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                                                                                            December, 2009

    ny homeowner with an                a home loan at today’s                                 you how a new mort-
A      adjustable-rate mortgage
which will reset soon should
                                        rates. Additionally, you’ll
                                        have peace of mind
                                                                                               gage would work
                                                                                               in your situation.
consider refinancing at today’s          knowing that your rates                                    Ad
low rates. You should stay with         won’t go up while you’re                                    review your credit
                                                                                               I’ll rev
your current loan only if you’re cer-   living there.                                                   with
                                                                                               report w you and
tain you’ll move before the payment                                                    t
                                                                                suggest ways to increase your score.
on your adjustable mortgage goes up.    FIT YOUR PLANS
                                                                                But it’s important to concontact me
   Mortgage rates are now                                                 o
                                           If you anticipate moving due to a             nce             know
                                                                                soon, since we don’t kn how
around the lowest levels                                           r
                                        job change, retirement, or need for          today y’s
                                                                                long today’s great r  rates will
seen in several decades.                                     n      year
                                        a larger home within five years, you u      available!
                                                                                be available!
By looking at your future                                   y     nanci
                                        can save more by refinancing
plans, we can select a                             w adju table mortgag
                                        into a new adjustable mortgage
mortgage which suits your                         yments which
                                        with payments w ich won’t
needs today.                                               yea
                                        change for five years.
   Many owners prefer 30-                     omeowners         pr fer pay
                                           Homeowners who prefer to pa
year mortgages — and                    off their loan quickly can opt for a                   uying a new car
their rates recently were
1.2 percent lower than they
                   r         y
                                        15-year mortgage. Rates on those
                                        loans recently f to the lowest
                                                                                          B     was the best way
                                                                                          for young adults to im-
were a year ago! Refinan
                     nancing            levels ever recorded, states
                                        lev ls        re                                 press their friends at the
              t          $1
now would let you save $189 eac
                              ach              age
                                            rtgage investor Freddie Mac.
                                        mortga i                                        beginning of this decade.
month on a $250,000 home loan  an.         Refinancing can provide savings
                                           Re                                    But owning a new cell phone
   You’ll gain low payments by
             n                          for homeowners in different circum-      is more of a popularity
purchasing or refinancing with
              r                         stances today. I’ll be happy to show     booster now for
                                                                                 Americans aged
                                                                                 16 to 29, reports
                                                                                 CNW Market-
                      Happy Holidays!                                            ing Research.
                          mericans are focusing on family and                       Since they
                      A     friends this holiday season more than
                      in previous years, a recent survey reveals.
                                                                                 carry their
                                                                                 phones every-
                      About 40 percent of us expect “to spend more               where, friends
                        family time at home this year compared                   are sure to see
                        to last year,” says The Harris Poll.                     which model they have. Yet
                                                                                 cell phones also have monthly
      It’s natural that our priorities should center on our homes,               service fees which otherwise
   and being with those who are closest                                          could go towards car payments.
   to us now. Owning a home provides
   a stable base for building the life                                              Car manufacturers are finding
   you want.                                                                     brand loyalty has evaporated, as
                                                                                 well. Four out of five Americans
      Contact me if you — or someone                                             chose the same carmaker when
   you care about — is thinking about                                            purchasing in the 1980’s, reports
   buying or refinancing a home.                                                  The New York Times. But
   I’ll help you obtain affordable                                               only one in five car buyers
   payments, so you can enjoy special                                            stayed with their current
   holiday times with friends and
                                                                                 brand in 2009.
   family for years to come.

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