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									       Eurong Beach Resort
       Eurong Beach Resort is one of the resorts in Sunshine Coast that offers the best position for Fraser Island. Just north of Sunshine
       Coast lies the beautiful Eurong Beach Resort where from here, it is very easy to access the famous Fraser Island and its Seventy Five
       Mile Beach, the fresh water lakes and crystal clear springs, and the luscious rainforests where diverse plants and animals consider as
       their natural habitat. Come and visit custom house builder sunshine coast.

       Fraser Island offers a lot of exploration activities and a lot of sightseeing and nature trekking. It is also very rich in a wide range of
       species of various plants and animals which some are unique to the place.

       Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world. It is composed of 163,000 hectares of magnificence. It is a combination of long
       beaches, sand dunes, freshwater lakes, springs, rainforests, and various species of birds, reptiles, amphibians and mammals.

       32 kilometers from the southern tip of Fraser Island is the Eurong Beach Resort. It is near Fraser Island’s Central Station Forest Park,
       the most splendid rainforest of the island. Also, the Wanggoolba Creek teeming with crystal clear water. The island’s lakes, the
       McKenzie, Jennings, Benaroon, Birrabeen, and Boomanjin all have clean and clear warm waters and white sands. Get more
       information from extensions Sunshine Coast.

       From Eurong, walk a little north along the beach surf to Lake Wabby which is the deepest lake in Fraser Island. Next to it is the Eli
       Creek, the largest creek with a water flow of 1 million gallons per hour. It is a great place for a freshwater dip or swim.

       The Maheno Shipwreck is one of the must-see spots in the Fraser Island. It is a wreckage of a luxury liner in 1935 which has found a
       final home at the beach of the island. The Cathedrals is also a must visit place. These are not actually real cathedrals but magnificent
       wind-blown cliff formations of naturally colored sands.

       The three famous rock headlands, the Indian Head, Middle Rock, and Waddy Point are natural wonders of sand that took over
       800,000 years of formation.

       All these wonders are easily accessed from Eurong Beach Resort. It is advantageously positioned to give visitors and tourists the best
       take off point from all the surprises Fraser Island has to offer.

       It is actually resting within the vast lawns and gardens right in front of the seventy five mile beach. It contains a restaurant and bar
       near the free formed swimming pool. It also contains function rooms and conference rooms within a complex.

       Eurong Beach Resort has excellent facilities and amenities that includes barbecues, tennis court, four wheel drive, and also offers
       opportunities for other activities.

       There is a supermarket available that provides groceries, meat, souvenirs, gears and equipment for those who want to go camping in
       one of the island’s camping grounds, gears for fishing and other stuff such as fuel, ice, clothing and swimming attires that’s
       absolutely needed by visitors. There is also a bakery and cafes that offer fresh bread and snacks.

       For those who don’t a four wheel drive for a drive tour on the beaches, Eurong Beach Resort has a four wheel drive service to take
       tourists to the resort and the around the beach each day. If without 4WD, Fraser Explorer Tours operates and offers accommodated
       tours to Hervey Bay or Rainbow Beach.

       The Eurong Beach Resort’s accommodation is diverse to suit all budgets and this is also the perfect spot for day tourists who love to
       go for a safari or 4WD adventures. It also suits every guest’s preferences and

       For those with their own vehicles, Eurong Beach Resort is reachable through a one hour drive from Hook Point, Wanggoolba Creek
       and Kingfisher Bay Resort. While at the resort, guests can watch animals of different species, go fishing in the beautiful and clear
       ocean waters, go driving along the white sand or colored beaches, enjoy the warm waters of the pool and the ocean, or simply enjoy a
       round of tennis within the resort’s court. There is also a Spa to rejuvenate each visitor’s tired muscles and spirits if the sceneries and
       the relaxing environment alone can’t.

       Eurong Beach Resort really is a one stop resort where nature and the beauty of the ever famous Fraser Island lie at its doorstep
       waiting to be explored.

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