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					For certain companies, after receiving the resume, in order to do further screening before the
interview, the employer often will conduct phone interview. The screening type of interview can
either be on an ad-hoc basis or a prior appointment will be made. It is recommended that the
job seeker to get ready for an ad-hoc interview, this probably will happen to fresh graduates. For
senior positions, normally an appointment will be made. It is necessary to get yourself ready to
prevent losing a further interview opportunities.

Resume & notes
Print out the job description and job requirement and your customized resume for this job
position. In this case, paper is more interview friendly than a soft copy. Make them handy in
case there is an ad-hoc phone interview. Before that it is necessary to get ready the answers
of certain questions that might be asked by the interviewer, e.g. the reason of planning to
move on, current salary package, expected package, notice period etc. If you have certain
doubts, please get the questions ready to ask the interviewer. You will need pen, calculator and
calendar during the interview.

If it is a pre-scheduled appointment, try to schedule it during working hours. It is not polite to ask
the interviewer to organize an interview after office hour. You have to make sure that there is no
other things to deal with during that time slot so that you can concentrate on a phone interview.

This is the most important condition for a phone interview. At least 15 minutes before the
appointment, you need to ensure you are in an undisturbed environment, with all your
documents, pen, calculator and calendar ready. If you are not able to find a room, please
consider to take leave to do it from your house.

Usually the first screening interview will be conducted by HR officers. They are the one who
decide whether to recommend you to the next level of interview, so you want to stay focus and
be polite in order to leave a good impression to the interviewer.

The quality of the conversation relies on the quality of the phone line. You have to avoid signal
interruption if you are on a mobile, and adequate credit if you are on prepaid card, and charge
up your battery fully or be connected to a charger. Try it first to ensure the charge cable is long
enough so that it is not irritating. If possible, use a landline instead of mobile.

If you are not used to speak through phone naturally, it is advisable to do a rehearsal with
friends. Even though the interview unable to see you but they can feel your nervous through
your voice. You can only gain the confidence by a lot of practice, through phone.

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