Fourth Book of Second Coming by WG2wQvOS



The 28th of April.

Because it is already the Fourth Book On the Second Coming of Jesus, it will be much
easier for people to understand this book, if they first read the earlier three books. One
can’t finish writing about the second coming until it happens!

Whenever I want to speak about the second coming of Jesus, I come up against a wall;
then everybody knows the “scripture”: “The Bible says nobody will know the time,
except God.”
Let’s see what the Bible really says. About 2000 years ago Jesus told His disciples sitting
there around Him: “But of this day and hour nobody knows, not even the angels or the
Son, except the Father.” (Mark 13:22) So, at that point in time, nobody knew.

It was as yet still before Jesus died and arose from dead; He was still in His human body
and as human He did not know. After His resurrection, however, He says: “I am the
Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end, says the Lord who is, who was, and
who is to come; the Almighty.” (Rev.1:8) From then on He knew all, of course.

Two thousand years ago nobody knew; for why should they? It had nothing to do with
them; it was not for their time.
So let’s consider what Jesus said: He said at that point in time nobody knew except the
father—but He never said in the future nobody will ever know.
This same Father, God, can at any time tell anything to anybody if He wants.
We, as born-again people are supposed to know the day! Bible says: “You, brethren, are
not of darkness so that this day should overtake you as a thief.” (1 Thess.5:4)
We also have to consider the fact that a day and an hour differ over the globe from zone
to zone; when it is one o’clock in the afternoon here in South Africa, it is only seven
o’clock in the morning in parts of America.
That is why Jesus specific says “from this day and hour nobody knows.” But even at
that early stage he never said from the month and year nobody knows.
When the Bible mentions a day or hour, it was the time in Jerusalem; in South Africa the
day and hour is the same as in Israel.

Jesus also said that when Holy Spirit will come, He will tell us things to come. (John
16:13) Holy Spirit did come; He can at any time tell anybody future things, if only we
have ears to hear.
So, this which is used by everybody; “nobody will ever know but God” is not exactly the
truth—it is definitely not in the Bible.
That same day Jesus told His disciples that, with His second coming, it will again be the
same as in the days of Noah and Lot. God told Noah in advance exactly when the rains
would start, and he also told Abraham in advance of His plan to destroy the cities of
Sodom and Gomorrah.
So, God will definitely tell people in advance when His return will be.

As I wrote in a previous book, after I cried for months that Holy Spirit must tell me when
the return of Jesus will be, it happened; Holy Spirit told me to “count the 1335 days of

Dan.12:11-12 from 28th April 2009.” With trembling and excitement I did that, and
came to 22 December 2012.

This then is the reason of the wall everybody built around them to prevent me from
saying something about the second coming to them, because I “set a date.”
And I didn’t set a date!
I asked God; I begged Him to tell me when will be the second coming, until He gave
me this answer; it has nothing to do with me! It is not MY date!
Because I know God, I believe Him. That’s all.

People are unhappy because I dare say that God gave me this date—I don’t know how
else to say!
Before God destroyed Sodom He told Abraham about His plan; God said: “Will I hide
this from Abraham?” Abraham was God’s friend. (Gen.8:17. James 2:23)
I am not God’s friend, but I am His child born of His own blood. (Acts.20:23) Why
should He hide the time of His second coming and the happenings around it from me?
And I don’t compare myself to Abraham, but I compare my God to Abraham’s God; He
is the same, yesterday, today and unto eternity.

Because many people wonder about the date of 28 April, I decided to write it down for
my children so that they can know exactly how I received that date from God. Of course,
there will always be the critics and fault finders; for them it will be a joke, as the
pregnancy of Sarah was; but to the earnest seeker it will be directly from the big heart of
God—as the pregnancy of Sarah was!

For many years my brother Boet and I read 10 chapters a day from the Bible; two from
the Old Testament starting with Genesis, five Psalms, one from Proverbs and two
chapters from the New Testament, starting with Matthew. This was apart from our daily
Bible studies. This way we read many times through the Bible in different translations—
it was very helpful. Yes, I read it like that today.

The morning of the 20/03/1986 I had in my daily quota Rev.11. The very first verse reads
“And a reed was given me like a rod, one saying: “Rise up and measure the temple of
God and the altar, and those worshipping therein.”
Like a lightning bolt it seared through my spirit: “Rise up and measure the temple!”
I was terrified! Which temple must I measure? And how am I to do it?
In desperation I tried Solomon’s and Ezekiel’s temple, but I didn’t know how or where to
start. After much prayer I was led by Holy Spirit to measure the tabernacle; after all, its
measurements were given by God Himself to Moses.

After these 23 years I can hardly remember how I did it, so I went back to my old Bible
to see how I reached the 28/4.
I went step by step as Holy Spirit lead me and added all the measurements in Ex.36: it
came to 650, plus the 120 worshippers in the temple and it added to 770. The 120 was the
first Holy Spirit-filled people in Acts 1:15, which is the true temple of God. (1 Cor.

Holy Spirit then led me to count 770 from that very day, 20/03/1986, and it brought me to
28/4/1988. The date of 28/4 was burnt into my soul, and I knew that only God could give
it to me like that; so I had peace. Now Christine and Fred also counted those numbers and
came to the same date.
I knew it could not be the date of the second coming, for there still needed to be the 3 ½

People are asking how do I know if I am not wrong about this? They need not believe
me; any honest child of God can just ask God—He won’t tell them a lie—and then
believe whatever God tells you. (Ask God, not a minister or church or man) This is a big
problem that people don’t know that God is still today willing to speak to people; they
just don’t listen to Him any longer.

Then we had this date! Dave counted it any which way; 7 is the perfect number, so he
divided 1988 with 7 and got 284—there it is; 28/4.
He also took 7 x 4 = 28
I was sure I had a very special date, but I knew nothing more about it. Holy Spirit said
nothing more about it, but in my spirit, soul and mind I knew that this was the date that
He wanted me to know.

No learned man would ever have done such a stupid thing as to add the temple measures
and the 120 people together. God knows me; He knows I am simple enough to do it like
the Bible says—how else would He get me to this date?
Bible says: “Measure the temple and the altar and those worshipping therein.”

The very next month the 28th of April came and passed without anything happened. So
28/4/1988 also came and passed without anything peculiar happened—that I knew of.
That was the date of Israel’s 40th year as new state, and also, after forty years, the
beginning of the end of South Africa’s white government.
I think in the spiritual world, the kingdom of God, something very important did happen
Mistakes and all, under the apartheid government, South Africa was the only country in
the whole world that banned communism and also terrorist movements like the ANC—
until the younger ministers of the government sort of hijacked the government and gave it
That led to the un-banning of communism and the terrorist movements in 1990—with the
result of what we are experiencing today; crime in South Africa is the highest in the
world, discrimination against whites, tension between the races and uncontrollable
At this very moment there is a countrywide strike of thousands of municipality workers,
so bad I can’t even begin to tell it. The best I can describe it is that, at the moment, South
Africa, inside and outside, looks like the rubbish-heap of satan. We are now in April 2010
We just heard that in Pietersburg young blacks are distributing pamphlets to command
their people to kill as many as possibly white people on the 27th of April, their “freedom”
day. How far this is true, I don’t know. We took authority, though and bound the works
of satan and his fallen angels in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ—so it won’t happen.

Under apartheid South Africa was one of the few countries that stood by Israel from A to
The following years passed and nothing magnificent happened on the 28/4; later we no
longer thought about it.
Then in 1994 the first multi racial election in South Africa took place. That same year on
the 5th of November, Dave called and asked whether I still remembered the 28/4? Of
course I remembered; it was burnt into my soul by God.
Well, he answered, on the 28/4/1994 Mr Nelson Mandela, the first black president of
South Africa started his rule with his ANC government.
I was so shocked!
With this knowledge burning in my spirit, I started seeking God’s face and He gave me
the mighty revelation of the opening of the seven seals of Rev.5-6. This happened over a
period of two days, 6 and 7 Nov. when I experienced how Jesus opened the seals one
after the other.
That was a wonderful experience! With that He also showed me that the prophecies are
fulfilled in the spirit dimension, God’s kingdom, where God dwells with His angels—that
is the real world; here on earth we only experience the shadows.
Many times after that I asked Jesus: “What are You doing now there in heaven, with what
are You now busy?” When once you tasted that indescribable glorious world, your heart
keeps yearning to experience it again.

Then we thought that was that of 28/4. The years came and went and nothing happened
on that date, until 2006. A few days after our son, Gideon, was hijacked by five black
men, God gave me on the 28/4 the wonderful and necessary revelation that the
knowledge and use of the mighty Name of Jesus Christ is the extra oil in the vessels
of the five wise virgins of Matt.25.
From then on we practice it and it works mightily.

Now, after 23 years, I see something in Ex.36;9 that I didn’t see then; the Bible says that
the tabernacle was built of 10 curtains; the length of each curtain was 28 cubits and the
width of each curtain was 4 cubits. There it is: 28/4/2009.

As I already told it in some of my books, I prayed for years that God must please reveal
to me when the return of Jesus will be; then, on the 30th Nov.2008 Holy Spirit said: “Add
the 1335 days of Dan.12:11-12 to 28 April 2009.” When I counted it like that, I came to
22 Dec. 2012.
It is the exact date the Maya tribe had in their calendar for the end of the present era of
the leopard (jaguar) on the 21st Dec.2012, and the beginning of the new era on 22
Of course, the Maya was a heathen nation of astronomers—so they got that from the
stars—as the “wise men” got the birth of Jesus from the stars.
First I was shocked—later I was exited and grateful to God. I immediately wrote it down
and sent out the book—and received some wild responses.
The most pastors I sent it to, did not answer; knowing the general belief that they thought
I set a date, I can understand this; they didn’t want to say in my face that I did wrong.

Some others tried to humiliate me with sarcasm; “why should God tell it to you, of all
people”? Then they start with all the old traditions of religion and with their beloved
verse; the Bible says nobody will ever know, but God—and all such things. I am 80 years
old, and there is hardly a religious tradition or argument that I don’t know—for many
years I was bombarded with all kinds of religious stuff.
Well, why me? I really don’t know! I am the person who deserves it the least; I am the
most simple of all—but I am the most grateful and joyful person I know! I love Jesus! I
am nothing; Jesus is All in all!

Every response was not negative though; I thank and praise Jesus for the thousands of
sincere people who are exited with me because at last, Jesus is coming!

I expected something major to happen on 28/4/09, so I wondered what it could be; but I
want to make it clear; Holy Spirit never said to me that something untoward will happen
on the 28/4; He only told me to add the 1335 days of Dan.12:11-12 to the 28/4/2009.

Now the Bible says: “And from the time that the daily sacrifice shall be taken away, and
the horrible abomination that makes desolate set up, there shall be 1290 days. Blessed is
he that waits and comes to 1335 days. (Dan.12:11-12.)

As far as I know the daily sacrifice stopped when the temple was destroyed in 70AD, for
the Jews did not know that all sacrifices were fulfilled with the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

The horrible abomination was erected in 677AD when the Moslems, the false prophet,
erected their mosque on the site of the Jewish temple—where God told Solomon that His
eyes and heart will always be.
That was the horrible abomination that was erected exactly 1290 years before 1967 when
the Jews came again in possession of their city Jerusalem—not the temple mount; the
abomination still stands. It also was exactly 1335 years before 2012 when Jesus will

The clever people now say the place where the mosque stands is not the place where the
original temple stood—because they are afraid of the wrath of the Moslems.

From the 28th April 2009 the countdown of the last 1335 days began; first the 1290 days
to Nov.7, 2012 and then; “blessed is he who waits and comes to 1335 days—22 Dec.-
At the time of the erection of the horrible abomination on the temple site nobody knew
that it was that which was prophesied by Dan.12. It was only possible to understand it
after 1967 when the 1290 years (days) were fulfilled.
Holy Spirit revealed it much later to us, and to this day many religious and learned people
don’t know it—and don’t care to know it; for them it is stupidity. (1 Cor.1)

Christine and I have made us each a calendar from 2009 where we start at the 28th April
with 1335 days, and each day one day less up to 22 Dec.2012. It is very interesting to

write down the different happenings that occur in the world and in South Africa on the
calendar and see how the Scriptures are fulfilled.

On the 28th of April 2010 Mrs Zuma, Minister of interior, announced that they installed a
machine at all international airports, which will scan all passports of everybody entering
the country by air—with the eye on the world cup soccer that will start in June. She says
by that every incoming visitor will at the same time be linked to the police also.
To me that is exciting news; I’m keeping up the antennas of my spirit to catch any news
that can develop to the use of the mark of 666 on the body.

Adrian Gilbert, an astronomer and author in England, now has the dates and numbers of
Daniel on the website of his college; he didn’t agree with the revelation that the mosque
on the temple site is the horrible abomination, but I can’t allow anything Holy Spirit
revealed to me to be changed. So after a dream God gave him about Mohamed as the
false prophet, he is now showing the revelation exactly as shown me by Holy Spirit.

This is then how I received the date of 28/4 and I think in the spirit world, the kingdom of
God, it is a very important date, when many things happen.
Here on earth we only see and experience the shadow of the things happening in the real
world where God dwells with His angels.

The Second Coming.

People are asking whether I still believe that the time of the second coming of Jesus is the
22 Dec.2012; Yes, I do; this is the date given me by Holy Spirit—I can’t change it—and
many things are happening all over the globe which show us that the time is very near;
we really are in the last days.

The clever people who interpret the prophecies say the second coming of Jesus must
happen on the feast of tabernacles. I know that the whole Jewish nation with their
tabernacle and temple and sacrifices and laws, were all a prophecy which Jesus fulfilled
and I do know that Jesus was crucified on the feast of the Passover, the feast which is the
shadow of His death, so to me it makes sense.

But when in anguish I cried to God to please tell me when the return of Jesus will be,
Holy Spirit said to me: “Count the 1335 days of Dan.12:11-12 from 28th April 2009.”
Because I know God, I believe Him, and therefore I added the numbers and came to the
date of 22Dec.2012—and now I know the date of His coming.

I just want to say that after much searching of the scriptures and much prayer, I received
this date form Holy Spirit; today I stand before Him with this date which I asked Him
and received from Him; and I will stand before Him with this same date on that day
when we will stand before His judgement seat; I can’t change it.

Why did Holy Spirit in 1986 told me to “get up and measure the temple”? Why did He
back then give me the date of 28/4? Only God knew that the 1335 days of Dan.12:11-12
is the exact number of days to 22Dec.2012; nobody else knew it!
This is not of man; it is directly from Holy Spirit.
Therefore I do believe it with every atom of my being.

Economists say that both world-wars followed after a recession; so today we again have
the recession and so a world war needs to follow. No country wants to start a war because
of the atom bomb, but they say it won’t be later than 2012.
The old “prophet” Nostradamus who lived during the 15-hundreds also prophesied a big
war for 2012—for all that it is worth. All over the date of 2012 comes forward; on radio,
TV, newspapers and thousands on Internet.
Thousands are mocking with it.
Mockers are mocking with everything, even with God. The day will come when God will
be mocking them—beware! (Ps.2:4)

The Bible says that the leopard, (ANC-government under Zuma?) shall be given 42
months to do its thing and blaspheme. Time and time again Zuma bragged the ANC will
reign until Jesus returns; with that he meant it would still be hundreds of years in future;
he didn’t know that he was “prophesying” and that Jesus would come this soon! (John
Now take from the 6th May 2009 when his rule started, 42 months later is 6 Nov.2012.
This is the exact date of the numbers of Daniel: From when the horrible abomination was
erected in 677AD was 1290 up to 1967, blessed he who waits and comes to 1335 days;
that is 2012. Now from 28/4/2009 the date Holy Spirit gave me, 1290 days brings us to 7
Nov.2012 and Zuma reigns till 6 Nov.2012.
It is two executive days: First the 27 April 1994 when it was the end of one era, and the
next day, 28 April 1994 the beginning of the last 18 years (6+6+6) that will end on 21
Dec.2012, including the last 42 months of the reign of Jacob Zuma.
The end of the present era on 21/12/2012 and the beginning of the new era on 22/12/12.

In 1994 when Holy Spirit gave me the revelation of the opening of the seals of Rev.6, the
sealed book of Dan.7, it was on the 6-7 Nov.1004.

Topmost in my heart, day and night, is the true “knowing” that Jesus is coming back on
the 22Dec.2012—it is not believing; it is knowing!

Now we have to give heed to the things happening today on earth, then we can clearly see
that we are living in the very last days, as described in the Bible.

I see in the seven seals of Rev.6 that:
The fifth seal is the great tribulation, of the saints where the souls under the altar are
told to wait a little while.
The sixth seal is the end of this age on 21/12/2012 and the coming of Jesus Christ on
the next day, 22/12/2012.
The seventh seal is the wrath of God on the godless nations, the body of satan.

Dr Mary Ralph writes that Holy Spirit with His finger showed her that Jesus will come in
the middle of a seven-year period; during the first 3 ½ years it will be the tribulation of
the saints, then Jesus comes, and immediately after that another 3 ½ years of the wrath of
God. God is not angry against His children.
The time of the tribulation because of the mark 666 of the beast (government) when
nobody would be able to buy or sell without the mark of 666 on the hand or forehead,
won’t necessarily be for the full 3 ½ years but it will be sometime during that period.

The blood to the bridles of the horses of Rev.14:17 is the wrath of God, it follows on the
harvest of the wheat in Rev.14:14-16, this is the first resurrection , the second coming on
22 Dec.2012.
That makes it crystal clear that the wrath of God will follow immediately after the
second coming. The wrath of God is the opening of the seventh seal in Rev.7 and it will
be on all who were not born again—although they might have been “great Christians.”
Only born-again people will go with Jesus; all the rest will be in the wrath of God.

The second coming of Jesus is not “the end of the world” as many people think; this
present earth will still function for at least another thousand years to come.

Perhaps Julius Malema will be president in South Africa during the time of the wrath of
God—that would be hell! No, I don’t have a revelation on it and I am no prophet I just
think so; perhaps he will become president on 7 Dec.2012 or sometime, I can see the
ANC is raising him for them.
After the wrath of God the devil is bound for 1000 years—for peace and rest. (Rev.20:1)

The fourth beast—fourth seal.

In 1994 when Jesus opened to me the 7 seals of Rev.6 and 7—the same sealed book of
Daniel—He did not make it clear to me what the fourth beast of Dan.7, fourth horse of
Rev.6 was. This is also the “another beast” of Rev.13:11.
I am no prophet; more often than not, only after something happened, Holy Spirit makes
me look back and see that this was something foretold in the Bible; I can’t think things
out; I am totally dependant on Holy Spirit. (John 12:16)
On the 4th of Nov.2009 He gave me this revelation.

I first want to say; the key to understanding the things happening on earth today with the
different nations is the revelation of the fallen angels, which are the “beasts.” These are
spirit rulers ruling the different nations, as in Dan.10:13. Without this knowledge one
can’t see what is happening today.

This fourth beast is not compared by Daniel to some known animal like the first three,
but it is described as terrifying and dreadful and exceedingly strong and differs totally
from the first three.

Remember, the first three are the lion—spirit-ruler of England, (rider on the white horse,
nation) the bear, spirit-ruler of Russia (rider on the red horse, nation, red for commu-
nism) and the leopard, spirit-ruler of black Africa, (rider on the black horse, nation.)

The “beast” is not the nation; the beast is the fallen angel of satan that rules over the
nation. In Rev. 6 the nation is shown as a horse and the fallen angel is then the rider on
the horse; the rider rules over the horse. See Dan.10:13.

In Rev.6 the fourth is a pale (colourless) horse (nation) and the rider is death; the fallen
angel of death is the rider on this fourth horse. (nation) It has iron teeth and brass claws,
which is its weapons.
This has to do with technology, human knowledge, from which death originally came;
the tree of (human) knowledge of good and evil.
But in Rev.6 it is a nation, for it is a horse.
In Rev.13 where the leopard is discussed, we can see that this fourth beast, or govern-
ment, somehow has something to do with the leopard, the ruler of the black nations.
From it also comes the mark of the beast (government) 666 and also the image—the mark
has to do with buying and selling; we also know that the mark is the bar-code that was
implemented by America long ago. In SA it is in use from 1981 and today we can’t even
buy a loaf of bread without the bar-code on it.

It is this fourth government, intertwined, with the leopard, that will war with the saints of
God (born-again people) and also overcome them. (Dan.7:21. Rev.13:7) This government
is bigger and stronger than England, Russia and the black nations; it wars with every
nation whenever it likes, and has a big mouth—it brags! And it is a new nation; it comes
after the first three.
But it is intertwined with the leopard, the fallen angel ruling the black nations—see Rev.
13. Daniel also saw the third and fourth governments at the same time, just like Rev.13,
and even the feet and toes of the image of Dan.2 is the same; iron and clay mixed by
human will—iron and clay don’t mix by themselves.

So, I didn’t know who or what the fourth beast (government) or pale horse (nation) was.
However, now that Barack Obama became president of the United States of America,
Holy Spirit could reveal it to me, and it became crystal clear that the fourth beast, or
government of Dan.7, the rider on the fourth horse (nation) of Rev.6 and “another beast”
coming from the black African nations as in Rev.13:11, this beast is the fallen angel
ruling over America!—with the computer, of course.
I always wondered why America was not mentioned with the nations of the end time.

America is not a nation with one colour like the first three; it is a nation made up from
people of all other nations with all other colours, so it is pale or grey—without its own
colour. It comes after the other three, it is a new nation, not an old nation, and it is bigger
and stronger than the others.
America is far ahead with technology and it starts wars whenever it likes—with iron teeth
and copper claws! (Weapons.) And how does it brag!

Rev.13 is about the leopard; that is black Africa; now this government of America comes
in the person of Obama as part of the leopard-nations; he is a black man! (Rev.13:11)
And he will further the cause of the black nations of Africa and bring about the image of
the leopard and make that everybody will have to serve the leopard—or dance to its tune.

It is described as having two horns—that is double power—but it looks just like a lamb,
as if it is so good and meek, yet he talks like a dragon. Dragon is devil, (or China.)
Obama or any other person can repent and receive Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord, then
he is born again into the kingdom of God and under the rule of Holy Spirit; then he is no
longer under the rule of any fallen spirit of satan.
I have a photo where Obama is “blessed” by a Hindu priest in the Whitehouse. Before
that, however, on the 13 July 2007 a Hindu priest “blessed” America in the name of his
gods which are the earth, water, wind, sun and more.
A Christian who was present called out: “Please God, forgive these abominations!”
Immediately he was hard-handed taken out of the meeting.

The following day, 14th of July 2007, wasps entered the building of the American
Congress and stung some people! Wasps were the punishment for the heathen nations in
the time of Ex.23:29 because they worshiped this same “gods” in which name America
was “blessed”!
From that day America was plagued by super hurricanes, super tornados, terrible bush
fires and in 2009 snow as they can’t remember. From the very next day, 14 July 2007, oil
prices leapt from $65 to $145 per barrel.
Another disaster that followed that “blessing” was the fall of America’s economy with
worldwide effects. The world is still reeling under that “blessing”!

But that was not all disasters that followed that “blessings;” one of the worst disasters is
that the fallen angel of satan, ruling the black nations, leopard, got a foothold in
America with that Obama was elected president of America! Just imagine what this
“blessing” by the Hindu priest meant to Obama as person.
One plays with fire, and one burns!

This leopard-thing is much bigger and worse than it looks; it is not in vain that Daniel so
prophesied about it and that, except Rev.6:5,6, also the whole of Rev.13 with the mark of
the beast 666 is also about the leopard.
It is not only in Africa—and specially South Africa—for now, with Obama, this leopard
took over America with most of the rest of the world.

The leopard is not the black people; the leopard is the fallen angel of satan who is the
ruler over the black governments and countries, which influences black people.

   1) Although the leopard ruler was known and mentioned by Dan.7 and by John in
      Rev.6 and 13, it came to the front when the African-states got their independence,
      and with that, had their own black governments, from about 1950.
   2) This is the clay of which Dan.2 prophecy that is mixed with iron in the two feet of
      the image; mixed by human intervention.

   3) Then the leopard-ruler in South Africa was the one head of the leopard’s 7 heads;
      that was fatally wounded by apartheid, from 1948.
   4) In 1990 the fatal wound was healed when apartheid was banned. (Rev.13:3a)
   5) After that the whole world was wondering after Mr Mandela. (Rev.13:3b)
   6) Mr Mandela planned NEPAD and Mr, Mbeki founded it; this is the “image” of
      Africa, the image of the leopard ruler—it is about money.
   7) Next Obama was elected president of America, and with that leopard reached out
      to all other countries of the world, for nearly all other countries run after America,
      without anyone noticing it—just like a leopard; silent and deadly.

“Can a son of Cush change his skin colour or a leopard its spots? Then may you also do
good who are accustomed to do evil.” (Jer.13:23)

No wonder that Holy Spirit told me eight years in advance of something terrible to
happen on 28 April when the horrible abomination took over in South Africa with the
start of the rule of the ANC government—one head of the leopard-ruler.
So now the evil, fallen angel of satan, leopard, has its fangs also in America.

I also have a photo where Obama was “blessed” by Moslems in the name of their dung-
god Allah. Immediately after his election Obama went from Moslem country to Moslem
country to talk “peace” with them—for that he even received the Nobel Peace Price on 9
Oct. 2009.
Now the Bible says: “For when they say; ‘Peace and safety,’ then sudden destruction
comes upon them, as labour pains upon a pregnant woman. And they shall not escape.” (1

On top of all, it now comes to light that Obama is a Moslem—I received from Jerry
Golden of Jerusalem a video where Obama openly propagates the Muslim religion; he
says that his father’s people were Moslems for ages—and so is he.
We very well know that where Moslems are in authority, born-again people will be
persecuted; and Moslems hate Israel.

This is as far as I came with this book; I could not go on, for I did not know how; I
begged God to please reveal to me what happens from now on until the mark of 666 will
be implemented; day and night I kept on for days—and this morning I gave up! God did
not answer me one word.
Then I came to my senses and ask; “All right, Father, never mind what I am asking; what
will You have me to write? Please just tell me what You want me to write!”
And His answer came!

Although we are so concerned with what is happening in our own country today; and
rightfully so, we must never leave Israel out of the picture.

The very first sign of His second coming foretold by Jesus to His disciples in Matt.24:32
is: “Now learn this parable from the fig tree: When its branch has already become tender
and puts forth leaves, you know that summer is near.

So you also, when you see all these things, know that it is near—at the door.”

The fig tree is Israel; so we had to know when we see Israel restored and the Jews receive
their country again, it is the time the fig tree starts putting out its leaves—the end times
are drawing near—at the door.
This happened even from before 1948, when at last, after 1900 years, the Jews again
received their land as their own—the land given to Abraham with an oath from God and
then to the nation of Israel from Jacob. Nobody can wish it away!
So we have to pay attention to Israel!

Suddenly Obama is the icon of all black nations (always except born-again people) and
of Moslems, for he is one of them; he is black and he is a Moslem—a deadly combi-
nation that spells nothing good for born-again people or for Israel. So we better pay
attention to what is happening!

There is nothing wrong with black people; they can be born again just like white people
and I have good friends who are black and born again by the blood of Jesus Christ. But
the black governments are under the rule of the fallen angel, leopard; this is what is so
dangerous; the mixture of Moslem and leopard.

Before God there are only two groups; the group in the kingdom of satan—these are all
people who are not yet born again. And then the group in the kingdom of God; these are
the people who are born-again into the kingdom of God.
It has nothing to do with the colour of the skin; it has to do with the spirit with its soul.

Black governments are under the rule of the evil, fallen angel of satan, the leopard ruler;
it is the rider on the black horse. (Nation.)

Because the Bible writes about the black governments under the rule of the leopard and
what is happening today in the world, and because Holy Spirit gives me these revelations,
I have to apologize all the time, for people are branding me as a racist.
I did not write the Bible though!
I can’t be blamed for the Bible neither for history nor for what is happening on earth
today. Holy Spirit reveals it to me, and I am only writing it down—and I believe Him.

Where are we now in time?

As far as I know today, where we are with the fulfilling of the prophecies of Revelation
and Daniel is this:
One: Rev.13:3 was already fulfilled in 1990-1994 when the one head of the leopard was
deadly wounded by apartheid, and was healed by the banning of apartheid. And then the
whole world wondered after Mr.Mandela of South Africa.
Two: The book Daniel had to seal until the time of the end, was opened to me by Jesus
on 6-7 Nov.1994. Rev.5-7. Only with the fourth seal He didn’t tell me exactly what it
would be, for it was at that time still in the future; it was opened to me now, after Obama
became president of America, as I wrote above.

Three: Rev.13:5 was fulfilled from when the ANC youth hailed Zuma as their “white
Jesus ” in 2008.
Four: The mark of the beast (government) of 666 as on the bar-code was in SA from
1981 and today is a necessity for buying and selling, as well as to receive pension and to
be able to vote.
Five: The fourth horse runs strongly; this is America with Obama, and started Jan.2009.
This is the “another beast” of Rev.13:11.
Six: The fifth seal is already opened—we are living there now, where the souls under
the altar are waiting with their white clothes for “a little while”, to be united with their
glorified bodies in the resurrection when Jesus returns on 22 Des.2012.

Just to get this clear:
When we read in Rev.6:9-11 with the opening of the 5th seal, then the souls under the
altar ask: “How long, O Lord?”
They wanted to know a definite period of time.
Then something happened in the spirit world, the kingdom of God; a white robe was
given to each of them and they were told to rest just a while longer.
In Dan.12:6 Daniel asked of the angel: “How long before the fulfilment of these things?”
The answer was given him in Dan12:11-12; “from the time that the horrible abomination
is set up, there shall be 1290 days; blessed is he who waits and comes to 1335 days.”

I was begging God: “How long before the second coming of Jesus Christ?” And He
answered me: “Count the 1335 days of Dan.12:11-12 from 28 April 2009.” This I did,
and came to 22 Dec.2012.
Something big happened in God’s kingdom on that date, the 28th of April 2009, for that is
when the souls under the altar received their white clothes; that is when the countdown
started for the little while they still had to rest.
This was then the beginning of the opening of the fifth seal.
So, the fifth seal is already opened—next is the sixth seal; the return of Jesus.

Seven: We know that the image in the dream of king Nebuchadnezzar in Dan.2 was the
body of satan; just as the body of Christ is composed of all born-again people, so the
body of satan is composed of all godless nations.
Now the feet of this body is partly of iron, and partly of clay; the clay part is the black
On 13-14 April 2010 it was on TV news that the following nations were busy with some
meeting; Brazil, Russia, India, China; they call themselves: “BRIC(K)”—building
blocks! And now Zuma also went to join the meeting, he wants South Africa in on the
They say they have 42% of the world’s population and the biggest commercial power—
and when Africa joins it will be much bigger still.
The moment Christine heard this, Holy Spirit said to her: “This is the mortar and Africa
is the clay!” So here we are at the feet of clay! Wonderful how these fallen angels always
show some sign in order that we can “see” and “hear” what they are up to!

And here is the 5 toes of the one foot of the image; BRIC(K). One of the iron legs is the
Roman religion, and the other is the Roman law—but the feet and toes are partly of clay!
The 5 toes of religion already exist, we just can’t “see” it yet.

Here we are in time!
The feet are the last part of the image—there is nothing further than the feet.

What is there in the Bible that still needs to occur before the return of Jesus on 22 Dec.
2012? We are now at the end of April 2010.
The three angels of Rev.14 are already flying over the earth; the first one flies with the
gospel; this happens at this moment all over the earth as with the preaching of Angus
Buchan, Rodney Brown, Leon in Russia and hundreds of thousands of children of God
who are preaching day and night.

There is a group of more than a million of people over the earth who believe that Jesus
will return—they call it the “rapture”—on the 21st of May 2011. It was all over the news
and in papers a few weeks ago. They say they calculated it from history—or something
like that.
Another group sent me an email that the “rapture” would be on 30 March 2010—that day
is long gone.
After that many asked me: “What now? What do you think?” Well I am listening care-
fully to everything, and it makes me very glad! The Bible says there will be a midnight
call: “There comes the Bridegroom, get ready to meet Him!”
He doesn’t say who calls or where will be the call or how it will be, but this call will
wake up the people! Everyone of these things are part of that wake-up call, the midnight
cry, and God’s children are waking up and start waiting for Jesus; all over the globe there
are millions of people now waiting for Jesus! That makes me glad!
And this is all part of how the first angel calls for people to repent and turn to the
Creator, Jesus Christ!

The second angel announces the fall of Babylon. People are streaming out of their
churches; this is part of the fall of Babylon, which is religion. They are disillusioned and
disappointed with their churches; it is largely social meetings and the preaching is more
about money and politics than about salvation by the blood of Jesus Christ.
It is religion, Judaism that crucified Jesus and killed the prophets. (Luk.11:50, Rev.
18:24) All other religions are part of it; the mother and her daughters. As we all know,
Babylon is the throne of satan for he is the king of Babel; it is also Iraq. (Isa.14. Rev.17-
The third angel warns against the mark of the beast (government) 666, and this is also
already world wide amongst many children of God. However, most Christians believe
they will be “raptured” before the mark on the body is needed for buying and selling; that
is a false hope!

What next? The mark of 666.

The mark of the beast (government) on the hand or forehead is the only outstanding thing
that needs to happen before Jesus returns. (Rev.13:16-18)
After that is the second coming; that will be a very rough time and it will be well to read
Rev.6:12-17 to see what will happen just before Jesus returns.

We don’t wait for the two witnesses of Rev.11, for the time of their witness will be under
the second “woe” with the sixth trumpet under the 7th seal which is the wrath of God—
that follows only after the second coming. (Rev.11:3-14)

So, only the mark on the body still needs to be implemented—there is nothing else that
needs to happen according to the Bible. We know that it won’t be possible to mark all
people in one day, one month, or even in one year; but there will be a cut-off date set for
it to be finished.
With the mark of 666 and because of it, there will then be great tribulation when nobody
would be able to buy or sell without the mark on the hand or forehead.
That won’t be easy.

Let’s look at the mark of 666.
There was an advertisement on TV for the children fund of Mr Mandela; it was a black
hand with 46664 in it; this was the prison number of Mandela. The first 4 was outside the
hand, then the 666 inside and the other 4 again outside of the hand.

His birth date is 18/7/1918; 18 is three sixes; 666. 7+1+9=17; 1+7=8 and 8 is 4and 4.
There we have the 46664.
Then we have the other 18, this too is 666. Now we add all the numbers; 180171918 and
it is 35; 3+5=8 and 8 is 4 and 4. There we have again the same number of 46664. So in
the birth date of Mr Mandela his prison number is hidden twice.
This might be coincidence, of course, but the Bible says: “Let him who has understanding
calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man: his number is 666.”
(Rev.13:18) The number of the man is 666 and this is then the number of the government.
And that government is the leopard.

He doesn’t say it is the number of a bad man or of antichrist; only the number of a man.
Today Nelson Mandela is the best known man in the world—and good as gold! But it is
not about him as person; it is about what he stands for in the spirit realm.

Very interesting is the fact that according to the history of the Jews, their first temple was
destroyed on 18July (Mandela’s birthday) in 586BC. And their second temple was
destroyed on 18 July in 70AD. On this date many bad things happened to the Jews during
the centuries; 18 of July. (The Truth Behind The Bible Code. by Dr Jeffrey Satinover)
Thus it is a rough date for the Jews!

The “beast” of Rev.13:1 is the government of the leopard-ruler—fallen angel of satan;
it is not a natural animal; it is a government or kingdom. Read Dan.7:17,23 where the
same animals are discussed; He says it is governments. The leopard-ruler is the rider on

the black horse (nation); that means the leopard-ruler is the fallen angel that rules the
black nations—of course they don’t know it. (Dan.7:6. Rev.6:5-6. Rev.13:1-18)

Mr Mandela was the first black president of South Africa; his number is 46664 and his
government is the ANC. The number of the leopard-ruler that rules the black nations
according to Rev.13 is 666. So this is the number that will be put on the hands or
foreheads of the people to enable them to buy and sell, and the bar-code is based on 666.
This is the number of a man and also the number of the bar-code—and America started
the bar-code years ago.

I think it will be a person’s ID that will be put on the hand in the bar-code, just as all of
us have our ID’s on our ID books in the bar-code. This might be wrong; I don’t have a
revelation about that. On 20 Oct.2009 Mrs Zuma, Minister of interior, said she gives up
on ID’s; they are stolen faster than she can issue them! Perhaps that will be the reason
why they will have to put it on the body.

Now we need to be honest and think: Who knew that the basis of the bar-code in use at
the time of the end would be 666, and also knew to accidentally give that prison number
to Mandela?—and WHO knew in advance when his birthday would be?
Still coincidence?

I wrote it in some of my books, but people keep asking how I know that the Bible writes
about South Africa? It needs to be Israel! Well, Israel is not the leopard; the fallen angel
ruling the black nations is the leopard; that is clearly stated by the Bible; the rider on the
black horse is the leopard. The third beast is the leopard; Dan.7:6 and the third horse is
the black horse. (nation) Rev.6:5.

This leopard-ruler ruling the ANC government is the “beast” of Rev.13 and it will make
that it will again be just as in the days of Noah, where violence caused the flood—SA has
the highest crime rate and violence on earth.
And in the days of Lot; homosexuality is so bad, Cape Town is called the capitol of gays,
and this ANC has legitimated homosexuality in order that men can marry men and
women can marry women!
Prostitution is legitimated, and for the soccer they are importing thousands of prostitutes
to accommodate the guests! Was it really worse in the days of Lot?
What must God think of this country?

But Jesus is not dead! The Name of Jesus is the extra oil which 50% of born-again people
—white and black—have in our vessels and with which we will go through the midnight
darkness. (Matt.25)
Our hope is not in Zuma or America or Obama, but in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ.

The Name of Jesus Christ.

Another sign of the end times is that there is a vehement outrage against the Name of
Jesus; the people who are trying to be Israel—and are not (Rev.3:9)—are the most

vicious against the Name of Jesus Christ. They believe the Name has to be used in
Hebrew only and the use of the Name in any other language is then idol worship.
Here we again need to THINK!!! Who wants to fight the Name of Jesus? The devil of
To whom is the Name of Jesus a danger? To the devil, of course.
Who wants to bring in such a sly way the Name of Jesus Christ in discredit? The devil,
of course!
Who so urgently wants to get rid of the Name of Jesus? The devil.
Who knows that in the next less than three years up to the return of Jesus this Name of
Jesus Christ—in whichever language—will be the extra oil in the vessels, and will be
the Light and power through which this same devil and his fallen angels will be
overcome and eventually cast into hell? Yes, the devil knows it; he knows his time is
short and now he is furious—against his enemy; Jesus Christ!
This is why he uses any trick in the book to undermine the Name of Jesus, by especially
using “well meaning” religion—as usually.
It will not succeed!
Jesus won the victory 2000 years ago!

Just watch how this is accompanied by a worldwide hate of Jews; satan hates God,
therefore he also hates the chosen people of God—yes, they still are the chosen people of
God, whether you like it or not—and satan also hates born-again people who are saved by
this very Name of Jesus.
It is still this same satan and his fallen angels who are fighting the Name of Jesus Christ,
well knowing that this Name is his biggest danger!

Peace-loving Moslems?

In this time of the end we need to keep an eye on the Moslems as well, for Mohamed is
the “false Prophet” mentioned in Rev.16:13 that work together with the leopard and the
dragon to fight against Israel.

During November 2009 the Moslems had a demonstration through the streets of London;
they called it: Religion of Peace Demonstration.” On their posters came to light exactly
how “peaceful” their religion really is!
Words like: “Slay those who insult Islam.” “Behead those who insult Islam.” “Europe is
the cancer, Islam is the answer.” “Exterminate those who slander Islam.” “Islam will
dominate the world.” “Freedom go to hell.” “Europe, take some lessons from 9/11”
Europe you will pay, your 9/11 is on its way.” “Be prepared for the real Holocaust.”
“Massacre those who insult Islam.”—and much more.

Where is now the very peace-loving Islam propagated by Obama? For that he received
the Nobel Peace prize—indeed!
Remember, the demonstration was called; “Religion of Peace Demonstration.” If this is
how their peace looks, how will their war be?
This is why the Bible says: “When they say; Peace and safety then sudden destruction
comes upon them.”


If it is such a dark picture for these last days, what will become of us, as born-again
people? All of the bars, burglar-proving and alarms don’t keep the murderers outside.

In South Africa about 50 people are murdered daily; from when the ANC government
came into power more than 3000 white farmers were killed; one of the latest was the very
brutal and cruel killing of Eugene Terre’Blanche on the 3rd of April 2010.

Now many white people in SA are furious; I can understand that, for farmers are
murdered with regularity without anything is done about it from government’s side. In
every meeting more hate is fanned, especially by their songs like; “Kill the Boer! Kill the
Farmer!” The president of the youth of the ANC, Julius Malema, is right in front with it!

That is why people want to take up arms—and many will also do it—it is like a cooking
pot, both from white and black. We bound the works of satan in the Name of Jesus Christ

Because God knows everything from the beginning, He made provision for His children
and He also told us what is our protection—we just need to know and do it.
When King David had to fight Goliath, he couldn’t move in the harness of Saul, so he
said to Goliath: “I come to you in the Name of the Lord God.” The Name of the Lord was
his harness, his protection against the enemy.

Jesus never changes, so, the Name of Jesus Christ is our protection today against any
enemy—the Name of Jesus is still the same power.
“The Name of the Lord is a strong power; the righteous run into it and they are saved.”
The Name of the Lord is Jesus Christ.

First we have to see what the Bible says, who is our enemy: “For we do not wrestle
against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of
the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.”
Our fight is not against flesh and blood, not against people, but against the fallen spirits
that influence and entice the people. Like the leopard-ruler and his helpers. (Rev.13)

It is like a heavy truck speeding down a street and running over cars and people; now we
declare war against the truck and shoot it with our weapons—instead of fighting the
driver! This is stupid!

Because our fight is not against flesh and blood, but in the spirit realm, the Bible also
says that our weapons are not carnal, but of the Spirit, powerful of God and mighty for
pulling down strongholds, bringing every thought into captivity unto obedience to Christ;
bringing into obedience every thought that was planted in the brains of the people ruled
by those fallen angels.

The Name of Jesus is the Word of God—our only weapon against any enemy. (Rev.19:
13. Ephe.6:17)

So, because our fight is against fallen angels of satan, guns and weapons won’t hurt them;
against spirits only spiritual weapons will be effective—therefore the Bible says our
weapons are spiritual.
In our modern life where even many ministers no longer believe that Jesus died and was
resurrected, only a few born-again people still believe in the spirit world, the kingdom of
God—and even from them just a few believe that we need to fight this fight with spiritual
weapons—not with guns.
When one mentions the spiritual world, it is so strange to them, they think you talk about
They don’t understand that this is a war where darkness fights light. The outcome is
clear, for the Bible says: “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not
overcome it.”

Through the years such a show was made of the so-called “spiritual warfare” that it
became the laughing stock of many. They played the game of “Wolf! Wolf!” and now,
when the real wolf is at the door, few want to believe it. So sorry!

We as born-again people have to start living as citizens of the kingdom of God; we need
to use the powerful Name of Jesus against any enemy.
The Bible says the whole world lies in the power of evil, but as born-again people we are
no longer of the world, although we are still in the world. Evil has no hold on born-again
people (1 John 5:18)—except when they give place to evil; out of spiritual ignorance.

There is a vast difference between born-again people and just “Christians,” but the Name
of Jesus is power for anybody who calls on Him.
People who are not yet born again—whatever colour their skin may be—will grasp their
weapons—and with that make the hate between races much worse—but the children
of God can take the mighty Name of Jesus and keep the evil forces away from their
families. The Name of Jesus is much more powerful than guns!

The Bible says: “Whatever you do, in word or in deed, do everything in the Name of
Jesus Christ and honour God through Him.”

If every born-again person protects his family by daily taking authority over the enticing
spirits and drive them away in the mighty Name of Jesus Christ, all will be safe, whether
the other people fight or not. The use of the Name of Jesus is the extra oil in the vessels
of the five wise virgins of Matt.25; very sorry that only 50% will heed the warning.

When you are confronted by any enemy, just shout: “In the mighty Name of Jesus
Christ!” And the enemy will fall down or run away.
Why do I say shout? Because I mean don’t play! You can’t kill a snake by caressing it!
If somebody wants to attack you, stretch forth your hand and shout; “In the Name of
Jesus go away!” They will run away!

But don’t wait until you are attacked; daily take authority and cast away all evil spirits
from your family and property; shout it in the Name of Jesus—don’t play! All spirits
obey the Name of Jesus if we us it in earnestness and honesty. The evil spirits that entice
the attackers know Jesus! (Acts 19:15)

Since I started to send out this paper on protection, I receive such wild responses from the
fault-finders and know-alls!
Some think to do something good; so they write me that Jesus is the sole Ruler over this
country. Well, no one who looks at what is happening in South Africa today can honestly
say that Jesus is ruling and that His will is done in this country of crime and violence—
the whole world—including South Africa—lies in evil.

But born-again people need not be afraid; we have this strong tower which is the Name of
Jesus Christ.

Still many others are sending things on email against my letter on protection; it is like a
bee-hive that is opened; venomous and vicious! They say we are blood and flesh, so we
will get killed if we don’t weapon ourselves—the Name of Jesus won’t be enough. This
only shows how the fallen spirits are undermining the Name of Jesus in any possible way,
although the people think of themselves as “great Christians.”

Some people will listen and use the Name of Jesus; others will mock and scoff, but that
day when the panga is wielded before your face, you can remember—and cry out the
mighty Name of Jesus Christ, and be saved.

Then I just want to say that I don’t read or react on nameless letters or faxes.

None of us can know for sure that we will live to 2012; many are dying daily all over the
globe. Then we just need to think about this: what kind of heritage will I leave my
children and family?
After the death of this right-wing leader many ugly stories are doing the round about
workers who were abused and mishandled by him; most are lies, of course, but still the
family needs to cope with the shame and sorrow.
It really is something to think about.

What will happen on the 21st December 2012, the day before Jesus returns?

According to the prophesies of the Maya, which they got from the stars—just as the wise
men at the time of the birth of Jesus got their information from the stars—the end of this
present era will be on 21 Dec.2012; the era of the leopard. (Jaguar) How will it end?
The only way for us to know a little about it, is by reading Rev.6:12-17 with the opening
of the sixth seal:
12 “I looked when He opened the sixth seal, and behold, there was a great earthquake,
and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became like blood.

13 And the stars of heaven fell to the earth, as a fig tree drops its late figs when it is
shaken by a mighty wind.
14 Then the sky receded like a scroll when it is rolled up, and every mountain and island
was moved out of its place.
15 And the kings of the earth, the great men, the rich men, the commanders, the mighty
men, every slave and every free man, hid themselves in the caves and in the rocks of the
16 and said to the mountains and the rocks; “Fall on us and hide us from the face of Him
who sits on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb!
17 for the great day of His wrath has come, and who is able to stand?”

Are these some of the things that will happen in the last 45 days from the 1290 days on 7
Nov.2012 up to the 1335 days on 22 Dec.2012? Why does the Bible say: “Blessed is he
who waits and comes to 1335 days.” 45 days later? What will happen through those 45
days and how will this era stop?
Always remember; it is not the “end of the world” it is the second coming of Jesus to

No, the Bible doesn’t say how long it will take for all these things to happen. We only
know that, because of worldwide television, it will be possible for all of us to see
everything that happens all over the globe!

The Bible says there will be great earthquakes in different places and famines and
pestilence; and fearful things will happen and great signs from the heavens. (Luke 21:11-
“And there will be signs in the sun, moon and in the stars, and on earth distress of nations
with perplexity, the seas and waves roaring.
26 men’s hearts failing them from fear and the expectation of those things which are
coming on the earth, for the powers of the heavens will be shaken.”

Through the ages there always were earthquakes and things in nature, but in the past few
years it very much increased. Earthquakes are now happening like never before and
thousands of people are effected by it. Quakes are many times accompanied by tsunamis
and then it is like the Bible says; “When seas and waves are roaring.”
During the first four months of 2010 four big earthquakes happened; the one in Taiti did
the most damage, and thousands died.

From the first of April the whole world is in turmoil; first it was the murder on the leader
of the AWB, on top of all other murders in SA. Then it was the volcanic eruption in
Iceland and also the meeting with BRIC, at the same time the earthquake in China, and
then followed the ashes of the Iceland eruption that grounded aircraft and effected about
the whole earth. Then it was the spilling of oil in the Texas region where an oilrig
At the moment the nations are still reeling under the effect of the ashes from Iceland; and
it happened in a few days time. Those ashes blocked the light from the sun and moon and
stars, just as the Bible says.

It will still increase as we near the end—no; it is not negative, it is prophesied in the
Bible and is true.

Last night we saw on TV a program made by Prof. Jan Horn wherein he showed how he,
as scientist, thinks it will be when this era will stop on 21 Dec.2012—as foretold by the
Maya and others.
Of course, he didn’t mention what the Bible says in Rev.6:12-17 as I discussed it earlier,
he only told it from the physical side—he didn’t know that it was the day before the
return of Jesus!
He showed different things that are regularly believed that could happen to end this era;
how the earth could be submerged in water if the ice of the South Pole melts, or how the
earth will die when places like Yellowstone erupts—and he made the program before the
eruption of the mountains in Iceland where it is clearly illustrated how sun and moon and
starts will be blocked from earth by ash clouds—just last week.
He said earth is out of control!

He also mentioned the possibility of a meteorite hitting earth like they presume happened
to kill all dinosaurs, and other possibilities. It was scary!
He also told how it would be when the sun stops all electricity; from satellites to cell
phones, gas stations, shops—everything—and the looting of the mobs to find food for
themselves without a thought for anybody else.
If there is no electricity, no banks would be able to function and even if someone is a
multi millionaire, he won’t be able to buy—because there would be no shops open.

He mentioned examples of how things happened through millions of years on earth, and
we have to remember that the Bible warns us: “Yet once more I shake not only the earth,
but also heaven. Once more indicates the removal of those things that are being shaken,
as of things that are made, that the things that cannot be shaken can remain.” (Heb.12:28)

Once more also clearly shows that this shaking of the earth did happen before; it is not
the first time—but it will be the last, for Jesus is coming!

Then we also have to remember that the mark of 666 will be necessary for buying and
selling at that time; although you might have money, you won’t be able to buy without
the mark on the body.
This is what the Bible says in Ezek.7:19 where they will cast their silver and gold on the
streets, for it won’t be able to help them one bit. That will be part of the wrath of God—
and won’t be a joke!

The Professor quoted some prophets like Nostradamus and also Siener van Rensburg, and
how it was foretold that these disasters of the end times will happen when the earth is
covered in the spider’s web. This he says might be the world wide web of Internet
covering the globe today!—very interesting!—www means world-wide-web.
Siener van Rensburg prophesied that it will happen “when the ice smelts.” This he says
could be because of the earth-warming that is now happening at an alarming rate.

To me the description of Rev.6:12-17 looks like a combination of all these hardships.
Jesus says when these things start to happen, look up, your salvation comes!
He also says when those earthquakes rumble and wars are over the earth, it will be the
start of the birth-pains—the worst is yet to come!
But also know this: After the worst the baby is born with much joy; so after these things
the resurrection of the born-again people will happen, with the change into glorified
bodies, of all born-again children of God who are still in life at the time—and so we will
be with Jesus forever! (1 Cor.15:51-54)
I hope everybody saw that program; it won’t be a picnic!

The Bible clearly says it starts with an earthquake. (Rev.6:12) whether this is the earth-
quake that splits the Mount of Olives in two, I don’t know—I am still waiting for a
revelation from God about it. (Zech.14:4-7) Rev.11;13 tells about an earthquake where
7000 people died, and then people started to turn to God—this happens during the wrath
of God, though, under the second woe.

So, I am looking up; I am looking to Christ living in me, and I am listening to hear the
angels singing, as they sang with the birth of Jesus and with the creation, when the “sons
of God praised together!”

But now for the question; how many will really “see”? Who pay attention to the wild
things happening on earth today? How many will see that these are the things foretold in
the Bible for 3000 years and longer?

The Prophet TB Joshua foretold most of these disasters and we saw it on TV, some of
them even weeks before it happened—but does even he thinks about it that these are the
things of the end times? I don’t think so.

A few of us in our family and friends can see it by the utmost grace of God, and we are
waiting to see what is next.
The Bible says; “After these things…” (Rev.7:1) starts the sealing of the 144 thousand
Israelites and then the countless number of saints in white clothes will stand before Jesus;
these are the people who were waiting under the alter in Rev.6:10 with the opening of the
fifth seal, when white clothes were given them.
The angel told John that these are the people who came out of the great tribulation—
which started right after the resurrection of Jesus, with the first martyr, Stefan.

This is then what happens on the 21st Dec.2012 when the present era comes to an end,
and immediately after that, on the 22 December 2012 when Jesus comes for the born-
again people, when the new era starts.
But nobody knows for certain; we can just read the Bible and imagine what would take
place—and shudder!
It is now the time when all of God’s children need to bring souls to Jesus for salvation;
Jesus says that anybody who is not born again won’t be able to enter or see the kingdom
of God.


Last night (21 April 2010) I had a dream where Holy Spirit told me about rebirth—I
thought I knew all about it!
He spoke to me firstly about the Jews; when ‘n Jew is born, he is a Jew, and can never
ever be something other than a Jew.
Although his ancestors lived at the other side of the globe and never saw the land of
Israel for 2000 years—he still is a Jew.
That day when the Jews are killed as by Hitler, he won’t escape; he is still a Jew. He can
change his name and religion, but he is born a Jew; his blood is a Jew.
No non-Jew can ever know how it is to be a Jew.

It is the same with rebirth; look around you; all people born of the sin-blood of Adam
are dead in trespasses and sins, also the Jews. To be able to live, to be alive, one has to
be born again. “And you He made alive, who were dead in trespasses and sins, in which
you once walked according to the course of this world…” (Ephe.2:1-2)
It seems to you that all these people around you are alive, but they are not; they are dead.
Although they live physically, spiritually they are dead—according to the Bible!

Now somebody is born again into the kingdom of God—it is a mighty spiritual
experience—and then he is a new born baby who had never lived before; he now lives for
the first time; now he is born a child of God, a God’s-child; and is like the Jew; totally
unique; “something else” altogether!

He is a new Race; a new creation, born as part of the body of Christ. That is why he now
lives the Christ life. Nobody who is not yet born again can ever know how it is to be part
of the body of Christ!
Anyone, Jew or gentile, out of any nation, tribe or tongue can be born again by the blood
and Spirit of Jesus Christ into the kingdom of God—but only by re-birth.

After that, Holy Spirit made it clear to me by showing me in my dream a kraal with goats
with only one sheep in their midst. Anyone looking at the goats can immediately see; that
one is a sheep. Perhaps that sheep has never even saw another sheep, but it IS a sheep—
and it can’t be hidden; it can never be anything else than a sheep! It is born a sheep!

Just so with the born-again person; he is a citizen of the kingdom of God by birth, and
can never be anything else.
Born-again people are a unique race, just like the Jews.

That sheep is now born into the flock of sheep; but amongst those sheep are also a lot of
goats that are very much at home there. They eat together with the sheep and sleep
together; some of them had them made some sheep-clothes and look just like the real
thing; but the moment it opens its mouth—you can hear the goat.
There are also a few wolves with sheep-clothes on to disguise the fact that they are not
sheep, but when they open their mouths—you can hear the wolf!
Only a born sheep is a sheep; no goat or wolf can ever know how it is to be a sheep.

The born-sheep can wander away into the mountains, but he can never be something else
than a sheep; yet when some sheep starts eating meat or fish—beware! It never was a
born sheep; it is only an imitator.
Just like that the born-again person can wander away and do some wrong things, because
he was never taught better, but he can never be anything else than a born-again child of
God. While the person still lives in sin, you can look deeper; he was never born again.

A person who died with Christ and with Him arose in a new life is born again; he is born
a child of God—nothing can ever again change it. “A city on a hill cannot be hidden.”
So, that day when the persecution against the children of God starts, he will also be
persecuted—together with the rest—for he IS one of them.

As soon as he is born again, he starts life for the first time—he has no past; he is a new
born child of God, living eternal life. Everybody who is spiritually alive, is born again.

A man is dead in trespasses and sin because he is born of the sin-blood of Adam. He
repents and comes to Jesus as Saviour and Lord, have his sinful life buried through
baptism into death and arose from the water into a new life—eternal life; then for the
first time he is alive. (Rom.6:4)
By birth he is then part of the body of Christ—and can never again be something else.
Whatever you are by birth is what you are.

A Jew can never be anything else but a Jew—because he is a Jew by blood; a born-again
child of God can never be anything else but a child of God—because he is born a child of
God by blood.

To be born-again is not the same as being a “Christian” though; there are billions of
Christians who are only Christians because they are not Jews or Moslems or Hindu or
something else. They are not a specific Race like the born-again people; and they can at
any time leave the Christian religion and join any other group.

(Unfortunately they can hardly understand this, because they are of the natural and can’t
understand the spiritual. To them this is stupidity! 1 Cor,2:14-15)

Nobody can join the body of Christ, he can only be born part of the body. Like a baby; it
can’t have its feet by some feet that join the baby; the feet need to be born part of that
So the body of Christ is perfect by birth—rebirth—it is a born body and everybody who
is born again—Jew or gentile—is then part of the body of Christ by birth—and can never
be anything else.

By the utmost grace of Jesus Christ I have five children; never unto eternity can they be
anything other than my children, for they are born out of my body and blood; so is every
child of God a Gods-child because he is born out of the broken body, and blood, of Jesus
Christ! (Pet.2:24. Acts 20:28)

This is as far as I came with this book; I could not go on, for I did not know how; I
begged God to please reveal to me what will happen from now on until the mark of 666
will be implemented; day and night I kept on for days—and this morning I gave up! God
did not answer me one word.
Then I came to my senses and asked: “All right, Father, never mind what I am asking;
what do You want me to write? Please, just tell me what You want me to write?”
And His answer came!

Although we are so concerned with what is happening in our country today; and
rightfully so, we must never let Israel out of the picture.

The very first sign of His second coming foretold by Jesus to His disciples in Matt.24:32
was: “Now learn this parable from the fig tree: When its branch has already become
tender and puts forth leaves, you know that summer is near.
So you also; when you see all these things, know that it is near—at the door.”

The fig tree is Israel; so we have to know when we see Israel restored and the Jews
receive their country again, it is the time the fig tree starts putting out its leaves—the end
times are at the door.
This happened even from before 1948, when at last, after 1900 years, the Jews again
received their land as their own—the land given by God to Abraham with an oath and
then to Jacob and his descendants; the nation of Israel. Nobody can whish it away!
So, we have to pay attention to Israel!

Above we have discussed some of the things happening to America and the rest of the
world today; but there is a reason for that: The Law of Sowing and Reaping is the
constitution of the kingdom of God—it can never change.
God’s Word is the truth: “And I will bless him that blesses thee, and curse him that curses
thee; and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.” (And of course, cursed.)
This is what God says of Israel, so we need to pay attention; God never changes and His
Word never changes.
For as long as America was a friend of Israel, it was the foremost country in the world
with untold blessings; but from the time it started to make plans to divide the land of
God—yes, the land of Israel doesn’t belong to the Jews as their property, it belongs to
God, (Lev.25:23) and the Jews also belong to God—so since America and the other
countries of the earth started to divide Israel, to give part of it to the followers of the false
prophet—Muslims—the judgements of God started to rain on America—as well as on the
rest of the world.

Already in 1973 America was against the Jews when Henry Kitzinger said: “Let the Jews
bleed!”—and he was a Jew himself. Then came Carter, and he was set to divide Israel to
give the so-called “Palestinians” part of the tiny land—if not all.

By the way, what did America receive from the Moslems for its help to give them part of

the land of Israel?—the destruction of the Twin-Towers—for one. Terrorism on a scale
unknown to the world up to now; war with Iraq and Afghanistan and thousands of
American soldiers dead and still dying—for starters!

Jerry Golden, a Jew from Jerusalem, saved by the blood of Jesus Christ, wrote these lines
in his latest newsletter on May 3, 2010: “We see the United States now paying a very
heavy price for its treatment of Israel and for this sin that have engulfed that nation. I and
many others have been amazed how such an evil man could have been elected as the
president of the United States; but we will soon know the answer.

As Obama enforces the division of Jerusalem and the destruction of Israel, God’s wrath
continues to become more and more severe upon the USA…with floods, environmental
destruction, drought and storms”—only yesterday devastating hurricanes hit parts of the
USA one after the other; with last night’s news they didn’t know how many hurricanes
followed one after the other, with much damage; and it is not even the time of the year
for hurricanes.
(Job 37:9-11)
9 “Out of the south comes the whirlwind; and cold out of the north.
12 And it is turned round about by His counsels; that they may do whatever He
commands them upon the face of the world in the earth.
13 He causes it to come; whether for correction, or for His land, or for mercy.”

The Gulf of Mexico oil-spill will prove to be the worst natural disaster in the history of
the USA—costing many billions of dollars and causing ecological damage which will
take decades to overcome—if ever.
The volcano in Iceland that brought England and most of Europe to its knees [for their
declaration that the Temple Mount and the Western Wall are not part of Israel, and
further, that they are in Arab territory!] is nothing compared to what is to come according
to the frightening warning from God’s Word of great tribulation for those who dare touch
As Obama continues to please his Islamic friends in his quest to destroy Israel [perhaps
he doesn’t even know wherewith he is busy, for he is under rule of the fallen, satanic
angels] the worse the conditions will become in the USA.
You need not be a prophet to know this!

Perhaps you have your own problems and are not so concerned about what is happening
in Israel; but a true believer in Jesus Christ knows that all of the Word of God is truth and
you can never be separated from the future of Israel.

“Think not yourself that you shall escape in the king’s house, more than all the Jews. For
if you altogether hold your peace at this time, then shall enlargement and deliverance
arise to the Jews from another place; but you and your father’s house shall be destroyed;
and who knows whether you came to the kingdom for such a time as this. (Esther 4:13-
As born-again children of God we are accepted into the kingdom of God, but we are not
to be aloof about Israel now; as Esther’s family did, we also need today to pray for Israel.

Isa:11:11-12. “And it shall come to pass in that day, that the Lord shall set His hand again
the second time to recover the remnant of His people, which shall be left from…these
countries and from the islands of the sea.
And He shall set up an ensign for the nations, and shall assemble the outcasts of Israel,
and gather together the dispersed of Judah from the four corners of the earth.”

The greatest miracle anyone has ever witnessed is the re-gathering of Israel after 2500
years amongst the nations of the world. This miracle also set the stage for the end time
prophecies to be fulfilled.” Thus far my friend Jerry.

The first time God brought back His people to their country, was after they were in
Babylon for the seventy years prophesied by Jeremiah and on the prayers of Daniel.
This final gathering of the Jews is still going on and will increase to a stampede when the
Moslems—the false prophet—with their buddies, the leopard (black African nations) and
the dragon (China) will launch their final onslaught on the Jews for Armageddon.

See what God said on the division of His land: “For behold, in those days and at that
time, when I bring back the captives of Judah and Jerusalem.
I will also gather all nations [UN] and bring them down to the Valley of Jehoshaphat
[Armageddon] and I will enter into judgement with them there, on account of My people,
My heritage Israel, whom they have scattered among the nations; they have also divided
up My land.” (Joel 3:1-2)
Remember; the constitution of the kingdom of God is sowing and reaping.

What about the Arab-Israeli conflict? The Middle East is in constant turmoil and even
Christians are blaming Israel for it; here follows some facts:

Nationhood and Jerusalem: Israel became a nation in 1312 BC, two thousand years
before the rise of Islam…Arab refugees began identifying themselves as part of a
Palestinian people only in 1967, two decades after the establishment of the modern State
of Israel.

Since the Jewish conquest in 1272 BC, the Jews have had dominion over the land for one
thousand years with a continuous presence in the land for the past 3,300 years.

The only Arab dominion since the conquest in 635 lasted no more than 22 years.

For over 3,300 years Jerusalem has been the Jewish Capital. Jerusalem has never been the
capital of any Arab or Muslim entity. Even when the Jordanians occupied Jerusalem, they
never sought to make it their capital, and Arab leaders did not come to visit.

Jerusalem is mentioned over 700 times in the Tanach, the Jewish Holy Scriptures.
Jerusalem is not mentioned even once in the Koran.
King David founded the city of Jerusalem; Mohamed never came to Jerusalem.

Jews pray facing Jerusalem; Muslims pray with their backs to Jerusalem.

Arab and Jewish Refugees: In 1948 the Arab refugees were encouraged to leave Israel
by Arab leaders promising to purge the land of Jews. Sixty eight percent left (many in
fear of retaliation by their own brethren, the Arabs) without ever seeing an Israeli soldier.
The ones who stayed were afforded the same peace, civility and citizenship rights as
everyone else.
The Jewish refugees were forced to flee from Arab lands due to Arab brutality and
persecution and pogroms.

The number of Arab refugees who left Israel in 1948 is estimated to be around 630,000.
The number of Jewish refugees from Arab lands is estimated to be the same.

Arab refugees were intentionally not absorbed or integrated into Arab lands to which
they fled, despite the vast Arab territory. Out of the hundred million refugees since World
War two, theirs is the only refugee group in the world that has never been absorbed or
integrated into their own people’s lands—for the simple reason that they still keep them
as refugees to make Israel a scapegoat, to make as if Israel got rid of them.
Jewish refugees were completely absorbed into Israel, a country no larger than the state
of New Jersey.

The Arabs are represented by eight separate nations, not including the so-called
There is only one Jewish nation.
The Arab nations initiated all five wars and lost. Israel defended itself each time and won.

The PLO’s Charter still calls for the destruction of the state of Israel. Israel has given the
Palestinians most of the West bank land—the original Judea and Samaria—autonomy
under the Palestinian Authority, and has supplied them.

Under Jordanian rule, holy sites were desecrated and Jews were denied access to places
of worship. Under Israeli rule, all Muslim and Christian sites have been preserved and
made accessible to people of all faiths.

What about the UN Records and the Arabs: of the 175 Security Council resolutions
passed before 1990, 97 were directed against Israel.
Of the 690 General Assembly resolutions voted on before 1990, 429 were directed
against Israel.
The UN was silent while 58 Jerusalem synagogues were destroyed by the Jordanians.
The UN was silent while the Jordanians systematically desecrated the ancient Jewish
cemetery on the Mount of Olives.
The UN was silent while the Jordanians enforced an apartheid-like policy of preventing
Jews of visiting the temple Mount and the Western Wall.

How is this for righteousness?

These are the last days of the last days! There is a world-wide hate towards Jews and
even Christians wonder why the hard-headed Jews are clinging to that little desert land
and why they can’t give part of it up for the sake of peace.
This is not a country belonging to the Jews; they can’t give away the country of God!
God warns against the division of His land—it is sin!
In the first place the Jewish leaders had no right to give away the so-called West Bank—
Judea and Samaria—it never belonged to them to give away; it still belongs to God.
So, don’t blame the Jews for not giving up their land; God gave them the country to live
in and God never changed His gift.

Another thing; within three years this same God is returning to His land—and it will be
time to give account—for me, as well as for the Jews, and as well as for the Arabs.

Remember what God said about Israel: “I will bless them that bless you, and will curse
them that curse you.”
Just think about it; the fig tree not only shoots out leaves, it also shoots out figs; fruit that
will ripen to feed many people.

From the Mount of Olives Jesus was taken up (Acts 1:12) and on the same Mount of
Olives His feet will touch down with His return to earth—in Israel. (Zag.14:4) We better
get used to it!

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