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									James Frederick Tenney Attorney
 Offers Legal Counsel In Atlanta
James Frederick Tenney, attorney has more than
30 years of legal experience and he is a respected
professional in the legal field. He offers pertinent
and timely legal advice to clients in the fields of
business planning, tax planning, investment
transactions, business law, domestic and
international estate planning, and asset
He has worked with international businesses and
has offered counsel on international taxation, and
mergers and acquisitions. His knowledge of the
legal field encompasses the wide spectrum of
business and individual planning. A Certified
Public Accountant, James Frederick Tenney holds
a license to practice in the State of Georgia.
He received his under graduate degree in Finance
(B.S.) and Law (J.D.) from University of Michigan
and the University of Tennessee. For his Masters
of Law in Taxation (LL.M.) he studied at Emory
University. His education formed the basis of his
long and successful career in the legal field. He
has worked with clients from all walks of life,
which has given him a broad background of
experience to deal with all kinds of legal issues.
James Frederick Tenney, attorney has also
published articles in several popular professional
and trade publications. He is also a noted speaker
and he has conducted seminars and attended
conferences to speak on legal as well as taxation
issues at a national, regional, and local level. His
seminars are popular among businessmen,
students, and individuals who are interested in
learning more about the latest changes and
planning ideas in the field of taxation.
With more than three decades of experience,
James Frederick Tenney attorney has represented
clients in a wide range of cases and established
himself as a preeminent attorney amongst his
peers in the legal field. He is a proud member of
bar associations such as the American Bar
Association, International Bar Association, and
the State Bar of Georgia, the Tennessee Bar
Association, the ABA Section on Taxation and
several of its national committees.
James Tenney is often the first choice of
clients who are looking for excellent advice on
dealing with legal issues. James Frederick
Tenney is family man and has three children.
In his free time, he enjoys tennis, golf, hiking,
and motorcycling.
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