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									Affordable Car Rentals for a Comfortable Tour of U.A.E
If you are visiting U.A.E, car hire Dubai is the ideal way to move around. With a fantastic system of
roadways, the cities of Abu Dhabi and Dubai are great places to visit by road. There are numerous reputed
car companies in Dubai that offer a fleet of economy and luxury cars.

Car Rental Services in Dubai

Cheap car rental Dubai companies have been growing all over the Emirates due to the increasing number
of international tourists. Renting a car is the best option to visit the city. You can explore the city at your
pace and visit places of interest that you like. It is wise to book online prior to landing in the country.

Competition by numerous car rentals has led some companies to provide various services such as
insurance, mobile, entertainment system and GPS navigation. Car hire Dubai will provide you the vehicle
of your choice. Rental rates depend on the car model and its condition. Both corporate companies and
individuals can hire the cars. You can select from a range of luxury cars such as the Jaguar, BMW,
Limousines, a fleet of prestige and budget cars.

Dubai Traffic Rules

Dubai is a vibrant city and it is exciting to drive around the city as it has excellent roads. Fuel is
inexpensive and hence it’s good to take cheap car rental Dubai . However, always adhere to the rules
and regulations while driving.

        An international vehicle license is required for all except for American and European citizens who
         can use their country’s driving license.

        Carry all documentation while using car hire Dubai.

        U.A.E follows a left hand drive and all have to wear the seat belt.

        You are prohibited from driving if you have consumed alcohol.

        You can be fined if you use the mobile phone while driving.

        Vehicles must be parked in selected paid parking areas.

        If you are involved in an accident, call the police and procure a report.

Other Useful Information for Car Hire Dubai

When you take cheap car rental Dubai, it’s advisable to opt for CDW or Collision Damage Waiver which
will do away with all costs caused owing to an unfortunate accident. The PAI or Personal Accident
Insurance will compensate for a death or injury caused by an accident. Most rental companies in the U.A.E
have made credit cards mandatory for renting a vehicle.
When you take a car hire Dubai, it is mandatory that the person who hired the car drives it. It is advisable
to inform the rental company if another person drives the hired car. You only have to pay an additional
charge of Dhs.30 for this.

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rental Dubai, Car Rental Dubai and cheap car rental in Dubai.

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