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Yoga Retreat Kerala


Yoga Retreat Kerala - Get yoga Training at India by Experts gest your Tracher Training Cirtificate in hatha yoga meditation and retreat from Kasi Yoga Anushtana Kendram located at Varkala - Kerala India

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									                            Yoga Retreat Kerala

Yoga Retreat at Kerala held at Kasi Yoga Anushtana Kendram , Yoga retreats and teacher-training
courses are held continually throughout the year. Group sizes are small to ensure personal attention.
Teacher-training curriculum meets the 200-hour standards set by Yoga Alliance for more details visit

Location : Varkala, Kerala, South India
Opened: January, February, March, April, May, August, September, October, November, December
Courses: retreats and courses, teacher training, classes, private teacher
Levels: beginner, intermediate
Accommodation: shared
Nearest Airport : Thiruvanthapuram, India
Address : Kasi Yoga Anushtana Kendram. Tulasivanam, North Kurakkanni Junction, Punnamoodu
Road, Varkala 695141 Kerala INDIA

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