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									SUBJECT: [FIRSTNAME], Info On Ad Blocks


Are you tired of the continuous stream of ads coming your way
every time you search the internet for something? If so, then
you may be interested in learning more about the various Ad
Blocks that will prevent this from happening. Your computer will
also run faster without all of those ads and you will have more
privacy regarding where you go on the internet. Most Ad Blocks
work by blocking out the host files. Others work by using a list
of host names. You can choose to ad new names to the list and
take others off. You would continue to get ads from hosts that
are not on your blocked list.

There are many types of Ad Blocks to choose from. The one that
is right for you depends on why you want to block them and if
you want the option of letting some through from a particular
host or not. The market is saturated with various spyware and
pop up ad software that block these ads out. Make sure the
product you use has automatic updates as things change and is
compatible with the other software you operate on your computer.

SuperAdBlocker is considered to be the most reliable product out
there. It is able to remove more than 100,000 adware and spyware
components. This means regardless of the method the advertiser
is using your software will likely prevent it from getting
through to your computer. You will also be able to block banners
in the area of instant messaging. This software comes with free
updates as well as excellent customer support that is available
24/7 at no charge. SuperAdBlocker is available for only $29.95.

Mozilla is a type of Ad Blocker that allows you to make the
choice of the advertisements you are exposed to as you go. It
has a built in command called “block images from this server”.
It is very simple to use. When you run across an ad you want
blocked from your computer simply right click. Double click the
“block images from this server” option ad the ad will disappear.
Those who advertise with AdSense aren’t happy about these
various ad blockers as they feel they will make their effective
marketing tool a waste of time. Those who advertise for Adsense
are worried to because they don’t know how those blocked ads
will make their website appear to the user. They can rest easy
because all the user will see is a blank spot where the ad would
have been.

Will Ad Blocks affect the vitality and economy of the internet?
I guess it depends on who you ask. Some researchers believe Ad
Blocks simply give the consumer some choice over what they are
exposed to just like any other mode of advertising. We all have
the right to turn the TV channel if we don’t like what is on.
The same with the radio station. Other researchers believe that
Ad Blocks will hurt the internet and cost consumers more in the
long run. This is because the advertisers will have to find new
methods of reaching the consumer but it will cost them more.
That additional cost will be passed on to the consumers. However
the world of advertising and consumers continues to evolve and
there are always new ideas being introduced. It will be
interesting to see what happens next.

To Your Success,

Ad Blockers are a great way to eliminate the amount of ads you
receive on your computer. This will make your computer work
faster as well as protect your privacy more. You can choose from
various types of programs and software to block such ads. Some
will block all of the advertisements while others allow you to
block them from particular hosts. Others allow you to click on
particular ads and remove them from your computer. Ad Blocks
give you a choice in how advertising online affects you and your

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