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Job Interview Tips: Typical Interview Process


1. Be there at least 30 minutes before the appointment. You might need to go through security
checkpoint and fill up forms or even find a parking space.
2. Bring along 2 copies of resume just in case the interviewer does not have one, or does not
have an updated version.
3. The attire has to be appropriate, clean and tidy.
4. By polite and smile to everybody, e.g. security, receptionist, HR, interviewer

According to my experience as an interviewer as well as interviewee, I can conclude that a
typical interview will go through the following flow:

This is an ice-breaking process to relax both newly met parties. Normally the interviewer will ask
you about the mean of transport you took to the office or your hometown etc. Be extra careful if
there is no such ice-breaking chat, the interviewer might not be in the right mood or not used to
conduct an interview.

The interviewer will ask you to introduce yourself and work experience. This is the most critical
session for you to assist the interviewer to set your preferred questions to ask you later. Start
with the earliest relevant experience and focus in quantitative achievements and lesson learnt
from each relevant project and your role in the project or operation. The key of this session is to
describe the relevant projects with impressive quantifiable result.

After the attractive presentation, the interviewer will start to drill into details of your presentation
especially those impressive numbers. If you are able to get the answer right, most likely you
have passed the test at least of this round.

This is the time for you to understand the position, organization chart and the company structure
better. You may ask about the job benefit only if you have confident with your “present/answer”

Most of us know that this is one of the key reason of a career change, nothing else! But of
course most of the time we are not going to put this as our primary reason. Usually the expected
package is already stated in the form so if it was not raised in the interview, you may consider it
as within the budget and HR will talk to you in the next interview.

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