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					IT’S JUST A MATTER OF TIME (26/05/04)

It’s just a matter of time
It will be known
It’s just a matter of time
All eyes will see
There’s nothing hidden
That won’t be revealed
It’s just a matter of time

There’s no magic in life
No jumping of steps
It’s precept after precept
Line after line
No one can cheat nature
For no one does good and would not be rewarded
And no one does evil that will go scot-free
Your fruit will tell
It’s just a matter of time
A man destined for destruction
Yields not to the voice of rebuke
It’s so sweet, yet very bitter
And so bitter, yet very sweet
The different both is time
Your labour of love
And care
Will not be forgotten
And for the wicked and greedy
Those whom the souls of men mean nothing to
The plague of life awaits you
For time will surely tell.
I WILL SURVIVE (11/05/04)

The world is full of task
Whether heavy or tender
The heart keeps panting heavily
And the mind keeps wondering
How am I going to do it?

No matter what it takes
I will survive
However it may look
I will stand strong
I may not know what tomorrow will look like
But GOD it’s maker
I know
And HE lives in me
I’ve made up my mind
To look straight
‘Cos no matter what it takes
I will survive

I will survive
I will survive
Even in the midst of desert storm
I will survive
I will survive
Even if it seems my strength is fade away
Still will I survive
‘cos there’s a strength in me
no man can see
LOVE GIFT (11/05/04)

Have you ever shown to someone
That you care?
Have you ever shown to someone
You’re loving?
Though the look on each face might look
So pissed off
But with token of love gift
You can see them blow off with smiles
Go out of your way
To show you love someone
With your love gift

A man Jesus died for deserves everything on earth
So make someone happy and joyful
With your love gift each day

In the cool of the day
Someone knocked at my door
What a surprise
He smiled at me
With a pack of gift in a glaring pack
Words not enough to express my gratitude
I smiled
The gift so token
But showed he had me in mind
Oh what a love gift

When you love someone
You go out of your way
To show it
This way
You saying to God by your actions
That you also love those for whom
HE gave HIS first and only begotten son

As the lady hopped in the air
Receiving the gift her soul long desired
The kid screamed aloud for joy
Uncle just bought him a toy

It might be prayer
It might be a visit
It might be a smile
It might be assistance
It might a support
It might be food
It might be healing
It might be shelter
It might brotherly kindness
In whatever form it comes to mind,
Give it
Its love
It’s a gift

For if you don’t give love don’t expect it
No matter how hard a heart may be,
Love can break through
And make it soft
And you will see the burden taken off your shoulder

Though you need a love from someone
You need a care from someone
Though you need a help from someone
Yet, there’s something you need to do
You got to show to someone that he counts
That someone do think about him
That he is not alone
Just with a gift in your hands

I believe in your future
In believe in you

Oh ye children of light
Oh ye children radiant stars
Children without blemish
Born for the future of tomorrow
With unfailing strength
Look ahead of you
What do you see?
A bright future
But it depend on you
Like the children of Israel
Wondering in the wilderness
For forty years
Only the new minds
And new thinkers
Like Joshua and Caleb
Entered the promise land
Together with those
Who grew up in the wilderness
Seeing the miracles
Signs and wonders
Those who knew no Egypt
Neither knew the road that lead thereof
Nor sickness
Nor failure
Nor unbelief
We are that generation
The nations are waiting earnestly
Just for us(you)
There is a seed in you
Let it grow as you grow
So that your future would not be starved
Left in pain, agony and neglect
The voice of the needy and the poor
The cry of the widow and orphans
Encroach the gate of heaven
Every moment of time
Do you know the answer I heard from heaven?
You are the answer to the cry of the people
Though you may look so small to be ignored
Your voice so faint to be heard
So dirty
Unkept and rough

I believe in your future
I believe in you

All he wants is that thing under her skirt
He felt a strong urge
He couldn’t sleep
Until he gave her a call
She was the basis of his dream
All could see
The body language
The chemistry
Until he spent all he had
Though he never cares
So long he gets what he so longs for
Sex! Sex!! Sex!!!

For life is a movie
It got to be acted
Maybe by someone who happens to be you
The sexy music video
Those filthy stuffs
So tempting
And fascinating
The “I love you kind of thing”
The sex in the room
The sex in the kitchen does not look descent so you thought
Eh guy!
Cool it down
Sex is more than a feeling
It’s a covenant
Blood for blood
Heart to heart
You fail you face the consequence
You can’t live your life twice
So live well and finish strong

Sex is for only the matured
The married;
Who understand marriage

Eh! eh!
I told you to cool it down
Now that you’ve had her,
Do you feel better?
Do you still love her as you’ve said?
Yet you feel like having more rounds
But now
Dumped by you
Hated by you

There was an ancient story about a young man
Who loved his half sister so much
That he found it had to be himself
Guess what?
Something strange happened
He pretended he was very sick
And demanded the presence of his half sister
He actually broke her virginity
Being an ancient time,he rendered her useless
‘cos no man would marry a dissvirgined lady
And immediately
The love he had for her turned to sour hatred
Hence she smelt to him like something disgusting
He drove her out of the room

Prior to that she said if so, he should tell the father who was the king
To give her out to him in marriage
But he won’t listen
‘cos all he wanted was sex

Take it or leave it
If you have a sex with someone not married to you
You don’t love her

Who has ever seen a mother?
Who has ever seen her heart?
Like a shepherd
She guides his sheep
Not mindful of danger ahead
She holds her children closely tight
She feels the pain in their hearts
And discerns the cry of their voices
In times of pain
In times of trouble
In times of grieve
She reaches forth her life for a ransom
Oh this is the bleating of a true mother
It’s one thing to bear a child
It’s another to mother a child
Like a true light
She guides her infants
Like an overseer
She leads them to their destiny
Who can stand the strength of a mother?
The bedrock of multiplicity
The virtue of the family
The eye of care that reaches forth
To the needy
And the infants
To the strays
And the motherless
To the fatherless
And the weak
To the poor
And the wretch

Of all the women on planet earth
Who’s the one with
The heart of a mother?
See so many ruins in the streets
But a true mother stands by her own
Even in the grave
Her voice never ceases
It reaches forth to the bottom forth the heart

Who is a mother?

Look through the whole land of Africa
So great and so blessed with the greatest treasures of life
Looking through North
And looking through East
Looking through West and the Southern of it all
All I could see glamour of wealth
Yet why is Africa an object of slavery and poverty?
So every eye is set on the government
As the only way
But no government ever be because the masses and the poor people
Why don’t you think what you going to do for your country
And what your country is going to do for you
So people are suffering in finding a means to survive
In search of dollars and pounds
What to let you know that

A modern African man
That’s who I am!
A modern African man
That’s who I am!!
A modern African man
That’s who I am!!!
A modern African man
That’s who I am!!!!

Being bound to culture and thereby to demonic rules
Exalts the horn of men than the living God who made all things including himself

How would you make greatness out of you
Oh Africa?
If your Education is paralysed
Oh Africa?
Wrong Education is the problem
Oh Africa
Some of you go to school and graduate to be employed by some illiterates
So at the end of it all what will be your lots?
If an European man travels to other continents
He finds a way to make job
But an African man would be prefer to clean the street
\of London and to dine with their swine
oh! What a wretched but you don’t know
If our so called leaders could give a rightful Education
to our youths and lads to learn
to be a manufacturer
I want to let you know that


The mother’s beauty
The father’s crown
The strength of her family

Act20:32; the word builds you up. He is a locator. He knows where you are.

Here are questions for you:
   (1) Where are you?
   (2) Where should you be?
   (3) Why are you here on earth?
Earth is a proven place. Before earth, there is a place. Earth is here for you to get
your position or level in heaven.

Maybe you don’t believe heaven is real and hell much less real.
There was a man who died and found himself in hell. He asked himself “where am
I?” In hell a voice answered. He said “but I don’t believe in hell”. “You don’t have
to believe”, the voice replied.
Don’t let this be your case.
Maybe you don’t care and you said you have tried to find out but got no answer,
what if its one of those things you don’t know? ‘cos you don’t know all things. The
earth is just too big to know all about it.

 Everybody comes to this world at same level.
Different world with different currency.
The currency of the spirit is faith.
God is revealed through His son.
You don’t come as a visitor but as a guest.
God created man and went to sleep ‘cos He knew man could handle it.
The principle of the spirit is acceptance.
What you accept you will become which is revealed in your thought and
can’t rise above what you accept ‘cos acceptance is an identity.
Tell me what you really like doing
I would like to know
Tell me where you really like to go
I would like to know
Tell me what you spend much of your time thinking
I would like to know
It is surely the goldmine in your hands
It is surely what you can do best
Let it excite you as you do
This is how to keep your dream alive

Dream dream can come true
Your dream shouldn’t a castle built in the air
Cream your dream don’t let it go
That’s why you’ve got to build up your faith
Trainings that will make you strong
To stand the test of time
Your dream will come to pass at the right time

A man with dream is a patient man
Or else your dream will be set ablaze
Just be what God wants you to be
‘cos you exist for Him
Just confess it
Have faith in it
Work towards it
Be patient about it
At that point, all you got to say is
God, I can only live my life ones
Teach me how to live it right
Cream your dream friend
Accept the good ones
And reject the bad ones

Keep your dream alive
Live your dream
and fulfill your dream

Vanity upon vanities
All is vanity
What advantage does man have
In all his work which he does under the sun?
A generation goes
And another comes
But the earth still remains
All these are the shadows of life

The desires of men are empty
Lust of the flesh
Lust of the eyes
And the pride of life
These are what the world is made of
The world is passing away and everything within
Including man and his empty desire
For these are shadows of life

Living in the world of shadow
Is living in the emptiness of life
Sowing and gathering
Just for nothing
Joy comes today and flies away tomorrow
Oh what a shadow of life

You brought nothing into the world
You will take nothing away
If you want to eat alone
You will die alone
Remember when you were young
Somebody took care of you
Why don’t you lift somebody up today?
A day is coming when you will be no more
When a stranger will take care of your estate
These are the shadow of life

So what is the way out?
Serve the Lord with your life and enjoy your life
Let go everything
Give it up to Jesus

A world full of marrying and enjoyment
A world full of pains and agony
A world full of sowing and reaping
A world full of gathering and ending into penury and want
A world full of apples with warms inside it
A world full of bad success in place of good success
Is there anything new under the sun?
All you find is emptiness of life
They are the shadows of life

Someone says “I want to be rich”
Another says “I want to build a mansion
At all cost, no matter what it takes
Alas! Here comes a Christian
Confessing and possessing all what the sinners seek after
When I looked at the prosperity of those
Who don’t believe in Christ,
Oh my heart almost drew back
But in few moment
I looked back
Like a vapor, they are all gone
What a shadow

In nakedness you came into this world
In nakedness you will depart
Only your memory will last
But your memory cannot redeem you
There is one thing you should know
And that is
 “he that sees the sun, sees no shadow”
Jesus is the sun
Set your eyes on Him
Or else your life will be a waste
Like a wheat thrown into fire set ablaze
There is only one thing important under the sun
And that is to know the Lord and to serve Him
With your whole heart
Don’t be drifted by the shadows of life

Givers never lack
The more they give,
The more they have
Put smiles on people’s faces

I searched through the whole world
For wealth and power behind it
I found it in the hands of the givers
Once I tried to keep to myself
But amount to penury
The more I give, the more I have
This is a mystery to many
But it is a principle

A woman looks so sad and pale
A boy wants to pay his school fees
The world of that young man has turned upside down
Tears roll down their cheeks
But one cheque solves it all
Only a giver will make them smile again

God loves a cheerful giver
And unwilling to do without them
Be a giver today
And a lover of mankind
For they make the world go round
A NEW DAWN(23/02/2004)

Can you see the light is shining?
Shining so bright
Can you see the wings of angels?
Swinging the sky
Can you see the beauty of the
Of new dawn?
Can you feel the message in the air

It’s a new day yeah
Old things are passed away
Glorious time has come
I can see the hands of the maker
Touching me
This is what the world is waiting for
It is a new dawn

I’ve been walking through the day
For some decades
I’ve taken many leaps in the dark
I’ve been waiting for a long time
Looking up to man
But now I can hear a voice saying you are free

It’s a new day yeah
Old things have passed away
Glorious time has come
I can see the hands of the maker
Touching me
This is what the world is waiting for
It is new dawn

A light is shining bright
Look up to the sky
Jesus is the light
The spirit of new dawn has come

The spirit of the end time at attention
Men’s evil works vexing righteous souls
Maybe you like to go back to Egypt
Just keep serving Him
Remember Lot’s wife
There’s nothing outside there for you
It is a place of destruction
Do you want to turn back your face?
Remember Lot’s wife

To fall in love with the world
Is an enmity against God
The world is a place of wickedness
And evil works
Though you live in the world,
But not of this world
Jesus is coming soon
To take you home

Remember Lot’s wife
It’s too late to look back
No turning back for me
She turned to a pillar of salt

The Choices of this life are not compulsion
But by it, characters are revealed
Make a choice that will change your life forever
Hell is not a good place for man
God made it that’s why He knows
The question of “had I known” comes to mind
But you can still get it right
Just surrender yourself to Jesus
Don’t let Him go
He will save you today

Your life should be
meaningful enough to touch others
wonderful enough to inspire others
powerful enough to change others

What is your life like?
Oh young lady
Why try to destroy other people’s lives?
God is willing than you could ever think
To save you
Make Him your choice today

If God wants you dead, why did He make you?
If He want you poor, why make all the wealth of this world
This life is a choice

Tell me your choice
and I will show you who you are
where you are,
and where you are going
no second chance to live twice
so lives right
for life is not a choice

I was drowning in the ocean of sin
Finding help from somewhere around
He came from nowhere
And died in my place
Oh what an unbeatable love

Trouble’s within
Sorrows all around I had
Without any resemblance of solution
At sight but, He came and turned my morning into everlasting joy
Oh what an unbeatable love

The future was uncertain and bleak
And there was no strength to carry on
Nor wisdom to win but
He came and strengthened all my weakness

Oh what an unbeatable love
What did I give to deserve all these
How can I repay you if I can?
For your unbeatable love is worth
more than all the world to me

That’s what I feel in you
That’s what I see in you
Can tell me how your life
Would be channeled in this world
Show me the kind of friend you have
The kind you walk with
Friends and I will tell you
The kind of person you are

I’m so board
I need someone to keep be company
I’m so busy
I need someone to be my pear
Cheer me up all day long
No one
Can ever walk alone
No one
Can ever live alone
But tell me who’s always by your side

(Tell me) I’d like to know
What do you both discuss?
(I’d like to know) anything positive?
Good influence?
Friends can kill
Friend can save
Might be your friend’s not good enough for you
Then change him
Or else, he will

He’s pleased with what comes his way
He doesn’t care about being the best
Just never wants to be wrong
He doesn’t need everything
Just a little is enough
No extra effort
He doesn’t need to be too good
He’s a man called average

There’s no need for extra miles
Accepts defeat easily
He says what will be will be
Claims it to be God’s will
He plants so much to reap little
He struggles so hard to earn a peanut
Yet, no desire for a change
This is indeed the man called average

He says too much of everything is bad
Forgetting that too much of God brings the fullness of life
He says too much prayer is bad
But spends hours week in and out to watch films
And listens to music that corrupts his mind
Yeah! I’ve said it before
This is the man called average

He’s neither hot nor cold
Neither good nor bad
Neither nor fail
Neither poor nor rich
Neither up nor down
Not even right nor wrong
A man called average
Never be that man
I used to be rich
I used to be a giver
I used to do this or that
Your life now centered on I used to
Don’t live in the past
Get challenged by your future

Your past draws you back
Your past brings you down
If you could work on your future today
You’ll conquer the challenge of the past
Your past will become your victim
And victory your watch word

Why living in the verge of pains and tears
Your tears can’t move God!
It’s already happened
The past is gone
The future will come
But today remains
What will you do today to have a great future?
Protect your future today
It represents the rest of your life

I used to be this or that
Stirs up those pains
And brings tears and shame
Don’t deceive yourself
The past is gone
So don’t live in the past.

So many triumphs and defeats in life
So many tears and joyful noise
Achievements of the past
But success is
Is boost by might
I’ll be there
For you and you
Your success is my concern

I’ll be there for you
I’ll keep your foots
From hurt
And I’ll strengthen you
When it seems
No other strength to keep you on the way
I’ll be there for you

Don’t let the yesterday’s defeats
Knock you down
Don’t let the failures of the past
Overcome your today’s strength

Don’t fear ‘cos I am with you

Though the road may seem so rough and tough
But I’ll be there for you
And you’ve tried all the means you know
But none work out for your good
And when it seemed all is over
And your last strength is gone
That is when I’ll prove to you am GOD

I’ll be there for you
I’ll keep your foots
From hurt
And I’ll strengthen you
When it seems
No other strength to keep you on the way
I’ll be there for you
VAGABOND (25/03/04)
Wondering around the whole wild world
Searching all around for what’s not lost
Spends all nights and days
Looking for money
Why don’t you come to church for today
This sounds strange to you
It’s not funny
What you looking for outside there
Is right where you are
Don’t be deceived
You only gave yourself a task of a vagabond
Oh no!
What a pity

You would like to travel to United State to make money
A lizard in Africa cannot become an alligator in America
You tried you another man’s picture for a visa
So many picking crumps on Texas streets
Running all around the nooks and crannies of Oxford streets
Yet, you’re a Christian
That’s how you’ll run till JESUS comes
What will be your reward?
And what will be your gain?
Everything you need is right in the house
Why don’t you come back home?

Why suffering like this?
You were nowhere to be found
‘Cos you’ve got a factory job
Twenty 24/7 in an artificial hell
All in the name of money
What about church services?
Now a history
You want to make it on your own?
You must be joking
Do you want to prove smarter than your maker?
You turn yourself to Cain on the street of Lagos
A vagabond
Hello everyone.
We have few tips here to help singers, artists and choristers improve their voices. If
you would follow these tips carefully, you will certainly have a born anew voice.


   1. Breadth from the diaphragm not the lungs.
      You need to control the air you are expelling when you sing. Breathing from
      diaphragm gives you more air to work with. To do this, breathe so that your
      stomach goes out rather than your chest when you inhale. When you practice, try
      to use thesame amount of air for low notes. This will help erase the break between
      your registers and gives you more steady tone.
   2. Run through scales a lot
      If this was guitar, it won’t be different and the human voice is a lot less accurate
      than guitar. You need to get your sense of pitch down, and you need to train your
      voice to reach higher and if you want to really hit all the notes in your range.
   3. Don’t strain your voice
      Practice is a good thing, but don’t try to sing too high or you might damage your
      vocal cords. Go slow and steady and you will sing well in no time to an hour or so
      a day, then move up if you feel like it. If you feel soreness or pain, stop right
   4. Listen to critism
      Singing well takes a long time and in the meantime you are going to hear people
      say a lot of bad things about you. If you notice a trend, recognize that people are
      probably making a good judgment and try to work on the problem aspect or voice.
      Don’t let anyone get you down by discouraging you.
   5. Make recordings of your voice
      This is the only way to hear your problem because you can separate yourself from
      your voice and listen to what other people hear. You may not like this at first, but
      if you keep at it, you will improve vastly and you will start to notice stuff you like
      about your voice and really expand on those things.
   6. Talk to established singers
      Most of them will be glad to give you some tips and exercises that helped them
      out. And anytime you need to ask for direction, the best is to ask those already at
      your destination.
   7. Eat and drink well
      Don’t do anything that will dry out your voice and stop you from singing well.
      Caffeine is bad as is anything that causes mucous build up like dairy product
      (milk in particular is a very bad choice)
      Don’t smoke or drink too much. This can really make you sing poorly and even
      damage your voice permanently.
   8. Sing for the style
      If you are singing country, listen to country singer, if you are singing rock, listen
      to rock singer; if you do a type of style of music, listen such music. Be careful
      however to keep your voice unique and not too simple copy other singers voice.
9. Experiment with different sounds
    Certain noises like a really nasal note can help you expand your range if you
    practice with them.
10. Finally, stay positive
    If you had a few bad scales, that does not mean your voice is going bad all day.
    Drink some warm tea and try again. Don’t get down on yourself and think you
    have a bad voice or it will surely be. It may sound stupid, but mindset is definitely
    a big part of singing. So if you don’t think you sound good, neither anyone else.
                     HAVE A GLORIOUS MUSIC CAREER

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