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 Tuck Shop Management System
                                                                      Version 1.0


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This is a big issue for a customer, that how to quickly find and choose
reliable point of sale software and avoid costly mistakes. The truth is…
choosing retail POS software is very difficult. It requires in depth
knowledge of computers, networking, software features, new technology,
retail management and much more. This is software which is mandatory
for retail business that helps the business man to organize purchase,
sales, inventory and their associated account work to achieve success.
The Pinpoint Tuck Shop Management System is truly a business solution
and gives intelligent information you can use to quickly make the best
strategic decisions for your business. Pinpoint Tuck Shop Management
System, retail point of sale software at its best. Specifically designed for
ease of use, learning and training on Pinpoint Tuck Shop Management
System is a breeze: whether you’re a cashier, the manager, or the
owner. Operating with it, allow you to make sales faster and with fewer
errors, so you can get the most from your business. Manage inventory
like never before, create any sales report you can dream of, and make
your business stronger and more efficient. A wealth of information is
available at your fingertips.

Major Functions of the software:

     Record the Items, update the items.

     Record the suppliers, Update the suppliers.

     A user friendly search engine for the items and suppliers and their
      relevant matters.

     Record the purchasing of items from the registered suppliers.

     A complete Inventory control.

     Adjusts the Inventory Balance

     Maintain record of bonus items in inventory.

     Printing the barcodes labels for the items purchased which no bar

     Main the stock level of the all the items and alerts for short items
      based on this basket level.

     Make the full account related activities (Amount Payable- AP)
      regarding the purchase of the items from suppliers.

     Dynamic Chart of Account

     Automatic generate Purchase vouchers

     Keeps the full record of the payments regarding the suppliers?

     Point of Sale interface which is easy to use and flexible to save you
      time and make you look good in front of your customers. Quickly
      search for items using a barcode scanner or simply type in a
      description. Track customers.

     Sale form also has an option for discount and the history of
      discount is also possible.

     Record the complete information regarding the sale.

     Automatic generate sale vouchers.

     Maintain the customer related information.

     Maintain all the account related information (Amount Receivable
      -AR) regarding the sales.

     Generate the General Ledger Activity Report.

     Generate Trial Balance Report

     Generate the Balance sheet

     Generate the profit and loss statement

     MIS reports regarding the Items, suppliers, Stock, sale, customer,
      Accounts, inventory reports that enable smart decisions and what
      items are selling, who are the big spenders, and how business is

     Handling of the Serial numbers, bulk items within the system.

     Capable of Employee Accountability i.e. to keeps track of the ‘who,
      what, and where’ of all transactions.

     Multi user support.

     Full integration of the related hardware (receipt printers, barcode
      scanners, label printers, and card readers etc) used in retail

     System provides best Customer Services.

     Proper Handling a refund (return), the right way can make a
      customer for life. Owner and customers will appreciate fast and
      accurate refunds. Simply scan a receipt or look up a customer’s
      name to start a refund. If there’s no receipt or customer record
      you can still do a refund by scanning the returned items.

Handing of estimates, system allows entering estimates using the
      customer and inventory items on file. Estimates will have no
      effect on the inventory on-hand, customer balances or the profit
      and loss statement. However, when the customer decides to

       make the purchase, you can convert the estimate into an invoice
       or work order without having to re-enter all the data.

Holding current customer and handle other customers in case of the
       current customer want to buy other items from the shop.

     Reports for all level of management:

        Our application provides report to top, middle and low level
 business in order to manage their jobs responsibilities easily.
 Information is presented in different desirable angles.
 Following is a detail of included reports.

  1. Item Reports:
        • Item Specific.
        • All items.
        • Date wise.
        • Category wise.
        • Supplier wise.
        • Expiry Date wise.
        • Thresh hold value wise.

  2. Manufacturer Reports:
        • All manufactures.

  3. Supplier Reports:
        • All (A-Z).
        • Supplier specific.
        • Area wise.

  4. Requisition Reports:
        • Current.
        • Specific.
        • Date wise.
        • Department wise.
        • Specific employee wise.

  5. Purchase Order Reports:
        • Current.

        •    Specific PO No.
        •    Supplier wise.
        •    Date wise.

  6. Receipts Receivable Reports:
        • Current.
        • Specific RR No.
        • Date wise.
        • PO Based.

  7. Point   Of Sale Reports:
         •    Current.
         •    Specific serial no of sale.
         •    Date wise/Month wise/Year wise.
         •    User wise.
         •    User wise + Date wise.
         •    Over all sale department.
         •    Department/Customer wise.
         •    Item wise.
         •    Item wise + Date wise.

     Multi currency support

  Transactions can involve multiple currencies. Currencies can be
  updated in real time by external systems via XML. The system will
  store the amount, the original amount, the original currency and the
  applicable cross rate.

Salient Features:

  1. Faster, Easier Software Installation
  2. Less Money Spent on IT
  3. Less Money Spent on Computer Hardware
  4. Better Cash Flow
  5. Real Time Information for Multi Store Solutions
  6. Improved Inventory Control
  7. Easier In-Store Operations and Customer Service
  8. Improved Sales
  9. Off-Site Access
  10. Eliminates Workstation and Operating System Concerns
  11. Auto data backup policy

  12. Security
  13. Multi-Store

Optional Services:

  o   Station management and accountancy software
  o   Financial accounting system
  o   CNG filling station
  o   Web portal and e-commerce complete solution
  o   Telecom: tariff management
  o   Telecom:LCR
  o   Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System

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