Why Are Granite Countertops Better

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					                         Why Are Granite Countertops Better
Why Are Granite Countertops Better
Over the last decade granite countertops have exploded in popularity, becoming the de-facto
choice for home remodelers looking for a high class, extremely attractive, and solidly durable
kitchen countertop solution. While kitchen decorating fads have come and gone, it’s clear to
everyone “in the know” that granite countertops are here to stay. Unlike many other popular
materials and redecorating choices to come and go over the years, granite countertops offer a
whole slew of practical benefits that have nothing to do with fashion or temporary taste.
                        The first, and most obvious, practical reason why granite makes a great
                        material to make countertops out of is the material’s durability. As a
                        powerful, heavy-duty stone, granite is highly resistant to a wide range of
                        different stressors and environmental dangers common within kitchens and
                        any other room you may place granite countertops within. Granite is
                        particularly good at resisting heat. Like nearly all stones, granite is able to
                        come into direct contact, for an extended period of time, with a high degree
                        of heat without warping, distorting, or suffering any sort of damage- either long
 term or short term. In most kitchens you will need to place some sort of coaster or other heat-
redirecting item beneath pots and pans that you’ve pulled directly from the over or the stovetop.
With granite countertops you will be able to place all of your pots, pans, and other heated cooking
implements right on your countertops without a second thought. This single feature provides so
many cost-savings and efficiency granting moments during the preparation of the average meal
you will immediately understand why granite countertops have become so popular, so quickly.
In addition to its heat-resistant properties, granite is also a very tough material. Granite is so tough,
in fact, it can handle the daily abuse brought by a regular stream of heavy and sharp kitchen tools
without dinging or damaging. While cutting boards are generally preferable for a wide variety of
reasons, you don’t need to worry too much about knife strikes or slashes carving gullies or ditches
into your granite countertops. Likewise, you don’t need to worry about dropped pans, meat
hammers, or other large, heavy, blunt metal instruments taking dings and chunks out of your
countertops when they’re made from granite. Combined with the material’s natural heat-resistant
properties, granite’s ability to deflect metal abrasion makes it clear why this material makes an
incredibly practical choice for a countertop.
A big reason why granite is so effective at reflecting damage from metal is the fact this stone is
incredible dense. Granite isn’t the only stone that can be used for countertops but it is among the
densest. And granite’s density provides benefits that go well beyond simply being able to stand up
to the dings and crashes of daily kitchen life. Granite’s density makes it ideal for deflecting another
common problem plaguing countertops made from less sturdy material- staining. The density of
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                         Why Are Granite Countertops Better
granite allows it to be largely stain resistant, especially in the short term. Granite does need to be
sealed to provide the maximum amount of stain resistance possible, however this sealant is little
more than an added level of protection for a material that is already exceptionally good at resisting
staining and retaining its natural coloring and surface texture.
Now, no one is going to recommend you get granite countertops so
you can leave highly colorful, stain-prone cooking materials on your
countertops all day long. Even with granite countertops it’s a really
good idea to continue to clean up your messes as quickly and as
effectively as possible. The main difference lies in the fact cleaning is a
much less urgent matter when you have granite countertops than
countertops made from a variety of other materials. Many other
common countertop materials stain very easily, either due to their
 poor quality construction or their porous nature (or both). With these stain-prone materials you
will need to clean off your countertop almost as soon as any sort of cooking ingredient finds its
way off your stove or cutting board. As you can imagine, this is extremely inconvenient. Cooking
takes focus and the more complicated the recipe the more focus it will take. If you’re working on
many different recipes at one time, for example if you’re working on a meal for more than just a
couple people, then the last thing you want to have to worry about is a stain on your countertop
because you left those sliced strawberries out for more than 2 seconds. With granite countertops
you should still clean as quickly as you can whenever you cook, however you won’t need to rush
over with the cleaning cloth every 2 seconds, freeing your time to focus on what really matters- the
meal you’re preparing.
Now, granite may be an exceptionally beneficial material to make your countertops from and it
does carry with it a couple of downsides that need to be mentioned, if only briefly.
Granite, as you can imagine from a stone this strong and this durable, is very heavy, especially
compared with the average countertop material, which tends to be very lightweight and even a
little flimsy. Because granite is very heavy there are a few important notes you need to keep in
mind when using this material for your countertops.
First, granite countertops are often more difficult to install than other forms of countertop because
they are more difficult to lift and to maneuver. This isn’t a serious problem, and it isn’t much of a
problem at all if you aren’t the one doing the installing, however it is worth making note of when
selecting your countertop material if you are installing these fixtures yourself.
Next, because granite countertops are very heavy you need to make sure they are installed on a
strong and sturdy base. The lightweight of conventional kitchen countertops allows all sorts of
weak materials to be used for any stands or cabinets sitting below them. By contrast granite

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                        Why Are Granite Countertops Better
countertops require a base, whether a stand or a cabinet, made from materials that are strong
enough to support a thick slab of stone.
Once again, this isn’t a significant problem as the sturdier wood you will need to use for your
countertop’s base will increase the functionality, the beauty, and the resale value of your home.
Which leads to the second problem some people have with granite countertops- due to the high
quality of this material granite is more expensive to purchase than some other materials you might
make your countertops out of. Yet granite countertops represent an investment whereas other
materials represent far more of a short term solution to a long-term problem. Granite countertops
will last longer than their less expensive and lower quality counterparts, and granite countertops
will retain their practical and economic value for far longer. Because granite countertops are both
popular and highly functional, installing them will immediately increase the resale value of your
home dramatically, and it’s not hard to see how granite countertops can recoup their initial
investment over the life of your kitchen.
Overall, the benefits of granite countertops are extremely clear, especially in contrast to the
downside of cheaper and less beneficial countertop materials. While it’s easy at first glance to
write granite countertops off as another fad, a closer look demonstrates why these fixtures are in
such high demand and why they will remain popular much longer than a mere “fad” ever would.

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