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									 Quick Easy Method To
 Getting Thousands of
  Followers on Twitter
    We all know that Tweeter is the next big thing on the

internet! The issue most people have is getting followers, but

do not worry…. In this eBook I will teach you a couple of

quick methods to increase the number of followers you have!

Enough talk, let’s get on with what’s important and what you

came here looking for.

Please note that in order to get best results with these methods,

I recommend creating more than one tweeter account. The
more accounts you make, the more followers you can have in

total, but be careful because Tweeter will catch on if you make

10 and just follow a bunch of people! Now let’s get on it with,

seriously this time….

Step 1:
Create some Tweeter accounts. If you will be creating more than one
account, do NOT make the accounts “user1”, “user2”, “user3”, etc.
Instead make accounts that can’t easily be linked together in case one
of them gets suspended.

Step 2 (first method):
Go to and enter your username.
Then click on “select all” and then click on the button on the right
side that says “follow”.
Once that is done, click the large blue “grow” button and then “select
all” and then click the smaller gray “grow” button on the right side of
the screen.

Now just keep doing this for a while until you’re following a bunch
of people, eventually about 75% of them will follow you back!

Step 3 (second method):
Enter your username and password, it’s safe don’t worry, and then
add all the people on the train in the next page. After you do this,
YOU will be added to the train and all the other people that joined
and will join the train will add you
Step 4 (third method):
Go to
This page shows you the 100 people that have the most followers in
all of Twitter.
Now select the top 10-20 people on that list, or any 20 you like in the
top 100 and click “follow” under their name.

The trick here is that every time you follow someone your name
comes on top of their list of followers, so anyone who is following
them will follow you! Those people have millions of followers so a
lot of people will follow you!
Next, every 10-15 minutes go back to their profiles and unfollow
them and then immediately follow them again. Just keep doing this
while you’re on the computer every 10-15 minutes and very soon you
will have a ton of followers!
Step 4. Making Money:
Now you can use these followers to promote many things and make
tons of cash. One way is to sign up at Revtwt
works somewhat like Adsense, you post their links on your profile
and when people click the links you make a few cents per click.
Perhaps a more effective way to take advantage of all these followers
is to promote an affiliate or CPA product.

One final tip, update your status with things such as “going to the
gym, brb”, “wow, that was a great movie”, etc. This will make you
look like a real human rather than just spammer!

Thanks for reading this eBook! Please PM me any questions you may

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