Lodge Bi-Laws by HC120607045316


									                                     Lodge Bylaws
                         For Loquanne Allangwh Lodge No. 428
                              Order of the Arrow W.W.W.

   I.     Name and affiliation of Lodge:
          a. The name of this lodge of the Order of the Arrow shall be the Loquanne
             Allangwh 428 W.W.W.
          b. The lodge shall be affiliated with NeTseO Trails Council, Boy Scouts of
             America and shall be under the supervision of the Council Camp Promotion
             and Outdoor Committee and the administrative authority of the Scout
          c. The totem and call of this lodge shall be that of the Rising Star.
          d. Lodge neckerchiefs and sashes shall be worn only at Order of the Arrow
             functions (or in association with the Order of the Arrow Handbook).
          e. This lodge shall be divided into chapters by the corresponding districts.
             Each chapter shall come under the supervision of the related district’s Camp
             Promotion and Outdoor Committee and the District Executive.
   II.    Election of membership:
          a. The requirements for membership in this lodge are as required in the Order
             of the Arrow Handbook.
          b. Procedure for the Ordeal shall be as stated in the Order of the Arrow
          c. All elections must be cleared through the chapter or lodge unit election
          d. All election results must be turned in to the units election committee by
                  i. Special exceptions and deadline extensions may be made by the
                     Executive Committee members in camp.
   III.   Officers:
          a. The officers of this lodge shall be Lodge Chief, Lodge Vice Chief, Ordeal
             Master, Lodge Secretary, and Lodge Treasurer. These elected officers must
             be under 21 years of age for the entire length of their term of office.
          b. The officers of each chapter of this lodge shall be Chapter Chief, Vice Chief,
             Treasurer, and Secretary. These elected officers must be under 21 years of
             age for the entire length of their term.
          c. Lodge Officers shall be elected at Fall Fellowship and installed at the Annual
             Lodge Banquet. The term of all officers, lodge and chapter, shall be from
             January 1 to December 31, and they shall be installed at the banquet.
          d. The Executive Committee shall be composed of the five elected lodge officers,
             the immediate past Lodge Chief, the Staff Advisor, the Chapter Chiefs, and
             the Lodge Advisor.
          e. The Executive Committee has the right to remove by majority vote any
             officer not performing his duties to the Lodge.
          f. The Lodge Advisor shall be appointed by the Scout Executive and Chapter
             Advisors shall be appointed by the District Executive, in consultation with
             the Scout Executive and Lodge Advisor.

Updated 11/28/2006
         g. The Lodge Chief shall appoint such operation and committees as may be
            required from time to time, with the approval of the Lodge Executive
            Committee; all chairmen of these committees must be under the age of 21 the
            entire length of their term.
   IV.   Lodge Meetings:
         a. The lodge shall schedule these events: Spring Brotherhood, Summer Ordeal,
            Fall Fellowship, and the Annual Banquet.
         b. The Executive Committee of the lodge shall hold at least four meetings per
         c. Special meetings of the Executive Committee or the lodge may be called by
            the lodge chief, with the approval of the Scout Executive, or by the Lodge
         d. Members of the Lodge, 21 years or older, shall have no vote in any decision
            of the lodge.
   V.    Dues:
         a. There shall be an induction fee payable at a certain date set by Executive
            Committee. For such, each new Ordeal member shall receive the Order of
            the Arrow sash, Order of the Arrow Handbook and membership card.
         b. Dues of the Lodge shall be collected annually by the Lodge Treasurer in the
            amount of $10.00, immediately for deposit with the Council Service Center.
            Dues must be paid by January 31.
         c. In the development of the lodge annual budget, funds shall be made available
            for lodge mailings, activities and service projects. Chapters must be
            responsible for all debts incurred by themselves.
         d. All Order of the Arrow funds shall be handled through the Council Service
            Center, and go through all normal accounting procedures used by the
         e. Inactive members may be restored to active status by paying back dues for
            one year and the current years dues.
         f. Fees from members for activities must be paid for or reserved by the set
            deadline, or a fine of $5.00 will be assessed.
   VI.   Brotherhood Membership:
         a. Completion of Brotherhood membership shall be in accordance with the
            Order of the Arrow Handbook.
         b. All youth Brotherhood candidates must design and build an Indian costume
            consisting of moccasins and three other pieces, including breechcloth and
            headdress, plus at least one other piece.
   VII. Vigil Honor:
         a. Attainment of the Vigil Honor shall be in accordance with the Order of the
            Arrow Handbook.
   VIII. Lodge Flaps:
         a. Three individual flaps can be purchased by members: Ordeal, Brotherhood,
            and Vigil.
         b. They will be sold only at lodge functions. (see Section IV, Article a)
         c. At each function, a member may buy his or her honor or honors which shall
            be restricted to two per function.

Updated 11/28/2006
   IX.   Ceremonies:
         a. All members must be in outfit or Scout uniform before they will be allowed
            in the ceremony ring at Order of the Arrow ceremonies.
         b. All Ordeal members are urged to construct their costumes after the fashion
            of this region.
         c. All ceremonies must be held at night in order to impress the significance of
            the ceremony upon the participants.
   X.    Amendments:
         a. These rules shall be subject to amendments at any regular or special meeting
            of this lodge provided such amendments have been submitted in writing to
            the Executive Committee at least one month prior to such meeting and that
            due notice has been sent to all active members at least 10 days prior to such
            meeting. A two-thirds vote of the members present shall be required.

Updated 11/28/2006

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