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					                                      Minutes of the Regular Meeting of
                                        The Board of Directors of the
                                           Aromas Water District
                                              October 27th, 2009
The regular meeting of the Board of Directors of the Aromas Water District was called to order by
President Dutra on Tuesday, October 27th, 2009 at 7:05 p.m. at the District Office located at 387
Blohm Ave, Aromas, CA.
Pres. Dutra, Vice President Huggins, Directors Cardott, Holman and Mahler were present. Counsel
Bob Bosso, General Manager Vicki Morris, Secretary Laurie Goodman, and Staff Maureen Cain were
also present.
III. PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE: Pres. Dutra led the pledge of allegiance.
IV. STATEMENTS OF DISQUALIFICATION: There were no disqualification statements
V. ADDITIONS AND DELETIONS: There were no additions or deletions.
VI. MINUTES: The minutes of the September 22nd, 2009 Regular Meeting were presented for
acceptance and approval.

Vice Pres. Huggins motioned to approve the minutes and Director Holman seconded the motion. The
minutes were approved unanimously.

        A.      Director’s Reports: Director Holman attended another Special Districts Meeting on
        October 20th in Soledad. He finds representation at the meetings to be very valuable for our
        District and commended GM Morris for encouraging attendance. We need to find out who is
        eligible to vote on behalf of our District.
        B.      Attorney’s Report: none
        C.      Manager’s Report:
        Operations: Pumping totals have been average for this time of the year. The Carpenteria and
        Pleasant Acres Wells are still being run intermittently. The high PG&E bills reflect their use, but
        GM Morris stressed the importance of monitoring their use and practicing the procedures to
        turn them on. All lab results are coming back within State Health Department requirements.
        Maintenance: The Ballantree booster has been repaired by Don Chapin Company and still
        leaks, but Chapin is taking responsibility for it.
        Staff Development: Staff Goodman received a system tour by Operator DeAlba. Gina Patten
        has completed a Quick Books class and is taking on more accounting responsibilities.
             10/4/09 40 Acre Wildfire in Aromas: GM Morris met with Battalion Chief Reno DiTullio
                the day after the fire in efforts to improve communication between the two districts.
                AWD was first notified of the fire by a customer. Operators DeAlba and Warner arrived
                on the scene to make sure water was being pumped to the levels needed. The fire
                burned very close to the Cole Tank and not far from the Carr Tank. The Fire District will
                add AWD to its dispatch system and AWD will work with Fire District to update their
                hydrant records.
             10/13/09 Rainstorm . Operators performed erosion prevention at the Carr Tank site just
                before the October 13th storm that brought over 5 inches of rain in a 24 hour period to
                prevent the loss of an oak tree and slope erosion. There was damage from the rain at
                the new Rea Tank site and GM Morris is working with our Engineer and Robert Enz
                Company to make repairs to damage that may have been prevented with proper
                seeding and groundcover prior to the event.
        The Carr Tank Replacement project bid documents will be prepared in the upcoming months.
        We have turned in the Application for Annexation of 9 parcels in San Benito County to Judi
        Johnson of LAFCO.
        Staff is working on CEQA for both the Carr Tank and the San Benito Sphere of Influence
        The Oakridge and Via Del Sol subdivision property owners have met with GM Morris and Sup.
        Calcagno to continue their discussion of possible annexation in the future.
        Hydrogeologist Martin Feeney has completed his study of our sources and his report
        recommends the Carpenteria Well Site for replacement. The Board reviewed his report and
        recommendations to improve redundancy in the system. It was noted that the water would most
        likely not need to be treated. The report also informed of the finding that our water supply is
        Director Holman met with GM Morris, Manny Leal and Engineer Fernandez to discuss the floor
        plans for the new office building. We hope to get the final plans by the end of this month.
IX.    Action Items
        A. Resolution 2009-9 Certificate of Acceptance. Granite Rock has granted an easement
        over their parcel 011-180-004 for the Orchard Acres pipeline. Directors reviewed the
        agreement which they had approved at the November 6, 2007 meeting. A certificate of
        acceptance and consent to recordation needs to be on record.

         V.P. Huggins moved that the resolution be adopted and Director Mahler seconded the
         motion. The resolution passed unanimously with the following vote:
         Ayes: Dutra, Huggins, Cardott, Holman, Mahler
         Noes: none
         Abstain: none
         Absent: none

         B. Agreement With CalTrans for the Positive Location of Underground Utilities. The
         San Juan Road Interchange will cause relocation of some of our pipeline facilities. Caltrans
         plans to pothole, at their expense, to determine the exact location of those pipelines. The
         Board reviewed and discussed the agreement with CalTrans to perform that work.

         Director Mahler made a motion and V.P. Huggins seconded to approve the agreement.
         The motion passed unanimously.

         C. Financials: GM Morris presented a concise overview of Budget Cycles as part of her
         ongoing efforts to inform the Directors about internal controls as recommended by our
         auditors. She discussed the timeline and process of formulating the annual budget. She
         then went over the financials for the month of September 2009. Expenditures for the month
         included the quarterly loan payment in the amount of $19,905.26 and PVWMA
         augmentation payment of $11,213.32. Total fixed assets amount to $5,545,894.72.
         Revenue for September was $91,482.37 and expenses were $87,389.38 for a net increase
         of $4,092.99.

         V.P. Huggins motioned and Director Cardott seconded to approve the financials and accept
         the expenditures in the amount of $140,659.71 through October 20, 2009. The motion
         passed unanimously.

         Director Huggins and Director Mahler will meet with auditors on November 10th to go over
         the audit for fiscal year 2008-09.
X.       ADJOURN TO CLOSED SESSION. Board adjourned to closed session at 8:10 pm.

XI.      RETURN TO OPEN SESSION: There was no report on the closed session.

         The next Regular Meeting will be Tuesday, November 24th, 2009. The location will be at the
         District Office at 387 Blohm Avenue.

        President Dutra adjourned the meeting at 8:40 pm.
        Report Submitted by Laurie Goodman, Board Secretary, November 24, 2009.

 Read and approved by ____________________________                    ______________
                        Director                                      Date


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