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									How to Display Facebook Statuses on
WordPress Blog
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If you want to show your Facebook Statuses and you are hosting on a blog
that restricts you from installing plugins, try this. The following method make use of
Facebook status feed and WordPress RSS widget. It will also work for self-host WordPress
blogs, but you guys who self-host can use better plugins for that.

Step 1

Login into Facebook. Under Profile, look for Mini Feed column, click on See All.

Step 2

Under Mini Feed, click on ‘Status Stories‘ on the right column. Scroll all the way to the
bottom, look for ‘My Status‘
Step 3

Copy the link of My Status, and we are about to use this in WordPress blog. Your link will
look something like the following:

Step 4 (WordPress)

Under WordPress admin, Navigate to Design -> Widget. Look for RSS Widget, add it to
your side bar.

Step 5

Paste the copied URL inside, give it a name, save and your Facebook statuses (or status
depends on how many you display) will now appear on your WordPress blog.

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