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									How To Raise Turkeys
Download How To Raise Turkeys | Ebook or Software Here ATTENTION to Beginners Who Want To Raise Turkeys!
Discover How YOU Can Learn
the Right Way of
Raising Turkeys Easily the First Time from Experience People Who Have Raised More Than 250,000 Turkeys and
AVOID the Deadly and Costly Mistakes that first time turkey
owners are vulnerable too!
From: Andrew Grey

Dear Turkey Enthuasiast,
Are you frustrated with the limited quality of Turkey Raising books on the market? Are you dissappointed again that they are difficult
to follow? Not?enough information? Do you have questions on raising turkeys properly that need to be answered?
You have tons of questions about raising turkeys and you?re sick and tired of searching for information from all over the place,
struggling to get the true and complete facts.
If you have any interest at all in getting a turkey? and if you want to find out what type of turkey you should get?or you just want to figure
out whether you should get a turkey or not?keep reading on for the most important information you need to know.
If you?re serious about Raising Turkeys for fun, hobby, or profit, there are a couple of questions you need to consider:
The are many benefits for keeping turkeys: for eggs, meat, exhibition, as rare breeds, just pets or business venture.

Whatever your reason for choosing these fascinating birds, you need to know how to raise them properly, from planning their birth to
how to raise them properly.
Making a mistake when breeding Turkeys can be deadly for your Turkeys, not to mention
costly, frustrating and downright depressing.
You also need to consider,
If you or one of your loved ones wants to know how to raise turkeys from start to finish, but have a lot of doubt or questions...
...then this could be the most informative letter you have ever read.
Before You Carry on, Get Your FREE copy To My "Fast-Start Guide: What You Need To Know Before Raising Turkeys"
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                                    Discover the 4? Reasons to Raising Turkeys
                                    Learn all the Terms and Terminologies Used In The Turkey Industry
                                    Discover the Common Types of Heri Tage Turkeys
                                    What You Should Know About Feeding Turkeys and Interesting?Facts About Turkeys
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At one time, I was very interested to Raising Turkeys too! Unfortunately, it seemed so easy and I just jumped into it without any
I had a tonne of questions, but didn?t have anything closed to what an
answer would be. More than once I wished I could be a vet and an?
experience breeder at the same time. Then the whole issue would hold no secrets. Why? Because I knew only knowledge
and experience could give me the skills to breed a turkey.
Information is truly the most powerful tool to help you raise turkey. You see, if you would recognize the proven methods to raise turkey
right away, you could help your turkey instantly. And only if you?d know what your turkey needs, you could give the best possible care.
And now you are in the same position as I was back then. You NEED
Of course you can see a vet and ask what to expect. But their time is valuable and pricey. Or seek a breeder for advice. But they?re
too busy to tell their secrets to an unknown stranger.
So getting the knowledge of a vet and the skills of a breeder ain?t as easy as I have tried it and I know from personal experience.
In fact, I have researched countless hours through websites, books, magazines, forums; talked to many turkey experts and tried
different ways to learnt?
You don?t need to go through the frustration that I did, the pain of nobody to?turn to for valuable advice on turkey raising.
You can learn from my mistakes!
You see, I?ve recently put together a 139 pages downloadable book called ?The Essential Beginners Guide To Raising

Learn everything you need for your peace of mind and confidence in
raising turkeys.
In this guide, you?ll also discover amazing peoples who have been raising turkeys successfully most of their life and has vast
experience to share regarding turkeys.
These honorable people in the field of turkeys have raised, breed and hatched more than 250,000 turkeys and have
encountered many challenges along the way!
You re going to save time, money and frustration.
                                               Real-Life Case Study #1 -
                                               Frank Reese
                                               Frank has been raising turkeys all his life and a 4th generation Kansas farmer. His love
                                               for turkeys has lead him to breed, hatched and raised around 250,000 turkeys up till
                                               today. You will be able to learn his tricks and avoid costly mistakes.
                                                                                             Real-Life Case Study #2 -
                                                                                             Rod Woolford
                                                                                             Rod has been involved in free-range turkey
                                                                                             production for 15 years and has successfully
                                                                                             developed a thriving business. nd raised
                                                                                             around 250,000 turkeys up till today. His
                                                                                             enterprise has developed to produce,
                                                                                             process and market 16,000 turkeys
                                                                                             annually. You will be able to learn the
                                                                                             important factors in the success of the turkey
Real-Life Case Study #3 -
Craig Floyd
Craig is the owner of a 15 acres of farm and has been raising Bourbon Red Turkeys for about 4 years ago. You will be able to learn
how did he get started and what are the obstacles that you need to tackle so that you are not caught by surprise. Discover the types of
food that he feeds his turkeys in order to keep them healthy.
                                              Real-Life Case Study #4 -
                                              Mary Pitman & family
                                              The Pitman s family has been raising turkeys since 1954 and she has 6 turkey ranches
                                              and recently opened their own processing plant in 2003. Mary s Free Range Turkeys
                                              grow naturally and raised in a humane manner. Discover what are the major mistakes that
                                              turkey raiser is making and
                                              Mary s advice on it.
                                       Personally, I have always believed in the principle, "Model someone who s
already reached the goal you want to achieve."
Did You Know?

Only tom turkeys gobble. Hen turkeys make a clicking noise.
Sound of Tom Gobbling

(Click Play To Listen)
You ll learn to avoid the mistakes and disastrous situations that you ve been vulnerable to. Poor methods of raising turkey can also put
you at high risk of a less than satisfactory relationship with your turkey. Not to mention the potential health benefits your turkey loses by
not being able to understand their behavior.
So if you?re feeling afraid, uncertain and worried about taking the plunge into
raising turkeys, then please relax. You?re not alone and help is at hand. Read on and hear everything I?m going to share with you to
discover how you can learn from the best and shorten your learning curve, save valuable time and hard-earned money along
the journey of raising turkeys. It?s that important.
The best part about this information is that
anyone can do it and it?s easy!
Whether your turkey is a tom, hen or a turkey breeder, it doesn?t matter. The information and techniques apply to all heri Tage breeds
and all ages of turkeys.
Let me give you an idea of what you can
???? Getting Started
Where to start in raising turkeys?
Be sure and clear of your intention for choosing this poultry species
Are you ready to have a turkey?
10 important questions that deserve your consideration before you make the jump to get a turkey (some people skip these and end up
getting into a situation out of their hands!)
Practical suggestions for deciding how much space you need
Ignore this and you could end up with a pretty uncomfortable situation!
Different types of heri Tage turkey
Learn the amazing behaviors of different species situated at different continent
Housing and Space needed
You?ll learn how to calculate the ideal area for your Turkey Breeding to effectively maximize your potential for breeding while keeping
your turkeys happy and healthy.
Terminology and quick tips about turkey
You can save time and learn the language used by turkey breeders and tips about turkeys which all new breeders should know.
The behavioral notes on turkeys
And how you can make sure you know what the turkeys natural behavior so that you are not surprise
Breeding and Breeder
The Breeding Season
Discover the behavior changes during the breeding season to avoid being caught off guard
You?ll discover how many eggs to expect and what is the things to look out for during this critical s Tage
Mating Habits
Why some of the individual turkey pair for life and some don?t
Turkey Breeders and Hatchery Guide
Where to find turkey breeders that are nearest to your home with the best price
Food and feeding the turkeys
3 things you MUST consider when providing food and how to feed them
Hatching and eggs
How to keep the eggs safe while you?re gone
Fatal mistakes in raising turkeys
Why you would not want to waste your effort in focusing on the wrong method face by most turkey owners

????? Managing Turkey Effectively
General Management Recommendations
Diseases, ailments and preventions
How to ensure you are aware of the diseases and how to prevent it from being fatal. The quote "Prevention is better than cure" really
applies here.
Forums and experience turkey breeder for support
Learn the place to get help when you need most and also the common questions encountered by?beginners of even season?turkey
owner and turkey breeder
Learn the s Tages of development and what to expect when the turkey grows
Discover the habitual change from turkey eggs to tom or hen in the development cycle
Turkey Sanctuaries for Holiday and Educational Visit
Discover the only place in the world where you are able to walk through the heart of a colony of nesting turkeys and be close with them.
You will also get the witness poults hatching moment from this place!
Associations, sanctuaries, organizations relating to turkeys
You will be expose to additional information not mentioned elsewhere when? you need it!
???? Common Questions ask by Turkey Owners
You May Not Know This But...


    Turkeys are very curious! Young turkeys have been known to drown in a half-filled pail of water-not just one bird, a bucket full of
birds, one after the other!

   Disease control in a small flock of turkeys on a farm is not difficult, but CARE, SANITATION, and ISOLATION are the keys to a
successful disease control program. Turkey can t be raised with chickens because there are some diseases that can kill turkeys but
don t seem to bother the chickens.
Start planning your Turkey Farm
5 minutes from now!
This guide is available via instant download! You can be reading this book and be well on your way to learn the guide and tips to
raising turkey in 5 minutes! Even if you have never downloaded something from the internet before it comes with?instructions, it?s so
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And to top it off?
"If You Act Now, You Also Receive These Amazing Bonuses.."
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Animal Welfare: Codes of Recommendations for the
welfare of Turkeys

                                      - The Recommendations are designed to help breeders, particularly those who are young and
                                      inexperienced to attain the required standards.
                                      - Discover the important factors covered in this material such as turkey housing, ventilation,
                                      temperature, lighting, feed and water, saddling of hens, toe cutting, beak trimming, desnooding,
                                      dewinging, disposal of unwanted poults and hatchery waste, etc.
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                                      Animal Care Best Management Practices - Guidelines for the Production of Turkeys

                                                                           - Discover the guidelines which represent the most
                                                                           up-to-date-scientific information available on ensuring
                                                                           the health and wellbeing of turkeys.
                                                                           - Learn the food safety best management practices for
                                                                           turkey production
                                                                           - Find out the tools needed to make improvements with the
                                                                           current state-of-the-art practices and to set the s Tage for
                                                                           enhancement in turkey production
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                                                                           The UK Turkey and Geese Production Industry:
                                                                           A Short Study?? ???
                                      - Learn about a short study on the turkey and geese production industry in UK
                                      - Discover the processing operations on turkey production from legislative requirements,
                                      processing of turkeys, turkeys health management, disease threats to turkey production and etc
                                      - Find out the seasonal and annual year round? turkey production costs that helps you consider in
                                      your situation in starting up
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                                      Producing Turkeys for Show
                                                                        - Learn the important factors which a successful turkey
                                                                        exhibitor must adhere to
                                                                        - Discover the end-to-end procedures to producing turkeys for
                                                                        show from purchasing poults, housing, brooding, lighting,
                                                                        feeding and turkey flock health
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                                                                        List of 50 Turkey Producers
                                                                                                            - This compilation list will
                                                                                                            save you lots of time and
                                                                                                            enable you to contact each
                                                                                                            turkey producers according
                                                                                                            to the turkey breeds that they
                                                                                                            produce together with their
                                                                                                            address, phone number, e-
                                                                                                            mail address.
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                                                                                                            Small-Flock Turkey
                                  I didn?t write a whole book about raising turkeys like an encyclopedia because people wouldn?t
                                  read the whole thing. I just took all the important points and?condensed it into one guide book.
                                  Not only that, but I want to be sure you have the time to really try some of tips in the guide book and
                                  make sure they work for your turkey. So I?m giving you a
                                  60 days, Risk Free,
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I am so sure that you will love ?The Essential Guide to Raising Turkeys? that I am offering an unconditional 100% money-back
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absolutely no questions asked! You?ve got absolutely nothing to lose ? and a world of turkey raising information to gain!
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Wishing you all the best,

Author, ?The Essential Beginners Guide To Raising Turkeys?
P.S. Imagine the increased joy and satisfaction it will bring you when you learn exactly how easy it is to have a happy and healthy and
turkey all from your effort. Take advan Tage of my no risk offer and enjoy what many other turkey owners are enjoying this minute!
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Copyright ? 2010 Andrew Grey | All Rights Reserved
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