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									   Café Enterprise™                                                      Café Terminal™
All the power of three software products                           Our Legacy Point-Of-            Features include...
in one SQL server-based solution!                                  Sale (POS) Software!
                                                                                                   •   Touch screen
                              Features include...                                                  •   Automatic meal
                                                                                                       pricing according to
                              •   A wide variety of hardware                                           eligibility.
                                  options, including wireless      Powerful yet simple, Café       •   Patron account access
                                                                   Terminal turns your                 for editing or
If you’re looking for a       •   Returned Check & Fees            computers into POS                  processing sales.
state-of-the-art product to       button allows you to apply       terminals. Systems are          •   Accept credit cards
help you manage your              bank service fees for returned                                       right at the cash
                                                                   designed according to the
                                  checks.                                                              register.
entire food service                                                needs of each facility, and a
operation, you’ve found it    •   A message alerts cashiers
                                                                   wide variety of hardware        •   Instantly post credit
in Café Enterprise.               when a student is from                                               card payments and
                                                                   options are available.
                                  another school. Helps                                                Direct Withdrawal
                                  prevent misentry of PIN                                              payments from the
Café Enterprise includes          numbers.                         Manage patron accounts
all of the features                                                and menu items, process             Café Prepay website.
                              •   SIF (School Interoperability                                     •   Generates State
available in our legacy           Framework) Compliant.
                                                                   meal and à la carte sales,
POS software, Café                                                 balance the cash drawer,            Claims for
Terminal, along with
                              •   Café Prepay payment and
                                                                   and produce daily and               Reimbursement.
some new features, plus
                                  participation reports
                                                                   monthly reports, including      •   Email low balance
                                  integration is available.                                            letters to parents.
Meal Applications and                                              State Claim Forms.
District Reporting            Contact Sales for a                                                  •   Produce photo ID
capabilities.                 customized quote!                    Integrate with Café Prepay          cards or bar-coded
                                                                   website to automatically            roster sheets.
Install the Café Enterprise                                        post payments to accounts.
                                                                                                   Visit us on the web
Client on as many terminals as you need. All the data is           You don’t even have to push
                                                                                                   to learn more!
stored in a single database on the Windows 2003 ® server.          a button!
A Terminal Services ® server and licenses are used for
districts without high speed fiber connectivity. Windows
2000 or XP is required on client terminals.
                                                                           Café Central™
View and print sales reports for individual schools, groups of
schools you designate, or the entire district. Enter and
approve free and reduced family Meal Applications.                 Central Office                  Features include...
Copying the information from one student’s application to          Software
other students listed on the paper application is fast and                                         •   Pull sales reports from
                                                                                                       POS sites.
saves loads of data entry time. Print Parent Notification
Letters, mailing labels, and dozens of reports too numerous                                        •   Compile a district-
to mention. When a student is approved for free or reduced                                             wide state claim form.
meals, the status is updated instantly in the patron’s meal                                        •   Combine sales reports
                                                                   Café Central manages
account. Café Enterprise also pulls the correct percentages                                            for any combination of
                                                                   patron moves patrons or             sites and date range.
for your Verification Sampling (basic, focused or random),         entire grades from one site
and produces all the letters documentation you need for                                            •   Move patrons from
                                                                   to another, and allows you          one site to another.
completing verification. Compliance with the latest USDA           to view and print reports
regulations is standard.                                           from a single site or
                                                                                                   •   Send data exported
                                                                                                       from FARMA to all
                                                                   combine reports from all            your Café Terminal
Café Enterprise is SIF compliant. Your Zone                        locations. You can even
Server manages queries between the                                                                     sites!
                                                                   transfer and restore
student management software’s SIF client                           database files to a site that   Saves you time
and the Café Enterprise SIF client.                                has lost it’s data.             and paperwork!
                                                                                                                                        ! Yes, I’d like to know more...
       Café Prepay ®                                                       BARRicade™                                                  Please tell us about your district or facility. This is
                                                                                                                                       not an order form, and you are under no obligation
                                                                                                                                       by completing and returning this form.
                                                                Visitor Access Control              Key Features:                 What is your district’s current enrollment?
Café Prepay® is the           Features include...
online payment site                                                         An innovative           • Processes visitors with a
                                                                            access control                                        Are you currently using POS software or a software product
for school fees!              •   Simple and convenient for                                           state-issued driver’s       that manages free and reduced meal applications?
                                  everyone because we do the                solution designed         license scanner and
                                  work.                                     to instantly              fingerprint scanner.             Yes             No          Both
Café Prepay allows
                              •   Parents can pay with their    provide identification,             • Quickly generates badges
parents to use their credit                                                                                                       If the answer is Yes, which software product(s) you are using?
                                  credit card, one-time or      tracking, and screening of
card or Direct Withdrawal                                                                             on a Dymo label printer.
                                  repeating bank withdrawals.   authorized personnel,
(bank transfer) to pay for:                                                                         • Allows an employee to
                              •   Collect more prepaid          including visitors, vendors
school meals, bus fees,                                                                               pre-approve incoming
                                  monies at school sites.       and substitute teachers for
tuition, school photos,                                                                               visitors.
                              •                                 your school facilities.                                           How many computer terminals are being used in your food
parking fees, and even            Increased profits with more
                                                                                                    • Reads information from      service facilities?
purchase school                   parents paying in advance.    The system can be                     ID cards with magnetic
merchandise, to boost         •   Eliminate checks returned     configured with an unlimited          stripe or 2D bar code.      What kind of network connectivity exists in your district?
fundraising.                      for insufficient funds.       number of badge types for
                              •   Faster moving service lines   all exits, entrances and            Contact Comalex                    High Speed Fiber               T1 lines         Cable
Enrollment and                    with less cash taken in at    checkpoints.                        for current pricing.               56K Dial Up             None           Other
participation is totally          the register.
FREE for school districts.   •    Nothing to purchase and no                                                                      How many schools are in your district?
A one-time set up fee             enrollment/maintenance
covers the cost of
personalizing your
                                  fees...ever!                       Hardware Options                                                  1-10          11-19       20-30       31-40       41 or more

program. The cost of         Enroll your school                                                                                   What percentage of your enrollment qualifies for Free/
                             district today!                    Custom Designed POS Systems                                       Reduced meals?
maintaining the website
credit card fees, and bank                                                                                                              0-20%             21-40%           40% or higher
                                                                Your new POS system may include some or all of the
transfers, is covered by a small service fee paid by parents    following hardware accessories:                                   Please enter additional comments or question here:
use the service for convenience.
                                                                 •    Patron Keypad/Scanners    •      Database Server
Here’s how it works:
                                                                 •    Bar Code Readers          •      Network-based data
• After enrolling to use the service, a parent makes a
                                                                 •    Fingerprint Readers              storage/backup
  payment on Café Prepay®.                                                                      •      Uninterruptible Power
                                                                 •    Electronic Scale
• We instantly send email confirmation to the parent and                                               Supply (UPS)               Contact Name/Title
  the designated person at the school.                           •    Serial Cash Drawer
                                                                                                •      Report Printer
• The next morning, we send a follow-up fax to the school.       •    Coin Dispenser
                                                                                                •      Receipt Printer            School or District Name
• We directly deposit the payments in the bank account of        •    Digital Video Camera
                                                                                                •      ID Card Printer
  your choice.                                                   •    Touch Screen Monitor
                                                                                                •      Credit Card Reader         Street Address
                                                                 •    Keyboard Decals
Café Terminal and Café Enterprise communicate with the
Café Prepay website to share payment and account balance                                                                          City, State, Zip
information. Optional
participation reports can                                                         Wait... There’s More!                           Phone
also be integrated with
                                                                  We offer on-site installation and training, and customer
Café Enterprise, allowing
                                                                  support (via e-mail, web, fax, and telephone). In               Email Address of Contact Person
parents to view their child’s
                                                                  addition to on-site training, we offer advanced training
purchases from anywhere.                                                                                                                  I’d like to see a demonstration of your products.
                                                                  seminars in beautiful Naples, Florida!
Visit the website, and                                            Please take a moment to fill out the response card and
follow the simple steps to                                        return it to us. You can also call us toll-free at:
enroll your school district
                                                                                                                                                      COMALEX, INC.
                                                                     ____________________________________________                                    1040 Collier Center Way, Suite 15 ● Naples, FL 34110                                          We look forward to working with you!
                                                                                                                                                          Phone: 866-343-2594 ● Fax: 239-593-4867

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