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Phrases And Expressions


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                            河南省实验中学 2009—2010 高三第一次月考
                                           英语 1-4 单元
                                       第一卷(共 85 分)
第二部分:英语知识运用(共两节, 满分 45 分)
第一节:单项填空(共 15 小题,每小题 1 分,满分 15 分)
1. — He’s been working very hard and has made great progress in his field.
     —No wonder he was               president of the local hospital so soon.
     A.appointed                                          B.claimed
     C.classified                                         D.rewarded
2. All the memories of his childhood had           from his mind by the time he was 65.
     A.faded                    B.promoted         C.strengthened               D.concluded
3. Having faster computers would _____ a more efficient system.
     A.apply for                B.head for                C.account for             D.make for
4. She's been voted Best Actress three years _____: 2002, 2003 and 2004.
     A.in a row                 B.in return               C.in detail               D.in name
5. Public         of the problem will make the government take it seriously.
     A.awareness                B.evaluation              C.existence               D.evidence
6. She ________ her mother in the way ________she moves her hands when she talks.
     A.represents; in which                                   B.resembles; that
     C.copies; how                                            D.involves; which
7. There are         approaches to English teaching.But not all of them are equally efficient for
     us Chinese students.
     A.pointed                  B.accurate                C.original                D.diverse
8.   The twentieth century has witnessed an enormous worldwide political, economic and
     A.transplant           B.transformation       C.transportation             D.translation
9.   —Do you still keep track of the people you know in Buenos Aires?
     A. Yes, we really ought to get together more often.
     B. For almost two years.
     C. No, I've really lost touch with everyone there.
     D. Once a month.
10. The match was _______ halfway as a (n) _______of the poor weather conditions.

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    A.appointed, result                                    B.accomplished, effect
    C.classified, solution                                 D.abandoned, consequence
11. —There are more than 140 species of snakes, ____ are extremely poisonous.
    —Oh, really? Therefore, do be careful while traveling there!
    A. many of which          B. many of them             C. few of which             D. few of them
12. Who do you think takes _____possession of the flat equipped with _____air conditioner?
    A.the; the                 B./; an                     C./; the                    D.a; an
13. —Where do you know this unique animal was found, mom?
    —It was on the farm_______ I visited the year before.
    A. that             B. when              C. where                 D. what
14. Human beings won’t be aware of the importance of some natural resources until they ____.
    A.have run out                                         B.have brought up
    C.have broken out                                      D.have rounded up
15. Whoever has spent time with children knows the different ways boys and girls respond to
    _____ situations.
    A.similar                  B.same                      C.familiar                  D.likely
16. ________ hearing the news from his parents, he ________tears.
    A. To, centered on         B. On, burst into          C. Of, set out            D. At, passed away
17. _________from other continents for millions of years, Australia has many unique plants and
    A. To separate        B. Separating      C. Being separated            D. Having been separated
18. Cloned pigs differ _____ the originals _____ looks and behavior.
    A. in; from           B. from; in         C. at; from             D. from; at
19. _____, he made great progress all round in the past exam.
    A. Much to his delight                         B. At his own expense
    C. Once and for all                            D. Apart from English
20. The gap between rural and urban education in China is widening, and education is the key
    to _____ rural problems.
    A. solving            B. solve            C. settle               D. settling
21. I’m happy to know that this daughter of mine has so strong an________ for knowledge.
    A. reward             B. wealth           C. expense                    D. appetite
22. Amy Meadows recently _____ a dozen MIT students and organized a trip to a small
    village to have a dip into the country life.

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     A. took up               B. set up              C. used up                    D. rounded up
23. Travelling in Africa, they were lucky enough to see the largest frog in the world, _____ up
     to 31 pounds.
     A. weighed          B. weighing            C. weighs             D. to be weighed
24. Could I speak to _______ is in charge of the International affairs, please?
     A. who              B. whoever                  C. whom               D. whomever
25. Schools in the south tend to be better equipped, ____ those in the north are relatively poor.
     A. because          B. when                C. while           D. unless
26. The map was drawn to the standard _____ of 1:100,000. So there was not much detail.
     A. route           B. line                 C. rate                        D. scale
27. When I was young, I had a real fear of school, but I soon _____ it.
     A. got off          B. got across          C. got away                D. got over
28. ______ should be taken into account is that he is more in name than in reality.
     A. What             B. That                  C. It               D. Whether
29. They, finally, decided to send Captain Cook______ second _______ across the Ocean.
     A. to, travel       B. on, voyage               C. in, trip           D. for, flight
30. The American population is More than 14 times ________ that of Australia.
     A. the size of      B. larger than              B. that of         D. as large as
第二节 完形填空(共 20 小题; 每小题 1.5 分, 满分 30 分)
阅读下面短文, 然后从 16-35 各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出最佳选项。
     When Phillip was on his way to the airport one afternoon, he asked the driver to wait outside
the bank while he collected some traveler’s checks.
     The plane was to 31          at 5:30. From the bank there was still a            32    journey to the
airport. Phillip merely watched the       33 along the way. Shortly before arriving, he began 34
the things he would need for the          35 . Tickets, money, the address of his hotel, traveler’s
checks—Just a moment. How about his passport? Phillip went through his pockets. He suddenly
36    that he must have left his passport 37 .
     Whatever could he do? It was now five past four and there would be too little                 38   to
return to the bank. This was the     39     time he was representing his firm for an important          40
with the manager of a French firm in Paris the following morning. Without a passport he would be
41 to board the plane. At that moment, the taxi           42    outside the air terminal. Phillip got out,
took his suitcase and 43      the driver. He then 44           a good deal of confusion in the building.
A 45 could be heard over the loudspeaker.

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     “We very much     46    that owing to a twenty-four-hour strike of airport staff, all flights for
the rest of today have had to be called off.” Passengers are      47 to get in touch with their travel
agents or with this terminal for    48 on tomorrow’s flights. Phillip gave a      49 . He would let
his firm know about this situation and, thank goodness, he would have the opportunity of calling
at his bank the following morning to 50 his passport.
31. A. leave             B. register               C. check out               D. pull
32. A. pleasant          B. short                  C. long                    D. rough
33. A. scenery           B. scene                  C. view                    D. sight
34. A. counting          B. looking over           C. thinking about          D. checking
35. A. trip              B. plane                  C. meeting                 D. flight
36. A. remembered        B. realized               C. noticed                 D. learned
37. A. at home           B. at the office          C. at the bank             D. in the taxi
38. A. time              B. chance                 C. possibility             D. use
39. A. golden            B. last                   C. only                    D. first
40. A. journey           B. visit                  C. business                D. meeting
41. A. sad               B. unable                 C. impossible              D. difficult
42. A. stopped           B. was driven             C. reached                 D. was parked
43. A. left              B. sent away              C. paid                    D. said bye-bye to
44. A. started           B. noticed                C. caught                  D. found
45. A. speech            B. noise                  C. call                    D. voice
46. A. apologize         B. announce               C. worry                   D. regret
47. A. advised           B. forced                 C. told                    D. persuaded
48. A. ideas             B. plans                  C. information             D. time
49. A. loud laugh        B. deep sigh              C. big smile               D. sharp cry
50. A. return            B. find                   C. recover                 D. gather
第三部分:阅读理解(共 20 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 40 分)
阅读下列短文,从每题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出最佳选项。
    Signs in Chinese will be set up in public areas, such as airports, to benefit Chinese travelers,
the Italian Government announced in late February, 2005.Now many European countries are
expected to follow this example.
    Despite the different languages, travel across Europe has never been so simple.Just five years
ago, if you wanted to visit Germany in the north and Spain in the south in one trip, you had to wait

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for weeks to apply for different visas from the two countries. also needed a calculator because
both countries had different money.
   Today, with a Schengen Visa issued by any member countries, you can travel across 15
European countries without stopping.Since 2002, within most of the EU, there is now just one
type of money called the Euro.The Euro was designed to be the only money in the EU, and
already makes it easier to shop around.If you drive, your driving license and car insurance policy
are valid (有效的) in the other countries.And you can use your mobile phone everywhere.
   All the countries in the continent are melting into a united Europe under the EU.For
Europeans and visitors the result is that it is more convenient to travel back and forth between the
different countries.
51.What does the writer mean by saying “Now many European countries are expected to follow
     this example”?
     A.More signs will be set up in Chinese in European countries.
     B.Chinese is now an important language in Europe.
     C.More Chinese people will go to travel across Europe.
     D.More Europeans have a desire to know more about China.
52.What is the purpose of writing the text?
     A.To praise the tourism policy of the EU.
     B.To introduce tourism conditions in the EU.
     C.To encourage us to travel across Europe.
     D.To suggest the world be melted into one like the EU.
53.Why had traveling in Europe become easier compared to five years ago?
     A.Because you needn’t drive a car on your own.
     B.Because you can use a calculator to exchange money.
     C.Because applying for different visas is much simpler.
     D.Because one visa is good enough for a number of countries.
54.What can be inferred from the story?
     A.The Euro is the only money used in the EU now.
     B.Chinese has become an important language in Europe.
     C.An increasing number of Chinese tend to travel to Europe.
     D.It is always necessary to unite many countries into one.
     In 1901, H. Wells, an English writer, wrote a book describing a trip to the moon.When the

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explorers landed on the moon, they discovered that the moon was full of underground cities.They
expressed their surprise to the “moon people” they met. turn, the “moon people” expressed their
surprise.“Why,” they asked, “are you traveling to outer space when you don't even use your inner
      G.                                           In
    H. Wells could only imagine travel to the moon. 1969, human beings really did land on
the moon.People today know that there are no underground cities on the moon.However, the
question that the “moon people” asked is still an interesting one.A growing number of scientists
are seriously thinking about it.
      Underground systems are already in place.                                       In
                                               Many cities have underground car parks. some
cities, such as Tokyo, Seoul and Montreal, there are large underground shopping areas.The
“Chunnel”, a tunnel (隧道) connecting England and France, is now complete.
      But what about underground cities? Japan’s Taisei Corporation is designing a network of
underground systems, called “Alice Cities. The designers imagine using surface space for public
parks and using underground space for flats, offices, shopping, and so on.A solar dome (太阳能
穹顶) would cover the whole city.
    Supporters of underground development say that building down rather than building up is a
good way to use the earth’s space.The surface, they say, can be used for farms, parks, gardens,
and wilderness.H.G.Wells’ “moon people” would agree.Would you?
55.The explorers in H.G.Wells’ story were surprised to find that the “moon people”            .
    A.knew so much about the earth
    B.understood their language
    C.lived in so many underground cities
    D.were ahead if them in space technology
56.What does the underlined word “it” in Paragraph 2 refer to?
    A.Discovering the moon’s inner space.            B.Using the earth’s inner space
    C.Meeting the “moon people” again                D.Traveling to outer space
57.What sort of underground systems are already here with us?
    A.Offices, shopping areas, power stations.       B.Tunnels, car parks, shopping areas.
    C.Gardens, car parks, power stations.            D.Tunnels, gardens, offices.
58.What would be the best title for the text?
    A.Alice Cities—cities of the future.             B.Space travel with H.G.Wells.
    C.Enjoy living underground.                      D.Building down, not up.

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     “Old wives tales” are beliefs passed down from one generation to another, For Example,
most of us remember our parents’ telling us to eat more of certain foods or not to do certain things.
Is there any truth in these teachings? Some of them agree with present medical thinking, but others
have not passed the test of time.
     Did your mother ever tell you to eat your carrots because they are good for your eyes?
Scientists now report that eating carrots can help prevent a serious eye disease called macular
degeneration. Eating just one carrot a day can reduce the possibility of getting this disease by 40%.
Garlic (蒜) is good for you, too. It can kill the type of virus that causes colds.
     Unfortunately, not all of Mom’ s advice passed the test of medical studies, For example,
generations of children have been told not to go swimming within an hour after eating. But
research suggests that there is no danger in doing so. Do sweets cause tooth problems? Well, yes
and no. Sticky sweets made with grains tend to cause more problems than sweets made with
simple sugars.
     Even though science can tell us that some of our traditional beliefs don’t hold water, there is
still a lot of truth in the old wives’ tales. After all, much of this knowledge has been accumulated
from thousands of years of experience in family health care. We should respect this body of
knowledge even as we search for clear scientific support to prove it true or false.
59. Which of the following is TRUE according to the test?
     A. Eating garlic is good for our eyes.
     B. Sticky sweets are damaging to our teeth.
     C. Swimming after a meal is dangerous.
     D. Carrots prevent people from catching colds.
60 The author develops the third paragraph mainly                       .
     A. by cause and effect                  B. by order in space
     C. by order in time                     D. by examples
61. The phrase “hold water” in the last paragraph most probably means”_____”.
     A. to be believable                         B. to be valuable
     C. to be admirable                          D. to be suitable
62. What is the author’s attitude toward “old wives tales” in the text?
     A. Subjective            B. Objective            C. Dissatisfied       D. Curious
Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties (《加菲猫 2:双猫记》)
Release date: June 16

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This is the sequel to 2004's popular "Garfield: The Movie". This time, America's favorite cat
Garfield and his dog friend Odie travel to London.
But Garfield gets lost on the way and is mistaken for a British kitty named Prince, who has just
inherited a castle.
Garfield is taken to the castle where he enjoys his new life being looked after by many servants.
He meets new animal friends, parties, eats and relaxes.
But he soon discovers his position as "prince" is under attack by some bad guy. Fortunately, the
other animals realize they, too, are in danger and take on the task of protecting Garfield.
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest (《加勒比海盗 2:聚魂棺》)
Release date: July 7
Captain Jack Sparrow, the hottest pirate ever, returns to the screen for another adventure on the
high seas.
This time, the Captain finds himself in a blood debt to the sea ruler Davey Jones. The only way to
get out of it is to track down the mysterious Dead Man's Chest.
To do so, the Captain turns to his old friends Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann for help and the
three set off for more fun and frolics.
The Banquet (《夜宴》)
Release date: September
Directed by Feng Xiaogang, “The Banquet” is a tale of fate and revenge set in 10th century China.
A new emperor has taken the throne (王座) through murder. The widowed empress marries the
new emperor to protect herself. She secretly plots his death with the help of the prince and the
chief minister. Yet the prince and minister each have their own plans for the throne.
All these plots are brought to a climax when the emperor calls for a banquet, where the murderous
plans are set in motion.
63. Garfield is taken to a castle because _______.
     A. he loses his way                             B. he loves adventure
     C. he is mistaken for a British kitty           D. he inherited the castle
64. The underlined word “hottest” means __________.
     A. exciting           B. successful             C. dangerous                 D. popular
65. We can enjoy The Banquet in the cinema in ________.
     A. June           B. September           C. July          D. The passage doesn’t mention it.
66. Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage?
     A. The sea ruler ordered Captain Jack Sparrow to look for Dead Man’s Chest.

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     B. Garfield: The Movie is set in London.
     C. The widowed succeeded in the end.
     D. The other animals are willing to protect Garfield because they are in danger too.
     Sunday is more like Monday than it used to be, Places of business that used to keep daytime
“business hours” are now open late into the night. And on the Internet, the hour of the day and the
day of the week have become irrelevant (不相关的).A half century ago in the United States, most
people experienced strong and precise dividing lines between days of rest and days of work,
school time and summer time. Today the boundaries still exist, but they seem not clear.
     The law in almost all states used to require stores to close on Sunday; in most, it no longer
does, It used to keep the schools open in all seasons except summer, in most, it still does. And
whether the work week should strengthen its legal limits, or whether it should become more
“flexible,” is often debated. How should we, as a society, organize our time? Should we go even
further in relaxing the boundaries of time until we live in a world in which every minute is much
like every other?
   These are not easy questions even to ask. Part of the difficulty is that we rarely recognize the
“law of time” even when we meet it face to face. We know as children that we have to attend
school a certain number of hours, a certain number of days, a certain number of years – but unless
we meet the truant officer (学监) ,we may well think that we should go to school due to social
custom and parents’ demand rather than to the law. As adults we are familiar with “extra pay for
overtime working,” but less familiar with the fact that what constitutes(构成) “overtime” is a
matter of legal definition. When we turn the clock forward to start daylight – saving time, have we
ever thought to ourselves: “Here is the law in action”? As we shall see, there is a lot of law that
has great influence on how organize and use time: compulsory education law, overtime law, and
daylight – saving law- as well as law about Sunday closing, holidays, being late to work, time
zones, and so on. Once we begin to look for it, we will have no trouble finding a law of time to
examine and assess.
67. By saying “Sunday is more like Monday than it used to be,” the writer means that _______.
   A. work time is equal to rest time
   B. many people have a day off on Monday,
   C. it is hard for people to decide when to rest
   D. the line between work time and rest time is unclear
68. The author raises the questions in Paragraph 2 to introduce the fact that people____.

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   A. fail to make full use of their time
   B. enjoy working overtime for extra pay
   C. are unaware of the law of time
   D. welcome flexible working hours
69. According to the passage, most children tend to believe that they go to school because
   A. need to acquire knowledge                B. have to obey their parents
   C. need to find companions                  D. have to observe the law
70. What is the main idea of the passage?
   A. Our life is governed by the law of time.
   B. How to organize time is not worth debating.
   C. New ways of using time change our society.
   D. Our time schedule is decided by social customs.
                                         第二卷(共 35 分)
第四部分:写作(共两节,满分 35 分)
第一节:短文改错(共 10 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 10 分)
   Tulips are among the most popular flower all the time.                            71. ________
They have an incredibly variety of colors and flower shapes.                         72. ________
There are now over 3,000 different registering tulips. Every year,                   73. ________
billions of tulips are grown. The majority are exported from Holland.                74. ________
Most tulips adapted to many different kinds of climates.                             75. ________
The only thing to be careful is to plant them in fairly good soil. If not,           76. ________
the bulbs(球茎) may rot after they have a chance to develop a root system.             77. ________
Most tulips bloom well for only one and two years. Therefore, you will               78. ________
probably want to dig up the bulbs and put in new one after two years.                79. ________
However, some types of tulips go good for several more years.                        80. ________

第二节 书面表达(满分 25 分)
的动物。注意:词数 110 左右,开头结尾已经给出,不包含在总次数中。
                            Appearance: bear-like but not a bear, weigh about 8-15kg, thick
                                  and soft hair, small eyes, hairy large ears, big flat nose
                            Living: in Australia, feed on leaves of a certain tree, babies weak

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     and small, live in mother’ pocket
Habit: sleep in the daytime, move about at night

Hello, everyone,

     I’m so excited to tell you that we have just brought in some Australian animals to display and

I’d like to introduce one of them to you all.







Hoping you’ll get interested in and welcome you here. Thanks.


01-05AADAA                06-10BDBCD               11-15ABAAA              16-20BDBAA

21-25DDBBC                26-30DDABD               31-35 ACBDA             36-40 BCADD

41-45 BACBD               46-50 DACBC              51-55ABDCC              56-60BBDBD

61-65ABCDB                66-70DDCBA

71. flower→flowers        72. incredibly→incredible    73. registering→registered    74. √

75. adapted→adapt         76. careful 后加 of            77. after→before         78. and→or

79. one→ones              80. good→well

 One possible version:

     Hello, everyone,

     I’m so excited to tell you that we have just brought in some Australian animals to display and
                         地址:湖南省长沙市人民中路曙光集团培训大楼 4 楼
                         电话:0731-4417217 QQ: 523562677, 471701103

I’d like to introduce one of them to you all.

     Here’s a bear-like animal named Koala. Generally, it weighs about 8 to 15 kilograms. All the

year round, it wears thick and soft hair all over. Compared with its small eyes, its hairy ears and

flat nose are rather too big. Koala lives in Australia and only feeds on leaves of a certain tree. Its

babies are born so small and weak that they have no choice but to live in their mother’s pockets.

What’s the most interesting thing is Koala has formed a special living habit of sleeping in the

daytime and moving about at night.

     Altogether, Koala is really a unique animal that can be found nowhere else.

     Hoping you’ll get interested in it and welcome you here. Thanks.

                         地址:湖南省长沙市人民中路曙光集团培训大楼 4 楼
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