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Gregory L


									                               Gregory Lynn Reichert
             6822 Kirby Arms Drive, Memphis, Tenn. USA 38115 - Phone: 1-901-730-1166
            E-Mail: - Web Site:
                             Last Updated: Monday, September 28, 2009


Offers nearly 30 years of experience managing all aspects of life cycle development, including software
design, development, database administration, testing, and application deployment. Demonstrates
expertise in an array of cutting-edge technology tools and consistently completes large-scale projects on
time and under budget. Excellent communicator who effectively interfaces with interdisciplinary teams
and corporate clients, and ensures adherence to high quality standards and client business needs.
Experienced in designing and developing of database applications for both n-tier architectures and web
base solutions.

                                       ACCOMPLISH MENTS

       Directed the design, development, and testing of the original Orca Medical Emergency
        Department software acquired by SpaceLabs, which was, renamed Emergency Chart.
       Improved project management functions by developing an Internet-based issue tracking system,
        implementing design-specification maintenance standards, and heightening quality control
       Developed all facets of, including online store, internal search engine with
        Boolean search capabilities, chat rooms, and a discussion forum. Increased web access speed by
        enabling the Active Server Pages to be automatically converted to HTML pages through a
        scheduling task conversion application.
       As early as 2003, I was implementing AJAX technology (using XMLHTTP) to develop web
        application that would not require full page refreshing each time the user makes a selection.
       Developed an automated method to test a system model dialog that was once historically thought
        it could only manually testable. Created methods to automate user-interface components that
        were previously being test solely through manually interactive approaches.
       For Visual FoxPro; created a means to implement a Junit concept (Funit) to imbed unit tests into
        the code as it is being developed. These are used to run Unit Test to validate exist and new code
        during development.
       Create a general purpose (and expandable) to generate script for application build procedure,
        and schedule report print at designated times. This also includes an Auto-Update for the client-
        side application, where when the application starts; it queries the host (HQ) for the latest version
        and downloads, updates, and configures the client side automatically.
       A universal query engine to allow Visual FoxPro to access and query (SQL) many data lists and
        then output the results to other data lists (Query).

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                                       PROFESSIONAL HISTORY

                                      Memphis Tenn. Assignments

 WEB APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT                                                   MARCH 2009 – OCT` 2009
    Memphis Police Department

Designed and developed web applications to manage City Grants and Cold Case Incidents in
using C# and languages. Converted an existing Oracle database to SQL Server and optimized
the data retrieval. In addition responsibilities include design, documentation, testing, deployment and

 LEAD SOFTWARE DEVELOPER (VFP/SQL)                                                  FEB 2007 – MAY 2008
    NAVEX Inc.

     In charge of the designing and development of the enhancements and maintenance to a retail brake
shop POS application. The application was written almost entirely in Visual FoxPro with on going
enhancement using .NET and web services. Implemented an auto-updated procedure to ease the
deployment. I worked with others in migrating existing FoxPro databases to MS SQL Server. This
required rewriting large number of VFP SQL Queries as Store Procedures and Views. West-Wind
WebConnection was used to establish a real-time communication between various stores and their home
office servers.

                                       Seattle Wash. Assignments

 SOFTWARE DESIGN ENGINEER / TEST                                                   JULY 2006 – FEB 2007

     Investigate, design and develop automated test case script (in Javascript) to validate the core DOM
object for the InDesign/InCopy applications. Automated the suite of test cases to run for each new build
of the applications on multiple operating system; Windows XP/Vista and Mac OS9 and OS10.

 SOFTWARE DESIGN ENGINEER / TEST                                                JAN 2005 – MARCH 2006

  Designed and performed application platform testing on two and three tier ASP.Net Case Management
application for both in-house and external customers. Designed and developed Automated Test Suite
application, and other small utilities, using VS.Net 2003 / C# and SQL Server 2000. Assisted QA in
evaluating a few third party Automated Test Case applications like; SilkTest and QuickTest Pro. For more
information about the company visit


  Assisted in the design and development of several international web form questionnaires using Active
Sever Pages to evaluate the investment risk factor and generate a proposal for the company’s clients. In
addition, performed database modification to MS SQL Server and Access database applications.


  Wrote a functional and design specification for converting Access database application to a web-based
version of several in-house applications. Using a method similar to AJAX to aid in the web page’s
performance. Designed and managed back-end SQL 2000 databases including Stored Procedures and
Views. Aided in teaching other team members advanced ASP 3.0 techniques and SQL 2000 optimization
methods. This included working close with the clients to insure the application increases their productivity.

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 SOFTWARE DESIGN ENGINEER/TEST 3,                               MAY – OCT 1997 / DEC 2001-DEC 2002

  Wrote a variety of test plans and specifications for new features of the Visual FoxPro 8.0 development
language. Developed and tested web servers/VFP integration ensured VFP compatibility with all
Windows OS, and designed test cases using the VFP language. Constructed automated tests for
utilization in MACE, an internal test suite application. Identified and reported system bugs and provided
recommendations to enhance internal bug tracking system (RAID) and Product Studio. Design and
developed a performance harness to validate the speed and memory usage of VFP.

 SOFTWARE DESIGN ENGINEER                                                           MARCH – DEC 2001

 Performed database administration for MS SQL Server 2000 and MS Access 2000, and utilized Borland
C++ Builder and Visual FoxPro 7.0 to develop a variety of in-house database management applications.
Managed database conversions and performance enhancements, overseeing all aspects of project
design, test procedure coordination, and issue resolution and tracking. Integrated Crystal Report 7.0 into
numerous applications as both manual and automated reporting functions. Assisted the design and
development of their public web site at

 LEAD SOFTWARE DESIGN ENGINEER                                                 JAN 2000 - MARCH 2001

 Led the development of the company’s membership web site, Constructed an Active
Server Pages based front end with a MS SQL server 7.0 backend using VBscript, JavaScript, and DOM.
Designed and implemented custom COM+ objects to enhance performance using MS Visual Basic 6.0,
C++ 6.0, and FoxPro 6.0. Optimized the web site for Internet Explorer and Netscape on PC and
Macintosh environments as well as WebTV and Opera. Designed a wireless web access to the site using

 SOFTWARE DESIGN ENGINEER                                                           AUG 1999-JAN 2000

  Provided development support on current and future client projects. Designed, constructed, and
implemented an interactive web site using Westwind’s WebConnection VFP-based CGI and Visual
FoxPro 6.0. Established installation procedures and produced an installation program with InstallShield
6.0. Trained personnel and assisted in the development of interfacing software for a several Global
Positioning Devices.

 TECHNICAL STAFF MEMBER/PROJECT LEAD                                               OCT 1997-JULY 1999

  Directed the design, development, and testing of the company’s proprietary software, a system allowing
for consistent and compatible communication between various hospitals and practitioners. Oversaw
software design engineering, development management, diagnostic testing, and quality assurance
management, and a team of four personnel. Performed application design and authored technical
specifications and test plans, creating a Test Automation system using Visual Basic and an installation
program using InstallShield. My team and I were also continuing the migration to using SQL server
backend instead of the original VFP databases.

I worked at Microsoft as a SDE-T during the months of May through October of 1997. See above for the
details of the second time I held this same position at Microsoft.

 BUSINESS DATABASE APPLICATION DEVELOPER                                          NOV 1995-APRIL 1997

Gregory L. Reichert Resume                                                                  3 of 5
  Functioned as lead software developer and assisted in the design, management, and development of
the company’s emergency department software. Performed onsite customer service activities, including
installation and optimization. Working a group to evaluate and design SQL database to be used as an
alternative to VFP databases.

 VARIOUS EMPLOYMENT AND CONTRACT POSITIONS                                           JAN 1980-NOV 1995

  For the purpose of length of this document, I have purposely dropped positions I held during the first 15
years of my career. Many of the applications and software language have become obsolete sense those
times. If a full listing of these previous year’s occupations is required, I can produce a copy and have it
emailed. Thank you.

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      Operating Systems: Windows Vista/XP/2000/NT/NT/98/95, MS DOS (up to 6.2), Unix
      Languages:               MS SQL Server 6.0-2005, MS Visual FoxPro 1.0-9.0, MS Visual
       C/C++/C#, DHTML, ASP, WAP/WML, JavaScript, VBScript, DOM, XML, MS Visual Basic 3.0-6.0,
       MS Visual Studio.NET
      Services/Servers:        ISS, ASP, MMC, West-Wind’s WebConnection CGI-3.0+,
      Applications:            MS Visual Interdev 2000, MS Word and Excel/95/2000/XP, MS
       FrontPage 98/2000, MS PowerPoint 2000, Visio 2.0-2000, MS Visual SourceSafe 4.0-2005 plus
       Administration, InstallShield 5.5/6.0, Internet Explorer 3.0-6.0, Netscape 4.7-6.0, Opera, WebTV,
       Outlook 98/2000/Express, PC Anywhere 9.2, Lotus Notes 3.x, Rational Visual Test 5.0


      Computer Operator and Programming, Seattle Opportunity Industrial Center Vocational/Technical
      Visual Basic 6.0, Infotec Commercial Systems
      Microsoft Certification Professional for VFP 6.0. MCP ID # 1737134, since 2000


      Member of the Seattle FoxPro Special Interest Group
      "OOPs FOX - Applying Object-Orientation operations to FoxPro 1.0/2.0." – FoxTALK journal -
       Oct. ’90 Pinnacle Publishing Inc.
      Headed the Tacoma dBase Users Group (1987-88). Correlate needed speakers and activities for
       the users group.
                                       OTHER INTERESTS

   True time multi-Tasking; Parallel processing, and Multi-Core software development.

                                 ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTS

   Most of the related employment documents can be located on my web site at Just click on the About Us link on the left and you download my most
   recent Resume and the other related documents.

      Resume –
        Most recent copy of this document.

      References -
        A list of professional references.

     List of Experiences -
        Outlines all the development languages, applications, and other technical skills. Each includes
   when the last time as used (professional or studied) and how I personally rate myself with it.

      Example of web site development
          o StarIQ –
             Designed and developed this ASP / SQL web site while employed with the StarIQ inc
             company from Jan 2000 through March 2001 (see Professional History.)

           o   GLR software –
               My personal web site I established for my company GLR Software. Even though it may
               appear as a company web site, I have mainly used it a sandbox area to try new ideas
               and techniques.

           O   I have developed several dozens other Intranet web site for company’s internal usage.

Gregory L. Reichert Resume                                                                5 of 5

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