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					                            VINAL TECH PFO MINUTES
                                 January 14, 2009

Present: Bill Weidner, Robin Ramirez, Debbie Gullitti, Mary Monarca, Theresa Siwinski,
Debby Percy, Joyce Forman, Kimberly Barcello, Principal Sheila Fredson

The meeting was called to order at 6:35 p.m.
Attendance Sheet was circulated.
The December minutes were read, amended, and approved.
Treasurer’s Report
 Treasurer’s Report was reviewed and approved. PFO Balance - $13,758.29,
   Boosters-$641.43, SkillsUSA (candy) - $543.15. Total $14,942.87.
Current Business
   EMT Testing –
    The schedule of volunteers for January is as follows:
                         Date        10 a.m.-1 p.m.         1 p.m.-4 p.m.
                         1/17          Debby P.                Joyce F.
                         1/24           Mary M.
                         1/31          Debby P.               Joyce F.
    Alex did not call back with new schedule, but there are tests every Saturday in January.
    Need to send broadcast message to ask for additional volunteers. Notify Debby Percy at
    860.759.0649 if interested.
    Whiteboard needs to be returned to PFO to use for EMT testing dates.

    Cooler has a new handle, but needs a bigger space for a padlock to be secured. Bill W. will
    ask to see if Machine Shop can do this.
   Vinal Polo shirts – New supplier, Darter, was contacted and 4 shirts were ordered Monday.
    They verified the order, filled it, and UPS delivered that Friday.

   Illumination for Vinal Sign in front of building – Bell and Howell solar spot lights (2/$30)
    may not be sturdy enough. Bill will ask Mr. Zisk if he has any suggestions.
   Fundraisers

     Career Night – Some polo shirts and the rest of the cookie dough were sold, along with
      baked goods and drinks, for income of $102.
     Illiano’s fundraiser – An ad was placed in the Middletown Press and Mary “hawked” it
      up after the basketball game last night (1/13). The turn out was okay, but the owner
      said he expected us to do more. We netted $215 after we deducted the price of the ad

                            VINAL TECH PFO MINUTES
                                 January 14, 2009
        Joyce thought that the Hartford Courant had free advertising for non-profit
        organizations in the Itowns section. She will e-mail the paper to see if all non-profits
        are eligible. This might help attendance at future events.
       Scrip-$230 profit with check given to Deb G. tonight.
       Mohegan Sun Casino trip is planned for Friday 4/3/09. The bus is $700 and has the
        same package as last year. Leave 5:30 pm – return 11:30 p.m. $25 per ticket. Need to
        advertise, put in the March newsletter, possibly a form on an e-mail.
       Car Show for SkillsUSA-we will check to see if we will sell popcorn again and
        possibly baked goods.
       Deb G. will call again for info on the Bits and Pieces catalog (puzzles, etc.
       Craft fair a possibility if there were enough volunteers.
       Suggestions for other fundraisers-Ice cream event, Pizza Palace (% sales), Cypress
        restaurant (% sales), Dance, Common Threads (clothing), fruit sale (grapefruit/oranges
        by the case), pet show.
       Durham Fair booth-selling food? We used to recruit students there by having info
        about the school and examples from each shop. Mary will check on charges,
        availability, and guidelines.

   Parent Information Session – A DMV public relations rep will give a presentation on 2/4
    on new teen driving laws.

    On 1/23, seniors will have a presentation by IMPACT- Mothers in Mourning

New Business
   Channel 3 News has taped 4 segments for “Cool Schools” with a live broadcast scheduled
    for 1/23, 5 a.m. to 7 a.m. at Vinal. Ms. Fredson requested $150 for refreshments for the
    students who attend. (Hot chocolate and donuts.) Milk and juice will come from the
    cafeteria. Ms. Fredson expected around 100 kids. Final amount approved - $200 for the
    event. Joyce will call Dunkin Donuts to arrange and pick up order.
Meeting adjourned at 8:00 p.m.
Next meeting is February 4, 2009 at 6:30 p.m. in the Media Center.

Respectfully Submitted,
R. Ramirez
Vinal PFO Secretary


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