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									DUI Bail Bonds

When out partying in Las Vegas, it can be tempting to hop in your car and
head to the next bar, but driving under the influence is never a nifty
idea and is extremely dangerous. But if you do end up driving and
drinking and get caught, you may need DUI Bail Bonds. If you get pulled
over for a DUI, you are booked and taken to the local jail where you will
await a bail statement. Once you are in front of a judge, they will
determine the amount of bail you owe based on either a set amount, called
a “bail schedule” or based on the following factors:

1. Your DUI record and driving history.

2. Whether anyone was injured while you were driving under the influence.

3. Your ties to family, the community, and your job.

Once they have set the price, you may not be able to afford it. This is
when DUI bail bonds comes into play. Bail bonds services will step in and
cover your bail for you for a fee. All bonds services are required to
comply with state law and so they all charge approximately the same
amount, it’s about picking the service you feel the most comfortable
with. Many bail bonds services are available 24/7, like 911 Bail Bonds in
Las Vegas, and will take your call and your bail at any hour of any day.

It is crucial to remember that a bail bond is a legal contract. Your DUI
bail bonds service is guaranteeing that you will show up for your court
date. There are situations where it is understandable that you do not
appear, illness, car trouble, etc., but skipping out on court room and
failing to appear is serious. If you do not appear for your court date, a
bench warrant will be issued for your immediate arrest. Your DUI Bail
Bonds service will be notified that you failed to appear, and your
bondsman will have six months to get you back - either to court or jail.
If they don't, they will be required to pay the court the full bail

If the bail bonds service cannot find you, they will sometimes employ a
fugitive recovery agent, also known as a “bounty hunter”. These
individuals have the full authority to pursue, take into custody, and
return fugitives to jail. Any time a bondsman has to use a bounty hunter,
the person who signed the bail contract is responsible for the charges,
but in the end, the bondsman still loses money if he has to pursue you.

The easiest way to avoid a situation like this is to avoid drinking and
driving all together, pay for a cab, find a DD, or like many out on the
town in Las Vegas, get a Limo. If you do get caught on a DUI, talk to a
bail bonds service about a DUI Bail Bonds, contact a DUI attorney, and
don’t make a run for it.

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