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					Hancock County Public Library - May 8, 2007
Board of Trustees Meeting

Board Present: David Murphy, Ted Gabrielsen, Joe Mohr, Jane Pfaff, Harlan
Smith, Mark Copeland, Beverly Gard
Staff: Dianne Osborne, Diana Hoy, Jeanette Sherfield, Mike Moore, Dave Gray
Others: Peggy Pritzke

President Mark Copeland called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

There were no issues of public concern.

The minutes from the April 10, 2007 meeting were discussed. Mark Copeland
pointed out some typographical errors. The minutes were amended to reflect the
changes. Jane Pfaff moved to accept the April 10, 2007 Board meeting
minutes as amended. This was seconded by Harlan Smith. Vote was taken
and the motion carried

Harlan Smith moved to accept the financial report as written. This was
seconded by Jane Pfaff. Vote was taken and the motion carried.

Dianne Osborne reviewed bills ($231,273.75) and found them to be in order.
Mark Copeland questioned what checks and balances are in place on the
amount of money spent by one person. Dianne Osborne explained that selectors
have budgets and track their spending carefully through this process. Joe Mohr
asked about VISA expenditures since they are not itemized separately. Business
Manager Mike Moore explained that payment vouchers have detailed
expenditures and are checked by him. Dianne further explained the VISA card is
used for making purchases of items from Amazon that are not available through
Baker and Taylor. Jane Pfaff reminded the board that Dianne now has the power
to approve bills rather than having a board member approve all the bills as was
done in the past. David Murphy stated that it became too cumbersome for a
board member to check every bill. Mark stated the balances appeared to be in
order and noted there is a fifty percent charge to professional services already
and the insurance was very high. Dianne Osborne explained that an annual
insurance premium became due which accounted for the high figure. She also
stated that she always brings the claims with her to board meetings and board
members are always welcome to examine them. Jane Pfaff moved to allow
these bills. This was seconded by Harlan Smith. Vote was taken and the
motion carried.

Dianne Osborne gave her Director’s report.
       Dianne expressed her thanks to Mark Copeland for bringing Mt.
         Comfort Elementary children to the library for visits and for helping
         register them for library cards. The HCPL Children’s staff provided 19
         story times for the students and gave 536 students tours of the
    building. It was estimated that about 50% of the students had never
    been to HCPL before. Mark said that HCPL staff was great; Children’s
    and Circulation staff bent over backwards to give the students a
    memorable experience at the library. He also stated the Mt. Comfort
    teachers loved bringing the kids. Next year only the kindergarten
    children and persons who are new to the school will be brought to
    HCPL. Dianne mentioned the diversity of the student population and
    Mark acknowledged that they do have a variety of ethnic backgrounds.
   HCPL staff is gearing up for the Summer Reading Club. Every school
    served by HCPL (with one exception) will be visited by HCPL main
    children’s staff, Tiffany and Deborah from Sugar Creek and by Christy
    Beaver for Young Adult summer reading programs.
   There were 210 children attending programs at Sugar Creek last
   The Computer Lab had 418 users on Sundays during the month of
    April which is 8.5% of the total computer users. The count would have
    been higher but HCPL was closed on Easter Sunday. Dianne thanked
    Dave and his staff for staffing the Computer Lab.
   Diana Hoy and her husband staffed the annual Central Indiana Power
    event handing out literature and signing people up for cards.
    Approximately 350 people were spoken with at the booth.
   Dianne Osborne, Mary Lynn Stevens, and Catherine Mroz hosted the
    Volunteer Luncheon on April 18, 2007 for anyone volunteering at the
   Dianne Osborne and Diana Hoy provided a breakfast sponsored by the
    Friends of the Library for HCPL staff at the All Staff meeting on April
    17, 2007.
   IT assistant Kyle Turpin is setting up online registration for Summer
    Reading this year. He is using a program designed through one of his
    classes at IUPUI. The cost of the program is about $500 compared to
    $2,500 for other programs that are designed to serve basically the
    same purpose.
   Dianne went to the INCOLSA Board Meeting this month.
   Shelby County Public Library officials from Sidney, Ohio, visited HCPL
    and took a tour of the building.
   Hamilton North Public Library sent representatives to HCPL to see the
    Techmobile. They are considering turning an old railroad car into a
    library branch.
   The Techmobile has added the following stops to their schedule:
    Pleasant View Lodge on the fringes of Buck Creek/Vernon Township;
    the Shining Star Day Care and the Eastway Court Apartment complex
    on U.S. 40.
   The “Battle of the Books” was a huge success with ten teams. Eighty-
    five participants attended the event.
   Mike Moore and Dianne had a meeting with Mayor Rodney Fleming
    regarding the sidewalk revamp requirement. Dianne and Mike will meet
          with City Engineer Mike Fruth and Phil Passen from Meyer Najem
         Dianne had a meeting with Mary Gibble, Director of the Hancock
          County Community Foundation about funding restrictions that no
          longer allow the library to be considered for available grants.
         Dianne, Jane Pfaff and Harlan Smith attended the District Four ILF
          meeting at Hussey-Mayfield Public Library in Zionsville, Friday, May 4,
          2007. They met trustees from Carmel-Clay, Zionsville and Westfield
          Public Libraries.
         Dianne attended the ADOLPHI meeting of directors of large libraries
          April 19 in Fort Wayne. The idea of Public Service Units (PSU) was
          discussed. There will be another meeting in the summer to study it in
          more depth. The aim is to show the value of the library in the state of
          Indiana. Lake County P.L. assigns the same weight to everything;
          other libraries give different weights to different items.
         Dianne attended the first meeting of the certification task force. The
          idea is that librarians should have certification requirements just as
          other professionals do. Mark Copeland asked if the Library would
          have special training needs. Dianne said that responsibility for training
          to obtain certification is pushed to the individual
         INSPIRE funding is assured for next year. A new database may be
         Research and Evaualtion Project that was planned for this summer in
          the Children’s Dept. has been cancelled per Sara Laughlin, instructor
          for the course. Her course was cancelled by IU due to lack of
          enrollment. Dianne would like to work with Sara who is a former
          librarian and now a consultant and instructor on this project at some
          later date.
         The May Friends of the Library book sale brought in over $1,800.00.
         Focus groups will again be conducted by Ginny Andis where staff input
          will be collected to determine areas of concern and help with planning
          for the future.
         Kay Sowder retired April 30, 2007. She will be missed.
         Marcia Hunt will retire May 29, 2007 after 29 years of service at HCPL.

New Business

     Dianne proposed HCPL join the Indiana Library Federation with a Trustee
      Membership. HCPL currently belongs to ILF as an organization at a cost
      of $150.00 per year. A Trustee Membership would cost $2,600. Beverly
      Gard asked what ILF does besides lobbying for libraries. Dianne said that
      one item ILF has worked very hard on is medical insurance coverage for
      libraries. At one point, insurance companies would not offer insurance to
      them. Currently, 53 libraries participate in the insurance plan. Directors
      and officers of libraries may also obtain insurance through this plan. Joe
      Mohr wanted to know what benefits HCPL would receive from $2,600
    membership versus the organization membership. Dianne said that it is
    the right thing to do and gives credibility. Beverly Gard wanted to know if
    there is any comparison on health insurance between libraries that are
    part of ILF. Dianne said that HCPL is Category 1 which is the highest
    level and comes from our having a young, healthy staff. Ted Gabrielsen
    wanted to know why the largest library in the state (Indianapolis—Marion
    County) is not a member. Dianne stated that she does not know why
    IMCPL is not a member unless it is a cost cutting plan on their part due to
    their vast expenses with their building project. She also stated that Allen
    County Public Library is a very large library system and is a member.
    Harlan wanted to know what we are buying if we do agree to become a
    Trustee member and why we are doing it if not all libraries are; we are
    essentially paying their freight. Dianne said that other libraries have been
    carrying us for a long time. David Murphy asked about the library
    lobbyists—do we need one? Beverly Gard said that we definitely do need
    one because legislators cannot keep track of all the bills. She told the
    board that library lobbyist John Barnett and his assistant have been very
    beneficial to libraries. She said that every time legislation is introduced
    the library comes under attack from various groups. She also stated that
    ILF had helped a great deal when she was working on legislation for the
    funding of HCPL through CAGIT and CEDIT rather than property taxes.
    David Murphy moved to approve joining ILF with a Trustee
    Membership. Harlan Smith seconded the motion. Vote was taken and
    the motion carried.
   Updates to Outreach backdrop panel used for displays: A quote of $1,720
    from the same company who originally made the display has been
    received. Debbie Howell will work with them on the design and photos for
    the panels. David Murphy moved to have the portable display
    updated. Ted Gabrielsen seconded the motion. Vote was taken and the
    motion carried. It was agreed the amount would be taken out of the
    Capital Campaign Fund.
   Unique Management – Mark asked how much more we’re getting from
    collection of overdues since we raised the fines from $.05 to $.10 per day.
    Mike Moore will pull this information. Harlan Smith also expressed an
    interest in this comparison. Dianne explained how the notification process
    works for persons with overdue accounts and lost items.
   Computer lab usage for outside groups with Dave Gray. Dianne explained
    that a homeschooler had called asking to use the computer lab for
    instruction of their students but by their own teachers. Dave said the
    computer lab is pretty heavily used with an average of 60 hours per month
    dedicated to children’s computer classes and adult classes. He stated
    that scheduling and setup time for special software (if needed) would be
    main concerns. Beverly Gard and Ted Gabrielsen felt that more
    information is needed before the Board moves on this request. e.g. what
    specifically do they want? Licensing may be an issue; can’t install their
    own equipment; need to know the proficiency of the instructor if they want
    to use their own instructor. Beverly also stated the Indiana
    Homeschoolers Association’s main office is now in Greenfield.
   Board Committee Assignments: Mark talked about changing committee
    assignments for 2006 - 07 and wondered if a programming committee was
    still necessary. Harlan and Beverly stated they don’t think the board has a
    role in this. Harlan said if we ever need a special committee, one can be
    appointed. This is not covered in the by-laws according to Harlan. The
    three committees that are no longer needed are: programming, marketing
    (Kitty provides this service), and governance. The four that need to
    remain are: finance, technology, facilities and personnel. Harlan
    suggested the technology and facilities committees be combined.
    According to the by-laws each committee must have 3 members. The
    Director can be on a committee as an ex-officio member. Mark Copeland
    asked for a motion to dissolve the Programming, Marketing and
    Governance committees. Beverly Gard moved to dissolve those
    committees. Ted Gabrielsen seconded the motion. Vote was taken and
    the motion carried. Beverly suggested writing down the four remaining
    committees and letting people choose which committee they would like to
    serve on. It was decided the personnel committee should remain the
    same since they need to do the director’s evaluation this month or as soon
    as possible. Mark stated they would continue with the same committee
    members until February, 2008. Evaluation forms for Directors are being
    sent to HCPL board members from Zionsville (covered at the Dist. IV ILF
    meeting) Dianne mentioned the budget will be coming up in June and the
    Finance committee might want to meet. Beverly Gard said that she would
    like to see a side-by-side of the current year and the proposed budget.
    Harlan thought it would be better to meet sooner than later. Beverly wants
    to see how CEDIT is doing; wants a three year history. Dianne will obtain
    a copy of the evaluation tool that members had seen in Zionsville

Old Business:
    Mike Moore said the 2007 final budget order was received from the
      state. There were no significant cuts or changes. Within the next few
      weeks we should get the final certified budget number. Dianne said
      that HCPL had received two good checks last week from CEDIT and
      CAGIT. We are now on actual receipts rather than estimates.
    Capital Projects Fund – Dianne stated that new information from
      Indiana State Library was shared by Edie Huffman. She said the
      current head of the Department of Local Government Finance believes
      that every library should have a capital projects fund and they are
      beginning to cut money out of LIRF if there is no capital projects fund.
      Beverly said that this has to go to the County Council. David Murphy
      reiterated that if one in four library cardholders donated $1 a week for
      two years, a capital projects fund would not be necessary. The goal is
      to operate the library free from interference of local government, i.e.
      financial independence. He provided examples of government
             interference. It was agreed that we have to monitor the capital fund
             projects situation.
            Interior Lighting - Mike Moore has talked with Mike Montgomery
             regarding the lighting. Mike Montgomery suggested that we switch off
             one of the overhead lamps or manually adjust throughout the day. We
             could also get switches that do this automatically. Dianne said that
             staff in the Admin area is turning lights down in an effort to save
             energy. If we use the new fluorescent lights we will save one-third but
             the initial cost is very high. Mike Moore suggested the Board could
             have Kim Winship of C.M. Bush Lighting come and do a
             demonstration. No action was taken on this issue.
            Endowment Fund – the State Board of Accounts does not recommend
             using the Rainy Day Fund for an Endowment Fund. HCPL can start
             our own foundation to administer the Endowment Fund but would have
             to have staff other than HCPL on the foundation board.


Mark Copeland presented David Murphy with a plaque in appreciation of his
years of service on the board from 1995 - 2007. David said that it had been an
honor and a privilege to serve on the board and recounted some of the changes
that had occurred during those years. He said the library is the jewel of the
community. A cake was served to celebrate his years on the board. Peggy
Pritzke was introduced to the board. She will fill David’s position on the board
beginning with the July, 2007 board meeting.

Mark Copeland called for a motion to adjourn. Joe Mohr made a motion to
approve adjournment; Jane Pfaff seconded the motion. Vote was taken and the
motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,
Diana Hoy, Assistant Director

___________________________                       ________________________
Mark Copeland, President                          Joe Mohr, Secretary

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