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									                        6th Grade Religion
Ms. Judylynn Pencek

Parent Communication:
Phone: (650) 343-1373 ext. 135
e-mail: jpencek@stmatthewcath.org
web site: http://www.myteacherpages.com/webpages/jpencek

Blest Are We – The Story Of Jesus (Faith and Word Edition)
                By RCL Benziger
Family Life--- RCL Benziger (Begins 4th Quarter)

Supply Requirements:
 1”inch binder with 3 tabs (labeled Class Notes , Graded Quizzes/Exams, Projects
    & Homework) Binder paper – college ruled
 1 – textbook cover
 1 – pencil case with zipper for supplies (cloth is the most durable)
 3 – blue or black pens – (ballpoint only no gel pens please)
 3 – red pens - (ballpoint only no gel pens please)
 Crayons (Pack of 24)
 Colored Pencils (Pack of 12 or 24)
 Non-toxic colored markers (Thin tips) pack of 8 or 12
 2 –glue sticks
 1 – 3 hole punch to store in the binder
 1 – pocket thesaurus
 1 – pocket dictionary
 1 –Homework planner to write daily assignments
 1 – 70 Page Spiral Notebook (Journal)
  2- Black (thin) dry erase markers

Content Overview:
Our Religion class will cover the topics of What is the Bible, Prayer Celebrations,
Catholic Teaching along with Worship, Faith and Witnessing. We will be utilizing
various supplemental materials in addition to the text. Units of study that we will be
covering are:
     Revelation and Response (Abraham and Sarah)
      Abraham and Isaac ( The Value of Christian Sacrifice)
      Promises, Agreements and Faithfulness
      Noah and the Covenant
      The Old Testament (Devotion, Trust in God and forgiveness and everlasting life)
      The New Testament
      Prayers and Praise from Scripture
      Exodus, Moses and the Israelites
      Jesus’ Resurrection ( Our Freedom !)
      Passover and Jesus’ death, Resurrection, and Ascension
      Miracle of the Eucharist (Feeding of the five thousand)
      Nicene Creed
      The Ten Commandments
      Prayer Celebration by praying with a Scripture passage
      Our Lady of Guadalupe
      Recognizing God’s blessings around us
      The Israelites and the Promised Land
      The mission of the Church
      The Book of Psalms
      Jesus Christ (like the good shepherd)
      Ways we are called to practice our faith
      Sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation and Reconciliation
      Prayers and Practices

Prayers: (Students have already been instructed and taught the list below… for students
          who have not yet committed these prayers to memory, this list is provided to
          allow each student to practice independently...allowing ample time prior to
      The Sign of the Cross
      The Lord’s Prayer
      Glory Be to the Father
      The Hail Mary
      Ave, Maria
      Hail, Holy Queen
      The Apostles’ Creed
      Nicene Creed
      Grace Before a Meal
      The Rosary (Knowledge of Order and Content)
      The Stations of the Cross

   *To deepen the student’s understanding of the Church’s liturgy as prayerful
      celebrations of all that God has done for us in Christ through the working of the
      Holy Spirit.
   *To contribute to the personal and spiritual growth of each student.
   * To develop a richer awareness that our salvation was made present to us in the
      sacred actions of the liturgy.
   * To encourage students to fully enter into the mystery of faith and to become truly
      people of both word and sacrament.

Missing, Incomplete, or Late Assignments: (see attached for complete
handbook rules.)
 No matter how hard you try, almost everyone has a late assignment for one
reason or another. However, if a student has shown that not completing his/her
homework is a pattern, he or she will have to stay after school and complete the
assignment. Late work will be accepted for a lower grade except in the event of
an excused absence. Missing assignments are calculated as zeros and, therefore,
can seriously affect a final grade. Students should make every possible effort to
make up their work in a timely fashion. No work will be accepted more
than two weeks (10 school days) after the required due date.

All students are expected to participate in class. Each week, you shall be evaluated and
scored on Participation. Participation includes competed units in your student binder.
Participation includes class discussion. Participation also includes turning assignments in
on time. You will be expected to put effort into all of the above mentioned areas.

Make-up work is the responsibility of the student. When a student is absent, it is up to
him/her to do the reading and ask for any work that he/she has missed. Make-up work is
available to students with excused absences only. As per the handbook, the student will
have the amount of days absent to complete the missed work and turn it in for credit.
Beyond that, the assignments will be counted as late and the late policy will apply from
that period onward. There will not be any type of ‘extra credit’ to replace incomplete or
low quality work. All assignments will be listed on the board daily. It is strongly
suggested that parents check their student’s planner to see that all work is listed and
completed. A homework buddy is strongly suggested !

Time Management:
 Students will be given two ‘free tickets’ per quarter. These tickets are an incentive for
each student to use their time wisely in class. Students will be expected to follow the
guidelines that accompany these tickets. The free pass will not be good for projects,
community service hours and major assignments. Students are responsible for their own
tickets. Lost or misplaced tickets will not be honored or replaced.
Incentive: 2 Tickets at the end of the quarter = 10 points added to their lowest grade.
           1 Ticket at the end of the quarter = 5 points added to their lowest grade.

                             Important Reminders:

Plagiarism/Cheating: Please understand that plagiarism is considered
copying/cheating from someone else or letting someone else copy/cheat off of you. This
type of behavior is never allowed and has serious consequences. Students who are caught
plagiarizing will receive an automatic “3” in effort, which will remove them from any
possible honors standing. This will also have an effect on the possible honors awarded at
graduation. Students will also receive an automatic “0” for the assignment/quiz/test.
Bottom Line: It’s not worth it!

Bathroom Policy: Using the bathroom should be done at recess time and/or at lunch
time. If a student needs to go to the bathroom, he/she will be allowed to go, however
he/she will have to use one of their incentive tickets. This is necessary in order to
encourage the use of the bathroom during the students’ break/recess instead of necessary
class time. Of course this can be a sensitive issue at times and in those instances
discretion can be used to insure each student is comfortable.

Forgetting Belongings in Class: Students are to bring their materials to class.
Students who forget their materials will not be allowed to go back to their classrooms to
retrieve them. This includes work that is due. Students who forget their materials for
necessary work in class will get their participation grade docked.

My website is updated regularly with important information. It is not meant to
be used for daily assignments but rather for resource material. Long-term
assignment instructions, rubrics, and required formats will be posted along with
suggested additional work and practice. Access through St. Matt’s home page –
Junior High.

Community Service: Please see the attached form “Community Service
Guidelines.” Upon reading it with your child please sign the Community Service Form
and the last Page of this Syllabus and return it to Ms. Pencek
no later than Friday, August 26, 2010.

I am proud and honored to be your 6th Grade Religion teacher, and I look forward to an
exciting school year! Welcome to Middle School :D !!

Ms. Pencek

                          6th Grade Religion
                         Syllabus Agreement

Please sign below, and return to Ms. Pencek. Your signature acknowledges that you have
read this important syllabus, and received a copy of the Community Service Form.

Student_____________________________            Date_____________________________

Parent_______________________________ Date _____________________________

** Please attach this signed form and return it to Ms. Pencek no later than Friday, August
26th, 2010----Thanks!


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