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					                                                Report to Scrutiny
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                           Crossrail – Acton Main Line Station
Subject of Report:

Meeting:                   CrossRail Scrutiny panel – 22 September 2009

                           Kevin Unwin – Scrutiny Review Officer (Appendices from
Service report author:     various authors)

                           Kevin Unwin, Scrutiny Review Officer
Scrutiny officer:
                           Tel: 020-8825 6568

                           Cllr David Millican – Portfolio Holder for Regeneration and
Cabinet Responsibility:    Transport

                           Matthew Booth
                           Acting Director of Policy and Performance
Director Responsibility:
                           Tel: 020-8825 8556

                           To provide information on proposals for Acton Main Line
Brief:                     station as a result of the construction of Crossrail, and to
                           highlight key areas of interest for discussion.

Recommendations:           That the Panel considers the report and makes any
                           recommendations as appropriate.

1. Structure of Report

   As agreed at the 7 July meeting of the Panel, consideration of proposals for each
   affected station will take the form of a dedicated report in each instance, containing
   information under the following headings:

           Transport
           Planning
           Community Safety
           Regulatory Services
           Regeneration and Development

   This report contains appendices on each of these subject areas, with the exception of
   Regulatory Services. This is because officers feel that, currently, there is little to be
   added to the information submitted to the previous meeting of the Panel.

   Regulatory Services have stated that they would welcome full details of the proposed
   worksites at Acton Main Line and West Ealing stations at the earliest opportunity.
   This will enable assessment of the scope of the likely environmental impacts on the
   respective neighbourhoods, and to consider any staffing implications in terms of
   officer input needed from Regulatory Services. They note that there are residents in
   close proximity to both stations and consideration of noise and dust issues will be
   required in accordance with the terms of the Construction Code and other relevant

   It is anticipated that an officer from Regulatory Services will be present to answer any
   queries Panel Members may have relating to this area.

1.1 Background Information and Summary of Proposed Works

   Crossrail has confirmed that Network Rail work to a procedure called ‘GRIP’ in
   developing station works, which advances in stages. Currently, different stations sites
   in the borough are at different stages of development in this process. As a result,
   Crossrail have advised that no detailed plans for works at Acton Main Line (or any of
   the stations) have been finalised or agreed. As a consequence of this, there are no
   timescales or projected expenditures for the proposed works currently available.
   Crossrail have advised that once definite plans have been finalised, they will be
   presented to relevant Councils and groups.

   Public information on works to stations was provided as part of Crossrail’s 2008
   ‘Information Round’, for which sheets were produced providing a high level summary
   of works and an artist’s impressions of sites. The relevant sheet for Acton Main Line
   is attached at Appendix 1. Crossrail has asked that the Panel be aware that this
   initial design is provisional only. Further plans, including locations of worksites, are
   attached at Appendix 2.

   In addition, as part of the Environmental Health appendix to the ‘Consideration of
   Issues for Ealing’ report provided to the last meeting of the Panel, the following

      summary of construction works at Acton Main Line was given, which also lists
      proposed worksites:

       Location             Works                                    Worksites
       Acton Main Line      New rail underpass west of Acton         Acton Main Line Station
       Station and          Yard; new ticket hall, lifts,            Worksite
       Acton Station        footbridge and canopies; platform        Acton Main Line Station
       Yard                 extensions and new lifts                 Worksite West
                                                                     Acton Yard Worksite

      Further information has been provided by Crossrail regarding specific elements of the
      proposed works to be undertaken at Acton Main Line, as follows:

      Tunnelling works at Acton Main Line

      Whilst there are some minor works at Acton, there is no major tunnelling works.
      There will be a dive under constructed, where a trench will be covered and a rail line
      installed on top and underneath. This will be covered, as with all works, by the
      Crossrail environmental statement which is available to all councils.


      The Allotments will move to a temporary location nearby (across the road) whilst their
      current site is used as a workplace. This should last about two years. Crossrail will
      then reinstate the allotments to their current location.

1.2 Station Usage

      For information and as specified in the Panel’s Terms of Reference document,
      Crossrail has provided the following data on current and projected station usage at
      Acton Main Line1:

      2001 Observed

       Boarding                         Alighting                           Total
       Eastbound Westbound              Eastbound          Westbound
       180       70                     30                 70               350

      2016 Without Crossrail

       Boarding                         Alighting                           Total
       Eastbound Westbound              Eastbound          Westbound
       250       100                    50                 100              500

     All figures from quoted source: ‘Transport Planning, Cross London Rail Links, Jul-06’

     2016 With Crossrail

      Boarding                     Alighting                      Total
      Eastbound Westbound          Eastbound        Westbound
      1410      590                100              200           2300

     These figures are for the am peak period (7am to 10am), and refer to the total
     demand at stations, not just Crossrail.

2.   Legal Implications

     There are no legal implications arising directly from this report – officers will assess
     any potential legal implications arising from the Panel’s recommendations in its final
     report when this is produced.

3. Financial Implications

     There are no financial implications arising directly from this report – officers will
     assess any potential cost implications arising from the Panel’s recommendations in
     its final report when this is produced.

4. Other Implications


5. Background papers

     Crossrail Specialist Scrutiny Panel Terms of Reference 2009/10

     Crossrail Website:


Name of           Department                     Date sent    Date        Comments
consultee                                        to           response    appear in report
                                                 consultee    received    para:

Keith Fraser    Head of Scrutiny                 10.09.09     11.09.09
Noel Rutherford Director of Built Environment    9.09.09
Brendon Walsh Director – Property and            9.09.09
Jackie Adams    Head of Legal Planning and       28.08.09
 Matthew Bunyon Director of Finance              28.08.09

Councilllor       Cowing                         28.08.09     3.09.09
Councillor        Mahfouz                        28.08.09     3.09.09
Nick Wood         Area Community Relations       21.08.09     24.08.09
                  Officer, Crossrail

Report History

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     Report no:         Report author and contact for queries:
                        Kevin Unwin – Scrutiny Review Officer x 6568


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