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									                                       Todd Knarr
                                      4525 Felton Street #G
                                  San Diego, CA, 92116-4468
                                 E-mail: tknarr@silverglass.org
                               Work phone: 858-546-0040 #344
                                 Personal phone: 619-813-6641
                           Note: Initial contact via e-mail is preferred.


Seeking a full-time permanent position in software development in the San Diego, California
area. Prefer a challenging environment with significant responsibility. Offer extensive experience
in transaction processing, database design and implementation, client/server and multi-tier
systems and hardware interfacing. Desire to expand further into Internet and Web technologies,
including Java and XML.


Software developer : Feb, 2001 - present
WebSideStory Inc.

Responsible for a specialized web-server and supporting software for recording web-analytics
data in real-time. Primarily responsible for a complete re-write to turn it into a more modular
framework to allow for future expansion and for higher performance (baseline capacity in excess
of 1.5K requests/second per server). Also required to perform analysis and customized data
collection to troubleshoot customer problems. Work involved TCP/IP networking in general,
advanced HTTP, HTML and Javascript, and advanced heavily multithreaded Solaris Unix and
Linux development.

Software developer : Jan 1995 - Jan 2001, 6 years
Flying J Inc.

Developed point-of-sale software for convenience stores and truck stops. This software included
not only conventional point-of-sale functions, but hardware interfaces to fuel pumps, card reader
and door lock control hardware, credit-card authorization processes and interfaces to the various
credit-card authorization companies over a network, and back office financial reports, auditing
and other programs. The computer systems in use included Unix servers and DOS and Windows
based PCs.

Various assignments included:

      Porting the Rogue Wave C++ class libraries to our Unix systems.
      Developing DOS and Windows based voice-synthesis software, as existing solutions
       were not adequate.
        Developing an automatic shower-stall access control system integrated with the point-of-
         sale system.
        Rewriting the fuel pump and card reader control software to be more flexible.
        Developing an interface to a vehicle-mounted RF smart-tag system to replace credit
        Developing an automated fuel inventory monitoring and management system.

The development environment included Visual C++ as well as Unix C/C++ compilers, and
SCCS and PVCS version control systems. Our software used the Informix relational database,
working primarily using embedded SQL in the programs with some stored procedures and
database applications developed using Informix's GUI tools.


        Ability to learn almost anything, as quickly as needed
        Software design: large systems, UML
        C/C++ programming, 7+ years
        Software version control
        Database design, 5 years
        Standard C++ library / Standard template library
        Rogue Wave object-oriented libraries
        Multi-threaded programming ( signals, threads )
        Unix TCP/IP network programming
        Secure Sockets Layer programming
        Unix scripting ( shell, Perl, sed, awk )
        Hardware interfacing and low-level I/O under Unix
        HTML, CSS
        Javascript
        Java
        Visual C++
        COM, DirectX and related programming
        CORBA programming
        Windows Sockets programming
        Unix system and network administration
        Network firewall design and setup
        X-windows programming, various widget sets
        Python programming
        PHP web scripting
        XML

Salary requirements

Open to negotiation depending on the nature of the job.

WebSideStory Inc.
   Engineering department
   Manager: Jim Van Baalen
10182 Telesis Ct. San Diego, CA, 92121
Phone: 858-546-0040

Flying J Inc.
   POS Development department
   Supervisors: Morgan Toomer, Rick Foy
50 W 990 S
Brigham City, UT, 84302
Phone: 435-734-6400

Professional references

Troy Azmoon
   EMC Corporation
   Senior Quality Assurance Manager
   Phone: 760-845-8560
   E-mail: azmoon_troy@emc.com

Jim Van Baalen
   WebSideStory Inc.
   VP Engineering
   Phone: 858-546-0040
   E-mail: vansax@websidestory.com

Morgan Toomer
  Flying J Inc.
  POS Development Manager
  Phone: 801-734-6400
  E-mail: morgan.toomer@flyingj.com

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