melissa Giovagnoli       233
Book   Chicken Soup for the Traveler's Soul                       Jack Canfield                           376
Book   Empowerment Takes More than A Minute                       Harvey Mackay                           125
Book   Take this job and love it!                                 Diane Tracy                             166
Book   1001 Ways to Reward Employees                              Bob Nelson                              271
Book   Raving Fans                                                Ken Blanchard & Sheldon Bowles          135
Book   How to Win Friends & Influence People /
Book   Buisness Improvement Districts                             ULI                                     248
Book   Main Street Success Stories (2)                            Main Street National Trust              191
Book   How to Stop Worrying & Start Living                        Dale Carnegie                           558
Book   The best of the Board Café                                 Jan Masaoka                             210
Book   Boomtown USA                                               Jack Schultz                            187
Book   Laugh & Get Rich                                           Rick Segel & Darren LaCroix             260
Book   The Likability Factor                                      Tom Sanders                             219
Book   Raise More Money                                           Kim Klein                               197
Book   No Place Like Home                                         Various                                 200
Book   Strategic Planning for Nonprofit Organizations             Michael Allison                         441
Book   Rock Island County "Where the River Runs West" (2)         Various                                 100
Book   The Ask Us Anything About the Quad Cities Book             QCOnline                                 92
Book   Donor Centered Fundraising                                 Penelope Burk                           208
Book            Keep The Money Coming                                       Christine Graham                        123
CD #1           The Consultant on Management
CD #2           The Consultant on Management
CD #3           The Consultant on Management
CD & Book       2003 IEG Sponsorship Sourcebook                                                                     380
cd/quick read   Storefronts that Sell                                       Main Street National Trust               10
cd/quick read   Making good Design Happen                                   Main Street National Trust               10
Quick Book      Making Dreams Come True                                     Ivan Scheier                            123
Quick Read      Retail As a Catalyst for Economic Development               ICSC                                     94
Quick Read      Leisure & Lifestyle Retailing                               ICSC                                     90
Quick Read      Developing Successful Retail in Underserved Urban Markets   ICSC                                     51
Quick Read      Best Management Practices - Innovations                     David Sorensen                           68
Quick Read      Beyond Generation X                                         Claire Raines                           116
Quick Read      Making Humor Work                                           Terry Paulson                            74
Quick Read      Wake Up Your Creative Genius                                Kurt Hanks & Jay Parry                  130
Quick Read      ?ions                                                       Tim O'Brien                             169
Quick Read      101 Ways to have a great day                                Stephanie Goddard Davidson              101
Quick Read      Rule #1 Customer Service Handbook                           Leslie Charles                           44
Quick Read      Results                                                     Jeff Blackman                            43
Quick Read      The Employee Connection                                     Jim Harris, PHD                          43
Quick Read      Quality Service Teamwork                                    Various                                  43
Quick Read      Attitude Your Internal Compass                              Denis Waitley & Boyd Matheson            45
Quick Read      Everything you need to know to get everything you want      Robert Stuberg                           42
Quick Read      Ignite your creative spark                                  Jordan Ayan                              42
Quick Read      Burn Brightly without burning out                           Dick Biggs                               41
Quick Read      Motivating today's employees                                Bob Nelson                               39
Quick Read      Pulling Together                                            John Murphy                              40
Quick Read      Motivating Yourself                                         Mac Anderson                             40
Quick Read      Think Change                                                John Murphy                              42
Quick Read      Goals                                                       Gary Ryan Blair                          42
Quick Read      Teamwork                                                    Glenn Parker                             43
Quick Read      Companies don't succeed people do!                          Mac Anderson                             43
Quick Read      Empowerment                                                 Ken Blanchard & Susan Fowler Woodring    43
Quick Read      Heart Power                                                 Jim Harris, PHD                          42
Quick Read      We've got to start meeting like this                        Ron Fry                                  42
Quick Read      Dare to Soar                                                Byrd Baggett                             42
Quick Read      ABCs for Creating Bids                                      IDA                                      33
Quick Read       Main Street Committee Members Handbook                         Main Street National Trust             28
Quick Read       If Walls Could Talk (2)                                        Main Street National Trust             35
Quick Read       Revitalizing Downtown (2)                                      Main Street National Trust            161
Quick Read       Step by Step Market Analysis                                   Main Street National Trust             71
Quick Read       Marketing an Image for Main Street                             Main Street National Trust            114
Quick Read       Fill in the Blank Buisness Recruitment                         Main Street National Trust            118
Quick Read       Getting Organized                                              Main Street National Trust             10
Quick Read       Funding Downtown Promotions                                    Mary Barr                              48
Quick Read       Guiding Design on Main Street (2)                              Richard Wagner                        106
Quick Read       Developing Downtown Design Guidelines (2)                      Janice Pregliasco                      42
Quick Read       Economic Restructuring                                         National Main Street Centre            24
Quick Read       Promotions (2)                                                 National Main Street Centre            24
Quick Read       Organization (4)                                               National Main Street Centre            24
Quick Read       51 No-cost, Low-cost ways to promote Downtown                  Downtown Research                      16
Quick Read       Prioritites                                                    Peggy Anderson                         43
Quick Read       The Psychology of Winning for the 21st Century (2)             Denis Waitley                          42
Quick Read       Better Models for Urban Supermarkets                           William Nuendorf and Kennedy Smith     20
Quick Read       Better Models for Chain Drugstores                             Anne Stillman                          22
Quick Read       Building Codes and Historic Buildings                          Melvyn Green and Anne Watson           16
Reference Book   Retail Tenant Directory                                        Trade Dimension                      1700
Reference Book   Entertainment Marketing Sourcebook 2003 Edition                                                      475
Reference Book   HTML for Dummies                                               Ed Tittle & Stephen N. James          395
Reference Book   Parking Handbook (3)                                           John D. Edwards                       107
Reference Book   The Buildings of Main Street                                   Richard Longstreth                    152
Reference Book   The Secretary of the Interior's Standards for Rehabilitation   US Dept of the Interior               110
Reference Book   Retail Business Kit for Dummies                                Rick Segel                            337
Reference Book   Historic Moline Centre                                         Moline Histroic Preservation           28
Reference Book   Writing the Winning Grant Proposal                             Quinlan Publishers                     78
Reference Book   Niche Strategies for Downtown Revitalization                   N. David Milder                       140
Reference Book   A Walk Down Henry Street                                       Moline Preservation Society            36
Reference Book   What Mother Never Told You About Retail                        T.J. Reid                             123
Reference Book   Community Inititated Development                               Donovan D Rypkema                      62
Reference Book   Recruiting, Evaluating, and Selecting Through RFP's            Illinois Dept. of Commerce             24
Reference Book   How to Turn a Place Around                                     Project for Public Spaces, Inc.       117
Reference Book   Managing Downtown Public Spaces                                Project for Public Spaces, Inc.        62
Reference Book   Public Parks, Private Partners                                 Project for Public Spaces, Inc.       118
Reference Book   ABC's of Profitable Fund-Raising Events                        Stevenson, INC                         47
Reference Book          Essential Steps for Planning a Successful Capital Campaign   Stevenson, INC                          46
Refence Book            Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy 2001             Bi-State Regional Commission           187
Reference Book          Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy 2005             Bi-State Regional Commission           190
Reference File          Building Improvement File                                    Main Street National Trust
Training Presentation   Main Street Means Business (2)                               National Main Street Centre             10
Training Presentation   Main Street Approach                                         National Main Street Centre             18
Training Presentation   Promoting Main Street                                        National Main Street Centre             10
Magazine                Black Enterprise June 2005                                   Black Enterprise                       320
Video                   The 12 Steps to Sponsorship Success                          Sylvia Allen
CD                      eBay University Online                                       Jim Griffith, Dean of eBay Education
#1 Best-selling marketing series of all time - ways to save money and make it effective
Customer Service, Advertising, Promotions, Marketing, Operations, Visual Merchandising & Selling Strategies
Examples of how to have fun at work
The cure for death wish marketing
How to get it, keep it & sell more than ever
Finding & Keeping Good Help for Your Entry-Wage Jobs
All You'd want to know about marketing in the retail world
Law, Leasing, Management, Marketing, Renovation & Retailing
Tongue & Cheek approach to living for the moment
How To Guide of Sponsorship
981 model letters for virtually any business or personal occasion
A Handbook of group activities for jumpstarting workplace creativity
Inspiring Personal Initiative & Risk
Spiritual and Practical Ways to Create Abundance and More Fun In Your Life
Shake-em-up questions to open meetings, ignite discussion and spark creativity
Stories of Adventure, Inspiration and Insight to Celebrate the Spirit of Travel
Straight-talk book on managing people
How to turn the job you have in to the job you want
Low-cost ideas, proven strategies, achievement awards, contests, time off, case studies & praise
A revolutionary approach to Customer Service

Buisness Improvement Districts (second edition)
Main Street Success Stories
Timeless Human Relations Principles
Hands-on solutions for nonprofit boards - short enough to read over a cup of coffee
The 71/2 Keys To Big Success in Small Towns
How to profit from humor in any business
How to Boost Your L-Factor & Achieve Your Life's Dreams
The best of the grassroots fundraising journal
Quad-Cities Histroic Postcards Volume I
A Pratical Guide and Workbook for Strategic Planning
Various histrocial photos and stories of life on the Mississippi
The Answers to most if not all the questions about the Quad Cities
How to hold on to your donors and raise much more money
A step-by-step strategic guide to annual fundraising
Personal Issues and Conflict Management - Answers in just 5 minutes
Discrimination and Legal Issues - Answers in just 5 minutes
Performance Issues - Answers in just 5 minutes
The comprehensive guide to sponsors, properties, agencies and suppliers
Storefrronts that sell training presentation
Making good design happen training presentation
The guide for dream-chasers and dream-cathcers without money, might or miracles
Retail As a Catalyst for Economic Development
Latest Research & Dozen of Full-color Profiles
Full-color guide on Urban Market Retail
Hands-on guide to developing an innovative culture in any organization
A Practical guide for managers 188 tips, tools and techniques that narrow the gap at work
A Guide to improved morale and increased productivity
Workbook designed to start your creative journey
169 Thought provoking questions to get your teams talking
101 Quick thought ideas to make your day better
"If you don't take care of the customer…Someone else will" Quick Reference Handbook
Proven Sales Strategies for changing times
Empowering Your People Through Open Communication
Empowering Quotes Book
How to maintain a steady course through life and the ever-changing workplace
Life secrets for success
20 Ways to fire up your imagination
Balance your career with the rest of your life
Best-selling author of 1001 ways to reward employees
The 17 principles of effective teamwork
Recharging the human battery
Adapt and thrive, or fall behind
Guidelines for designing and extraordinary life
Action step for building powerful teams
The art of recognition
Achieving peak performance through self-leadership
Get your people to love your company
How to reach for results in every team meeting
Your attitude determines your altitude
ABCs for creating bids
Main Street committee handbook
Telling the story of historic building to create a market edge
The professionals guide to the main street approach
workbook for commercial district buisness development
How to Develop a Compelling Message and Identity
a workbook for downtown buisness development
The main Street Approach to Commercial District Revitalization
5 key steps to funding and managing downtown promotions
The Professional's Manual for Managing Design
Design Guidelines How To Guide
Committee Members Handbook
Committee Members Handbook
Committee Members Handbook
Practical guide to promoting downtown
Making a Difference in the Life of a Child
Guiding the inner-person in all of us
National Trust For Historic Preservation
National Trust For Historic Preservation
National Trust For Historic Preservation
Reach the tenant you need in your market
Entertainment & Sponsor Resource Guide
A Reference for creating your own website using HTML
Parking Committee Handbook for Small Communities
A Guide to American Commercial Architecture
Illustrated Guidelines for Rehabilitating Historic Buildings
Packed with proven strategies from the retail industry's best sales trainer / CD included
Architectural Walking Tour
A Comprehensive guide to writing the grant proposal that gets you funded
A hands-on guide to developing, strengthening and marketing niches
Moline's 5th Ave Historic Walk
A Small Store Survival Guide
Coming to the table with Credibility
A Guide for Local Governments
A Handbook for Creating Successful Public Spaces
Handbook for Management of Downtown Space
How Partnerships are Revitalizing Urban Parks
How to Pull Off Winning Events from Start to Finish
Pre-Campaign Planning
Analysis of Economic Trends in the Bi-State Region
Analysis of Economic Trends in the Bi-State Region
Building Improvement File for Historic Preservation
Main Street Presentation with CD
Main Street Presentation with CD
Main Street Presentation with CD
Your Ultimate guide to Financial Empowerment
The 12 Steps to Sponsorship Success
The Basics

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